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Common Things That Damage Plumbing | Tips from Your Arlington, TX Plumber

Common Things That Damage Plumbing | Tips from Your Arlington, TX Plumber

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When your home’s plumbing stops working, it can be for any number of reasons. Sometimes, these are out-of-the-ordinary problems that will require you to call a plumber immediately so you can avoid horrendous repair costs down the line. Other times, they are just the result of common problems that most homeowners tend to ignore, causing them to build up over time. Here’s a look at five things that, if left unattended, can wreak havoc on your plumbing.

Tree Roots

You wouldn’t guess it, but tree roots can real damage to your plumbing. It’s one of those things you might be surprised to hear after you’ve already called the plumber to fix it for you. With enough time, tree roots around your home can invade your plumbing, causing it to stop functioning, sometimes completely.

Those who don’t have a lot of trees around their house don’t have to worry about this nearly as much, but even one big nearby tree can have roots long and invasive enough to cause plumbing problems.

If you’re in Arlington, TX, you might want to consider having a plumbercome with a rooter, making sure you don’t have to deal with that dastardly problem later, when it’s much more difficult to deal with.

Kitchen Grease

Over time, kitchen grease can present a real problem for your plumbing, too. When you finish cooking dinner and the thought of the grease is making you feel a little uneasy, it can be just as bad for your plumbing, too.

To avoid this problem, maintenance is needed, along with minimizing the amount of grease you dump down the pipes. If you think the build-up of grease in your pipes might lead to problems down the line, having a plumber come to check it now can save you both a fortune and a terrible inconvenience.

Septic Problems

It’s common in many households to develop the thinking that the easiest way to dispose of something is to throw it down the toilet and flush it away. The problem with that, however, is that it often to leads septic problems. These can affect your toilet’s ability to flush, the sewer system around your home, along with causing other serious problems.

Two things that people tend to throw down their toilets without realizing the harm they do are bleach and paint. Those two are bad news for your plumbing system, and you’re better off disposing of them in a different way. If you’re in Arlington, TX, and something you’ve thrown down your toilet is causing septic issues, give us a call and we’ll fix it.


Very few people throw all their trash down their pipes, and that would result in a speedy need for a plumber. However, many households are guilty of thinking that a small piece of paper or plastic shouldn’t cause a problem. While it may save the few minutes you’d otherwise use to go outside and take out that trash, it can also cause a plumbing nightmare.

If you suspect you’ve already got numerous papers and plastic or even something else down your pipes and you think it’s lingering there, calling a plumber to do a quick check can help you to understand to get a grip on that situation. Likewise, you can also ask them to include that in your next routine maintenance.

Old Water Heaters

Water heaters often last a long time, and you normally shouldn’t expect them to cause you many plumbing problems during their lifetime. When they start to age, however, and it seems like they’re hanging on by a thread, plumbing problems can be much more common.

Even if the water heater is still new, it’s not totally unheard of for it to experience a stutter here and there. With many of these problems, whether your water heater is new or old, you might not be able to see the problem developing, leaving you completely surprised when you’re in desperate need of a plumber.

The best way to stay on top of the situation, especially as the water system starts to age, is to conduct regular inspections. They’ll give you a clear idea of when your system needs heavy repairs, or needs to be completely replaced. If you’re in Arlington, TX, we can help.

Harsh Chemicals in Home Products

Home products can sometimes have chemicals that don’t bode well for your plumbing system. Drain cleaner is among the top culprits. It might appear a quick and stress-free way to fix a clog, but it carries problems in the long run. If a clog is proving too much of a problem for a homeowner, calling the plumber is the best way to go. We’ll go into more detail about that in the next section.

Like many people, you might have not realized that some of the home products you’re using aren’t doing your plumbing much good. They never mention that on the packaging, believe it or not. Still, you might want to have a professional come over and take a look at your drains and pipes, just to make sure not too much damage has been done already.

Do It Yourself Fixes

A homeowner might be able to tighten a few bits here and there to stop a leak. Successful as the quick-fix solution may temporarily appear – after all, the tap stopped leaking – these kinds of fixes can lead to problems down the line. For one, they can leave some troublesome areas that will be more difficult and costly to fix later on.

There’s sometimes nothing wrong with grabbing the wrench and exercising a little DIY, but the best option is always to call a plumber. That way, you have the confidence that the job being done won’t cause you additional problems in the future. If you’re in the Arlington, TX, area, we’re here to help.

Your home’s plumbing can be sturdy enough to withstand some harsh conditions, but you’d surprised at the common things that can heavily damage it. To avoid that, and to make sure you get pointers on doing the right things to keep your plumbing operating efficiently, call Benjamin Franklin Plumbing in the Arlington, TX area.