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How to Detect and Prevent a Gas Leak in Fort Worth, TX?

How to Detect and Prevent a Gas Leak in Fort Worth, TX?

Reports have suggested that more than 30 people have died and a thousand others have suffered injuries from gas leaks during the course of the last 3 years. With accidents and fatalities from accidents related to gas leaks on the rise, it is high time that the more than 65 million homeowners using gas lines take the matter seriously.

A gas leak calls for a gas line repair in Fort Worth, TX. But before you call the nearest technicians, there are a few things that you should now. Here we have compiled some useful information regarding gas leaks and how you can detect and prevent them from creating a serious accident.

What Exactly Causes a Gas Leak?

Gas leaks are usually the result of badly fitted and poorly maintained pipes or other equipment assisting the flow of gas to your stove. If an appliance or equipment, mandatory for the flow of gas, is badly fitted, there are chances of a gas leak.

To ensure that all your equipment and pipes are well maintained and properly fitted, you should ask a gas line repair service to perform tests. The gas leaks can either be caused by old fixtures in shabby conditions or loose pipes, both of which could end up costing your more than just money.

How to Detect a Gas Leak?

Having built on the complexity of the issue, it is pertinent for every homeowner and other family member to detect a gas leak in its infancy. Proper detection skills can prevent larger damage from happening. Ignorance and neglect in this regard can lead to serious accidents, so an alert and responsible reaction is recommended. Here are a few detection methods that you can use yourself:

In the Home

  • Smell: Interestingly, the natural gas sent to more than 65 million homes in the country is done with the addition of an odor. Natural gas in its purest form does not have any odor, but the one delivered to your homes has been adjusted to make them distinguishable from air. Due to the addition of this smell, you can identify leaks easily. The smell is comparable to one from rotten eggs, so keep you nostrils open for that. Most people have become accustomed to the smell of natural gas and have specifically associated it to gas in their minds. If you experience any similar smell, it is an indication of a gas leak within the home.
  • Sound: A gas leak often produces a hissing sound like that of a snake. If you feel or hear a hissing sound coming from any of the gas pipes, you should get your gas line in Fort Worth, TX repaired immediately.

Outside the House

  • Air: One of the most prominent signs of gas leak outside the home is that of dust being thrown into the air. A gas leak emits a hissing sound as a result of air from the pressure of the release. The high pressure release can make dirt particles float in the sky, and can also create pathways in plants or vines covering the line. If you are fond of walking across your yard, you can easily spot the leak.
  • Dying Plants: Plants and other greenery near a gas leak will not be able to tolerate or whither the pressure of a raging gas leak. The gas leak will make the plants weak and will eventually kill them around the area. If you have a yard with plants spread around, you can spot or identify the location of a gas leak through dying or dead plants.
  • Bubbles: A gas leak also has the tendency to cause bubbles within a moist area outside your home. Bubbles are the easiest way of identifying a gas leak. The high pressure leak will cause bubbles to form on the moist area on top.
  • A dry spot: You can also observe an extremely dry patch or spot on your yard in the case of a gas leak. The area of the leak can be differentiated from the rest of the yard through its visible dryness. In extreme cases, there can also be low or high flames rising from the ground. In case of the flames, you should run an immediate gas line repair in Fort Worth, TX to tackle the problem.

How to Prevent?

A stitch in time saves nine. Considering the high impact nature of the accidents caused by gas leaks, it is always good to practice precaution or prevention in hindsight. Prevention will not only save you from the dread of a sudden gas leak but it will also be lighter on your pockets compared to going for substantial, costly repair down the line. Methods you can follow for prevention are:  

  • Get all of your appliances tested before moving to a new house. Gas leaks can also be caused by kitchen appliances such as cookers and boilers, which is why it is recommended that you have them tested before moving into a new house with a different gas system.
  • Get hold of an audible carbon monoxide alarm. The alarm would alert you of a leak as soon as there is one.
  • Have your gas lines checked on an annual basis from professionals. If needed, you can also use the services of a technician to perform a gas line repair in Fort Worth, TX. Regular repairs and maintenance will keep the gas line in a feasible condition, minimizing the risk of any leaks.

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