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Conventional Water Heaters | Water Heater Repair Arlington

Conventional Water Heaters | Water Heater Repair Arlington

Problems with water heaters are common, and failure is more than a simple aggravation when trying to shower. Not all developing issues with the appliance are easily detected, although some of the most common do provide subtle signs. When you know what signs to watch for, it is possible to prevent complete water heater failure and being the recipient of a cold shower. Recognizing a problem is developing allows you the opportunity to contact a Benjamin Franklin Plumbing plumber for water heater repair in Arlington. Our professional plumbers have the expertise to repair all major brands of conventional water heaters.

Hard Water Sediment

Hard water is harmful to plumbing. Furthermore, it can result in the blockage of water supply lines, unsightly deposits on faucets, showerheads, under the rim of the toilet and is potentially harmful to appliances. It is especially detrimental to a water heater. Sediment collects on the bottom and causes numerous problems with performance, efficiency, and can lead to premature failure and damaging water leaks. A water softener can provide protection for the home against hard water. Routine maintenance can also reduce the effects on your plumbing in Arlington, and especially the water heater.

Providing the water heater with a routine flush will rid the tank of the sediment that collects and causes problems. It is a relatively simple task for a homeowner, or you can contact a plumber in Arlington to schedule a professional flush. Once a full flush is provided, draining 2-3 quarts of water from the tank every 2-3 months should prevent the buildup of hard water sediment.

How Hard Water Affects the Water Heater

When sediment accumulates in the bottom of a conventional water heater, the appliance consumes more energy in the attempt to heat the water through the buildup. Furthermore, in the process of heating, the sediment acts as an insulator on the bottom of the tank, resulting in the breakage of the protective glass liner. This allows the water to make contact with the metal tank, with rust occurring, and eventually a leak. At that point, replacement is required.

Signs of sediment buildup includes unusual sounds such as popping, whistling, or rumbling. An additional sign includes the appliance requiring longer than was previously required to produce a tank of hot water once depleted. Contact a Benjamin Franklin plumber for water heater repair in Arlington.

No Hot Water

Power surges are common from both the source of the electrical company, and internally from appliances kicking off and on, such as the air conditioner. Lightning is also a common source, and can be damaging, as well as trip breakers. When you notice lights flicker throughout the home, it is likely due to a power surge. Surges can trip breakers in the home’s electrical panel. For this reason, when an electric water heater has failed to produce hot water, check for a tripped breaker first. Push the breaker to the on position. If it quickly trips again, contact a plumber for inspection and water heater repair in Arlington.

If your water heater is a gas appliance, check the pilot and relight if necessary. If you are not comfortable lighting the pilot, contact a plumber. In addition, if the pilot continues to go out, contact Benjamin Franklin Plumbing for water heater repair in Arlington.


Water around the water heater indicates a leak. When leaks occur in a pipe, fittings, or the drain valve, water heater repair can be provided. However, as previously stated, a leaking tank requires water heater replacement.

Lukewarm Water

Ensure the thermostat is set at 120 degrees. Otherwise, contact a Benjamin Franklin plumber for water heater repair in Arlington.

Water Heater Replacement and Installation

Hiring a professional plumber in Arlington to provide water heater installation will ensure your safety, the optimal performance, and energy efficiency. Water heater replacement provides the advantage of reducing the cost of your energy bill. Remember, providing routine maintenance, and timely water heater repair in Arlington when needed, will ensure the longest lifespan and optimal performance of the appliance.

If you are having a problem with your conventional water heater, contact Benjamin Franklin Plumbing for reliable water heater repair in Arlington. Our licensed plumbers offer plumbing repair, installation, maintenance and other plumbing services for residential and commercial applications. We serve Arlington, Fort Worth, and the surrounding areas, and are a member of the BBB with an A+ rating.