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Dangers of Delaying the Pumping of Septic Tank | Plumbers in Arlington, TX

Dangers of Delaying the Pumping of Septic Tank | Plumbers in Arlington, TX

A septic tank system can be described as an on-site sewage system most commonly used in areas that have no connection to a municipal waste disposal line. This system usually consists of:

  • A septic tank, which is buried underground
  • A series of pipes for draining wastewater from household utilities

Septic tanks tend to fill up at one point or another bringing about the need for septic tank pumping by expert plumbers in Arlington, TX.

When is Septic Tank Pumping Necessary?

As a norm, pumping has to be carried out when the septic tank system has filled up. However, this does not necessarily mean that sludge within the tank has to fill up all the way to the top.

Waste water is made up of sludge which usually settles at the bottom of the tank, and waste water which floats on top of the sludge is drained off via a soak pit.

The sludge level is what determines if a septic tank has to be drained or not. It is generally recommended that a septic tank should be drained if the sludge level exceeds 30% of total tank volume. Since it is a specialized task and involves use of professional machinery and tools, you must hire the expert plumbers in Arlington, TX.

Dangers of Delaying the Pumping of Septic Tank

When properly functioning, solid waste, better known as sludge, usually settles at the bottom of the tank. On the other hand, liquid waste overflows and passes through a perforated pipe into the drain field. However, if pumping is not carried out at the right time, sludge might accumulate and overflow to the perforated pipe leading to the drain field.

The pipes leading to the drain field are usually perforated to allow water to flow into the surrounding drain field. When sludge flows through these pipes, clogging can occur. It can further lead to high maintenance costs or in some extreme cases, installation of a new septic tank system due to the extensive damage on a clogged system.

Clogging of the drainage pipes due to sludge can also have serious consequences on the plumbing system. Since the septic tank is full and drainage pipes are clogged, waste water from household utilities has nowhere to go. As a result, overflow will occur in household utilities such as sinks, bathrooms and worst of all, toilets.

Therefore, it is vital that you keep the contact details of the reliable plumbers in Arlington, TX. When the need arises, you will have a crystal-clear idea of what to do next.

How to know if septic tank is full?

For starters, a periodic visual inspection of a septic tank is considered as one of the best ways to go about this. However, you can also roughly approximate the sludge level within a tank by considering the number of people within a residential unit, daily volume of waste water produced and the septic of tank.

It is, however, recommended that septic tank pumping should be carried out every 3 to 5 years. When doing this, it would be best to acquire the services of the professional plumbers in Arlington, TX.  Professional services in your area not only carry out the septic pumping, but can also help you determine the amount of sludge within your septic tank in addition to providing maintenance and cleaning services.

Repair and Maintenance

Septic tank systems form an integral part of waste water management systems. However, like any other system, they require proper maintenance to increase their efficiency and lifespan. There are a number of septic tank maintenance activities that have to be performed.

Some fall under the jurisdiction of the homeowners while others, more specialized, have to be performed by the expert plumbers in Arlington, TX. The following is an overview of some of the best practices for septic tank maintenance.

Periodic Pumping and Cleaning

Pumping and cleaning are the most important maintenance activities for a septic tank system. They not only help to keep the system in proper and functional condition, but also they are considered as a form of preventive maintenance, as they prevent the system from clogging. As a rule, trained plumbers in Arlington, TX must be involved when carrying this task out.

Record Keeping of Home Maintenance

Record keeping is also considered as the best practice when it comes to maintenance of your septic system and overall home maintenance. When keeping records, make sure that you note down information such as the dates when you practiced certain maintenance activities.

This will help you clearly map out the next maintenance dates. You can talk to the professional plumbers in Arlington, TX for proper maintenance tips and schedule.

Map-Out Septic System Components

By mapping out the septic tank components by using stakes, you know exactly where every component is and by doing so, you can avoid damaging the system. To find the details about all the components, you can take the help of professional plumbers in Arlington, TX.

Avoid Using Strong Chemicals

Bacteria are responsible for breaking down the sludge within a septic tank. Strong chemicals such as paint thinners, pesticides and anti-freeze can significantly reduce the bacteria population within the tank bringing about a faster buildup of sludge.

Don’t Flush Non-Degradable Material!

This may seem like a no brainer, some people in the household need to be taught and reminded. Non-degradable material such as clothes, cotton swabs, plastics and even diapers should not be flushed down a septic system, since they can greatly compromise the efficiency and of the system.

Be Careful with the Choice of Planting over the Absorption Field

Plants with a large root network should not be planted over the absorption area, because their roots can grow into pipes and clog the system. Therefore, do not plant trees or shrubs in your drain field.

By implementing the above tips, you can keep your septic system in top working order. But should you have any issues, please contact Benjamin Franklin Plumbing Services, the professional plumbers in Arlington, TX.