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Common Residential Plumbing Emergencies: Why It’s Time To Call Your Expert Local Plumber Immediately! | Arlington, TX

Common Residential Plumbing Emergencies: Why It’s Time To Call Your Expert Local Plumber Immediately! | Arlington, TX

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Every home requires a working plumbing system for its occupants to live comfortably. Homeowners in Arlington, TX, may not put much thought into plumbing fixtures unless something goes wrong. However, what if you face an emergency at midnight? It’s wise to know the signs of a pending disaster to prevent it from happening and damaging your hard-earned possessions. And that’s when it’s time to call a professional plumber, assuming they provide emergency services as well.

You should always be on the lookout on your plumbing system to detect problems early enough to fix them. But how can you know there’s a problem in the first place? There are multiple signs you can have in mind that indicate it’s time to seek emergency repair services from a plumber. Below are some of them.

Dripping faucets

A dripping tap is among the top household problems facing most residences. This is especially problematic since your water goes to waste continuously hence you’ll accrue high utility bills. Additionally, it can dampen your home and cause the growth of mold and mildew. Needless to say, the tiny fungus can be quite detrimental when you or your loved ones inhale them. And if you have an underlying breathing condition, the situation may escalate into a matter of life and death.

Therefore, it’s clear that dripping water is a force to reckon with. As much as there are temporary fixes for such problems, it’s best to get a professional plumber to comprehensively diagnose the issue and fix it. They will inspect the faucets, repair them, and even detect and fix any other plumbing issue they come across.

Rusty pipes

Have you ever taken a shower and suddenly wondered where that musty smell is coming from? Or maybe you’ve drunk your tap’s water and felt it has a metallic taste? If you’ve experienced any of the situations, the culprit may be your pipes. Rusty pipes affect the smell and taste of the water passing through them. Also, the pipes are most likely to leak or burst at any time. This would mean that you will have to spend a lot of cash on fixing water damages; a situation you could have evaded by contacting an emergency plumber.

When buying a house, (especially an old one) ensure that you check the pipes for signs of rust. And even if you initially purchased a new house, it’s wise to keep on checking the status of your pipes from time to time. To change your pipes whenever you feel it’s time, contact your local plumber in Arlington, TX.

Frozen pipes

During the winter season, the cold air causes water to freeze. This is common especially in places that experience snow. During such times, the outdoor pipes may freeze hence do not deliver liquid water to your home. So the next time you open your faucet or shower, you may find that none is releasing a significant amount of water. It’s important to deal with this issue before the situation turns dire.

A frozen pipe can cause a leak or escalate into bursting. You may end up spending a lot of cash on pipe replacements. Before that eventuality happens, why not call a certified plumber to check out your pipes and properly handle the freezing problem?

Blocked drains

Clogged drains are among the easiest problems to detect. All you have to do is monitor the situation of your drainage or sinkholes. If the water is flowing normally, you have nothing to worry about. However, if the drainage system is taking too long to clear the water or if you see a pool of water forming towards the opening of the drain, your pipes may have a clog. A clog can be quite stressful when you’re trying to wash the dishes or take a shower. It may be difficult to perform simple tasks with stagnant water in play.

That’s why you should seek immediate help whenever you suspect your drainage system has a clog. You may be tempted to use natural remedies or chemicals to fix the problem, but you may end up making the situation messier than it was before. Why not seek the services of a seasoned plumber and get value for your money? You’ll not only receive professional services but also tips on avoiding future problems.

Overflowing toilets

The toilet is a vital room in every household but one that can cause the most mess. Clogging is a common occurrence for toilets and it’s easily manageable. However, an overflowing toilet can quickly turn into a health hazard, especially if you have little kids in your home. The germs present in the overflowing water can easily affect you and your loved ones and make you sick. You may, therefore, have to spend huge chunks on money on hospital bills and medication just because you didn’t take care of a plumbing emergency.

A toilet overflow can result from a blockage in the toilet tank. To properly diagnose and fix the issue, call an expert plumber. He/she will determine the cause of the overflow, whether it’s internal damage or problems with external plumbing vents, and then fix the issue.

Sewer backups

The sewer line is an underground system whose mission is to carry off waste matter and drainage water from your home to a septic tank for disposal. Sewer lines are really important fixtures that contribute significantly to the sanitation of a home. If your sewer system backs up, it means the waste is flowing back into your home’s drainage. And if it finds its way to the surface, you may be dealing with a plumbing nightmare that warrants the immediate services of a plumber.

Some signs of a sewer backup include sewage odors emanating from drains, water pools forming at the basement floor drain, gurgling toilets, and various drain clogs. It may be difficult to properly diagnose a sewer backup event, that’s why you need the services of a well-trained plumber. They’ll work on the situation and get your home back to normal within no time.

Flooding water heater

You probably don’t put much thought into the functioning of your water heater until it no longer serves its purpose. As long as you keep on receiving a steady supply of hot water, you’re good to go. But did you know that water heaters can flood? Homeowners usually place these appliances in the laundry area, a closet, a garage, or the basement area. You should check the area around your water heater often to make certain it’s in good condition.

If you happen to spot a pool of water under the tank, it may be facing corrosion or problems resulting from cracks. Whether you want to repair the situation or replace the entire water heater, consider seeking insight from a licensed plumber. They’ll give you the most affordable option so that you don’t end up replacing your water heater when all that’s necessary is a simple fix.

Ruptured water lines

If you have a backyard, your home’s water lines may be running underneath it. These lines are subject to the works of nature, for instance, earthquakes or tree roots penetrating through the pipes. The overlying pressure can cause underground pipes to break resulting in water leakage. Additionally, your yard may become soggy while your home may experience low water pressure or poor water quality. Worse, water may not find its way into your home at all.

Water is life, so you should deal with a broken water line as soon as possible to avoid water problems. Whenever you suspect a ruptured water line, get help from a professional plumber. An expert will be keen when working on your backyard as opposed to a handyman who may leave it in shambles.

Gurgling drainage sounds

Whenever you’re in the kitchen and you run your taps, you shouldn’t hear any sound coming from the drain as the water passes. The same goes for your bathroom; no sound should be emerging from your drains as you take your shower. Whenever you hear a gurgling sound from your drainage system, it alludes to a plumbing problem. The issue may be hard to detect on your own, so you should get expert help from a person with a trained eye for such problems.

A plumber would be great for the job. It’s good to have handy your local plumber’s contacts so that you can contact them during emergencies. The expert will extensively inspect your plumbing fixtures and provide a quick fix.

Strange odor

There’s nothing as annoying as having a strange smell in your home and you can’t pinpoint the specific problem. You may regularly clean your toilets, bathrooms, kitchen, and every other room in your home but the smell persists. And to those homeowners who love throwing parties or having friends and family over, the situation may pose a very embarrassing scene. You wouldn’t want people leaving your home and not looking forward to coming back, would you?

Strange odors are a definite sign of a damaged plumbing system. It may be tempting to cover the smell with scented candles, but this may just pave the way for more problems if the problematic fixture is an important one. Simply schedule a meeting with an emergency plumber in Arlington, TX, and fix the problem as soon as possible.

Lack of water

You may experience a water shortage in your residence that could cause chaos in the home. From lack of dishwashing, showering, and even flushing toilets, the situation may become worse if you go days on end without water. If your bathroom or kitchen sink or any other faucet in your home doesn’t have water completely, you should first check with neighbors to find out whether they have the same plumbing issue. If they do, this may be a municipal issue that you have no control over.

However, if the lack of water has no probable cause, you may be experiencing a problem with your water main. This could be as a result of a severe leak. The best course of action is to get assistance from a certified plumber.

Flooded house

Imagine walking into your house and stepping into a pool of water? Water can be a blessing in disguise or a problem at the wrong time. A flooded house is the latter. Flooding may result from broken pipes or leaking faucets that have been in the faulty state for a long time. When the situation escalates to flooding, you have an emergency in your hands. Water damage can destroy your belongings and even the foundation of your house. This translates to huge losses, and you may have to use lots of money to renovate your house.

When facing flooding, the first thing to do is secure your household items by moving them into a dry area, such as outside. Afterward, it’s time to call your emergency plumber to fix the problem ASAP.

Gas leaks

Gas leaks can be quite detrimental. From causing fire hazards to carbon monoxide poisoning to causing suffocation and brain damage, you should always be careful to evade the harmful consequences. The good thing about gas leaks is that they are easy to detect via smell. Whenever you have a gas leak in your home, immediately turn off all gas access areas, open all windows and doors to let in the fresh air, and evacuate the house.

Due to the deadly nature of gas, you should not attempt DIY repairs for gas appliances. Simply call a professional plumber to take care of the leak. And while waiting, don’t attempt to light any flame in your home.

Your trustworthy plumbing company

Plumbing fixtures require regular repairs and inspections to prolong their work lives. You should only entrust your Arlington, TX repairs, to professional plumbers who have experience in the plumbing field. At Benjamin Franklin of Fort Worth, we assure you of expert services for all your plumbing needs. Whenever you need help, just call us and we’ll be at your doorstep.