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Components to Consider For the Installation of Indoor Tankless Water Heaters in Saginaw, TX

Components to Consider For the Installation of Indoor Tankless Water Heaters in Saginaw, TX

People are always looking for ways that can make their homes more energy efficient without contributing too much towards the recent global warming crisis. This is why when it comes to heating water for daily consumption for a variety of purposes tankless water heaters in Saginaw, TX or anywhere else have become one of the famous and most opted options. These heaters are designed in such a way that they have the ability to supply hot water only when it is needed therefore giving birth to its new name, the ‘on-demand’ water heater.

These units not only save energy but also allow you to not invest in tanks that involved the installation of inconvenient and bulky storage tanks. They have proven to be more efficient than traditional tank heaters depending on the demand for water in each household. Because of these benefits, many households are rapidly installing these units at their places. Some of these people take help form manufactures and professional plumbers to get these tankless water heaters in Saginaw, TX or anywhere else installed at their place whereas others are determined to install it on their own.

Depending on the type of water heater, the instructions and considerations for the installation process vary. Here in this article, we would discuss the factors that need to be considered when installing a water heating unit indoor.

Indoor Gas Installation

Since the water heating unit is installed indoor it needs to be vented properly which makes its installation a little bit complicated. Some of the factors that one needs to pay full attention to include the following.

Correct and continuous supply of gas in the house

For the tankless gas water heater to function properly it is necessary that there is a continuous supply of gas to the unit which it can consume whenever needed. This can be determined with the help of a professional in installing these units or your local gas company who will inform you about the related technicalities and BTU required for the output of each model.

Proper ventilation

When the tankless water heaters in Saginaw, TX, or anywhere else, start to heat the water they need to vent out the warm air that is created during the process. This ventilation can either take place vertically or horizontally. Keeping in mind the venting options available to you in the house you then need to make a decision accordingly about which heating unit is most appropriate for your place.

Some of the tankless water heaters in Saginaw, TX that work on liquid propane or gas can be installed either way, horizontally or vertically, whereas others can only be installed one way. The two types of installations are explained as under.

Horizontal installation

Horizontal installation is further sub-divided into two types; upward slope and downward slope. The upward slope installation is much simpler and only needs the addition of a vertical condensate trap that is attached to the rest of the parts of the unit. For the downward slope installation, a vent adapter is required which should be like a 90-degree elbow and a stainless steel vent that is long enough that it can run the exhaust out of the side wall. The exhaust is basically ended with the help of a wall thimble that connects the interior with the exterior and can be ended by making a connection with the 90-degree elbow.

Vertical installation

Although the components required for tankless water heaters in Saginaw, TX or someplace else for this kind of installation is the same this kind of installation can have more variables. The vent adapter, 90-degree elbow, and condensate trap are fixed together which are then attached to a stainless steel venting pipe that is long enough that it can reach the exterior of the house.

Most of the tankless water heaters in Saginaw, TX also require a firestop that needs to be adjusted into each ceiling from where the unit is vented through and a roof flashing or a storm collar to terminate the installation.

Vent adapter and stainless steel exhaust hose

To attach the exhaust hose with the tankless water heater a vent adapter is required. This adapter can be selected from either of the two; a 3-inch adapter or a 4-inch adapter. The selection of the right adapter depends on the type of model installed at your place.

All tankless water heaters in Saginaw, TX or other places that run on liquid propane or gas requires the use of stainless steel vent pipes that are UL approved. This specific type of vent pipes is necessary because of their ability to survive the tremendous amount of heat that is produced during the venting process. Standard PVC pipes are not recommended.

Combustion air

Combustion air is required by certain units of tankless water heaters in Saginaw, TX to function properly. Therefore, during its installation stage, it is necessary that you determine how this air will be delivered to the unit that you are installing and how much of it is actually needed.

These water heaters if placed in open spaces can make use of the air present in the surrounding areas; however, if installed in small closed spaces like closets it may require the need of air inlets and air ducts. This allows the fresh air to be pulled from outside into the room where the unit is installed.

The Final Word

Appropriate installment and maintenance of water heater is technical and requires keeping in mind several factors. Therefore, apart from taking the challenge of installing it on your own, it is recommended to get some professional assistance if you are planning to get your old one replaced or get a new one installed.

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