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Detecting Plumbing Leaks in Arlington

Detecting Plumbing Leaks in Arlington

Outdoor Leaks | Plumbing in Arlington

Finding water pooled on the lawn without reason is almost always a sign of some type of leak. Most homeowners don’t have plumbing experience and will need Benjamin Franklin Plumbing’s licensed plumbers to provide professional service to your leaking plumbing in Arlington.

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While those with septic systems may experience greener grass over field lines, those with sewer service should not. If you note grass that is greener than the remainder of the lawn you may have a sprinkler supply line, water main or sewer leak.

Sprinkler lines will run between heads. A water main will run from the water meter to its entry point into the home. Sewer lines will run from the home to the municipal sewer service. Knowing where these lines run may help you to determine which type of leak you have. If you aren’t certain, or aren’t comfortable with plumbing issues, give Benjamin Franklin Plumbing a call, we will take care of all of your plumbing in Arlington needs. In the following we will look at each type of leak.

Sprinkler System Leak

Sprinkler system leaks can create ponds on lawns, soak the homes foundation and even flood basements. Sometimes the sprinkler head is the leaking component, other times it is the water line itself. So when you arrive home and a pond is standing on the lawn how do you find the leaking culprit? Of course you can call us for your plumbing in Arlington issues, otherwise the following may assist you in locating the leak.

If the components are under water you’ll have to drain the water off, or cut the water off at the meter and allow it to drain away. Due to the nature of some grounds holding water for extended amounts of time the best route to choose is to use a hose pipe to siphon the excess water away.

Inspect the sprinkler head and look to see if it is leaking above or below the head. If it is below the head and in the ground you will note water bubbling up. If you see the leak or water bubbling provide the following.

  • Cut the water supply off to the sprinkler system. If you have a shut off valve at the sprinkler supply shut it off there, otherwise you will have to shut it off at the water main near the home or at the water meter.
  • Inspect the sprinkler head for cracks, being loose or clogs. Clogs occur fairly often and are due to debris, grass clipping or even mud washing in on the head if it is low set or retracts underground. If aerators are clogged a paperclip or other stiff object will clean it out. Remove if necessary to provide a deeper cleaning.
  • If the leak is originating from below the sprinkler head you will have to dig into the ground to inspect the riser and fitting for cracks or other damage. If visible cause for the leak isn’t noted pull the latter two apart where they attach and inspect the threads for damage.
  • If none of these reveal the source of the leak it may be in the water supply line underground. Leak detection can locate the exact area of the leak, enabling it to be repaired. Give our leak detection specialists a call for leak detection and other plumbing in Arlington services.

Sometimes, what you think is a sprinkler leak creating pools of water on your lawn may in fact a water line or sewer leak. Let’s look at some of the signs of each.

Water Main Leaks

  • You may hear an unexplainable sound in your house. This will be more obvious when it is quiet. What you are actually hearing is running water from the leak.
  • Water is bubbling up onto the lawn or in the street. The ground is unexplainably moist and grass may be greener than other areas of the lawn.
  • Your home experiences low water pressure.
  • The water bill is higher than normal.

Don’t delay, call Benjamin Franklin for plumbing in Arlington service right away.

Sewer Line Leaks

  • Soggy ground or pooling water. If it is sewage you will generally note the bad odor. Grass may be greener along a sewer line leak.
  • All sinks, showers, and bathtubs take a longer time to drain than usual or won’t drain at all. Even worse, sewage may back up into your drain lines and overflow in low lying areas such as a basement toilet.
  • Gurgling sounds may come from the drains in your home, and may be accompanied by the odor of sewage.
  • Moist spots in the foundation or wet flooring, especially on a slab foundation.

If any of these sounds like your situation you may be experiencing a leak. Professional leak detection can pinpoint the exact location of the problem. Sewer line leaks are not suitable for DIY repair due to the hazards of contamination and risks to your health and those of family, neighbors and community. Give Benjamin Franklin Plumbing’s professional plumbers a call for sewer line leaks and other plumbing in Arlington issues.

Benjamin Franklin Plumbing Fort Worth provides licensed and dedicated plumbers for all of your plumbing in Arlington needs. Plumbing issues generally occur suddenly, that’s why we provide 24 hour, seven day a week emergency service for all of your emergency needs with plumbing in Arlington. We are a member of the BBB, and stand behind our 100% satisfaction guarantee.