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Common Water Line Problems That Require Immediate Repair or Replacement | Water Line Repair in Azel, TX

Common Water Line Problems That Require Immediate Repair or Replacement | Water Line Repair in Azel, TX

The water line that brings fresh water to your home is like the lifeline of your body. Imagine how would it be if you wake up one day only to find that the water supply line to your home has been cut?

It will be a huge mess!

It is almost impossible to live a normal life without water. Our day to day tasks such as cooking, cleaning the house, and personal hygiene are dependent upon the availability of water.

The most important thing in ensuring a smooth and continuous supply of fresh water to our houses is the main water line. Although water lines are generally strong and durable and do not get damaged too easily or frequently, the possibility of damages cannot be completely ruled out.

Since water line damages are less likely to occur, majority of people do not know much about the factors that can harm these lines and disrupt the supply of water and their solutions. People living in Azle are not an exception either.

If you live in Azle and are willing to know about water line repair in Azle, TX, you have come to the right place. Here, we will discuss the causes of water line damage and the signs you should look for in order to know that you need water line repair in Azle, TX.

Potential Causes of Water Line Damage

Water line can get blocked, damaged or broken due to following possible factors:

  • Corrosion or deterioration of the material
  • Regular wear and tear
  • Tree roots
  • Poor installation
  • Shifting of soil under the surface
  • Sediment buildup
  • Mineral deposit
  • Accumulation of dirt, dust and gunk
  • Frozen water

Common Water Line Issues

Common problems that occur in water lines and require water line repair in Azle, TX include:

1.      Noisy Pipes

Although a noisy pipe is not a huge issue itself, if left untreated, it could lead to bigger problems.

Wonder what causes the loud noise?

More often than not, it’s the air!

When air enters into the water line, it creates a loud noise and creates banging sounds and vibration in the pipes.

Solution: The simplest solution is to completely drain the water line. To do this, turn off the water supply for a while, drain the line and then turn on the supply so that the pipe gets filled with water removing the air that has been trapped inside.   

2.      Leaks

Leaks can happen anywhere in the water line due to multiple reasons such as corrosion of the pipes, and loosening of the joints. It is one of the factors that cause low water pressure.

Solution: A leak should be repaired as soon as possible. Therefore, as soon as you figure out that there is a leak anywhere in the water line, immediately call a service for water line repair in Azle, TX and have the pipe repaired or replaced.

3.      Low Water Pressure

There can be a number of possible reasons for low water pressure. It could be due to a leakage, a clog or an obstruction caused by the sediment buildup or mineral deposits inside the line, oxidation, or due to a problem in the water supply from the municipal department.

Solution: The first step for resolving the problem of reduced water pressure is to locate its real cause. Then, depending upon the problem, you will either need water line repair in Azle, TX or replacement of that part of the pipe where the obstruction or damage has occurred.

Since there can be many potential causes of low water pressure, locating it and then identifying the correct procedure is tricky. This is why it is recommended to leave the job to a professional.

If you are looking for an experienced plumber in Azle, look no further than Benjamin Franklin Plumbing. They are the experts of the field and they have what it takes to perform water line repair in Azle, TX in the best possible manner.

4.      Burst Pipes

Burst pipes are the biggest plumbing issues. Immediate repair of the water line is what you should do when you are faced with a burst pipe.

Solution: Call a plumbing company that offers emergency water line repair in Azle, TX to prevent the flood in and/or around your house and losing your water supply.

5.      Frozen Pipes

Frozen pipes are a problem that occurs in extremely cold areas and usually arises when the water is not used for some time and the thermostat is turned off like when a family goes on a trip. In such a condition, the water in the line freezes due to the low temperature and causes blockage.

Solution: Wrap the pipes in heat tapes specially made for this purpose. It will take around 24 hours, or may be more, to clear the blockage.

This problem can be prevented just by setting the thermostat on higher setting while leaving for holiday.

Final Word

As mentioned earlier, smoothly working water lines are one of the most crucial elements of every household. Our lives would become more difficult than we can imagine without the uninterrupted supply of water in our homes. This is why you need to watch out for any problem in the water line and as soon as you notice one, get in touch with a reputable service for water line repair in Azle, TX.