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Dealing With Basement Flooding

Dealing With Basement Flooding

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Basement Flooding

A flooded basement can be due to several causes, flooding from rain, a burst pipe in the basement or the floor above, clogged drains, clogged gutter downspouts, a sewer system clog or back-up, heavy snow melt or a failed sump pump can allow flooding to occur. Basement flooding is a preventable disaster by use of sump pumps and routine maintenance upon them, French drains and proper home maintenance such as foundation inspection, routine drain and sewer pipe cleaning, gutter cleaning and routine plumbing inspections performed by yourself or a licensed plumber.

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The consequences of basement flooding can be devastating and include:

  • Mold and mildew growth may occur and can damage the structure. Insurance may not cover mold and mildew growth. The best chance of preventing mold after a basement flooded is getting a plumber out to correct the cause of the flood, and getting the water out, and getting the basement dried as quickly as possible. The longer it takes, the greater the chance of mold and further structure damage occurring. Drying out flooded basements is the best mold prevention program will include the use of fans and possibly heaters to speed drying up.
  • Basement flood damage to the structure can be catastrophic, and not all forms of flooding are covered by homeowners insurance.
  • Homeowner’s insurance rates may rise, especially with repeated claims. With so much damage occurring nationwide due to natural disaster, a growing number of insurance companies are canceling policies on ‘older’ homes; even those build in the 1970’s. This is for homes with no history of claims. Add a claim to the mix and you may find your home uninsured and un-insurable after a flood.

Basement Flood Prevention is the best option for preventing future basement flooding, but if it occurs in your home the following checklist will guide you through having a flooded basement.

1. Shut off the Water

Water leaks can be stopped by shutting off the homes water supply. Know where yours is before it happens. Most shutoff valves are located near and outside the home, or at the water meter. If the flooding is due to a busted drain pipe or sewage backup, do not use the toilet, shower or any appliances in the home that use water. Doing so will only make it worse.

2. Safety is First

Do not walk into the water as electric shock is a big potential. Water and electricity don’t mix, and water will conduct electricity. If you must enter the water in order to get to your electric box to shut power off do not enter the water. If your homes electric box is located on a non-flooded floor above the basement, turn off the main breaker.

Do not enter the water if it is due to a sewage leak or backup. Bacteria and viruses are a genuine danger to anyone who enters sewer water without protective gear. Ensure gas supplies are off as pilots will not operate under water, and safety valves may malfunction. If you smell gas, get yourself and your family out and away from the house immediately. Call for help from a neighbor’s home. Even a tiny spark can ignite a gas filled structure and result in a deadly explosion.

3. Call Benjamin Franklin Plumbing – Fort Worth

We are available 24/7 for emergencies, including flooded basements.

4. Contact Your Insurance Company

After calling a plumber contact your insurer. Most insurance policies have a clause that you must provide the means to stop further damage to the structure, in the case of a flooded basement that includes calling a plumber. Your next call is your insurer. Take photographs of all damage and keep receipts for emergency repairs and purchases.

5. Provide Prevention Against Future Flooding.

If your basement is prone to flooding and you do not already have a sump pump, have one installed and provide routine inspection and service to maintain its operation. The installation of a sump pump will make your insurance company more inclined to process and approve your claim, as well as decreasing the chance that your policy will be dropped.

If you have tried everything to stop your basement from flooding, give Benjamin Franklin Plumbing – Fort Worth’s licensed plumbing professionals a call. Our Fort Worth plumbing experts will identify the problem and the solution to prevent it from occurring. Our work is always 100% guaranteed!