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Difference between a Water Purifying and Water Filtration System in Benbrook

Difference between a Water Purifying and Water Filtration System in Benbrook

You want to stay healthy, right? And one cue to staying healthy is to drink pure water, free from all contaminants. Do you get pure water in your taps? Not sure? Well, before buying a water purification or water filtration system in Benbrook, contact your local water authority, and they can share annual reports with you, which would give you an insight into the contaminants present in water. If the level of some contaminants is alarming, then choose a system that can address this issue.

So, now you know that the water in your tap is indeed contaminated. How do you clean it? A water filtration system in Benbrook is a popular choice. But water purification systems are also available. Are these two the same or different? If they are, then how? And more importantly, which one is better for your needs: water purifying system or water filtration system in Benbrook?

The difference between a water purifying and water filtration system in Benbrook can be hard to pinpoint. A lot of companies out there are producing literally the same systems, but claim that they do a different job.

Let’s first go over the basic definitions of the two terms, and then we’ll highlight their core differences.


Purification is often a misunderstood term. Many of you would assume that if water is labeled as pure, then it means that it contains no contaminants. But, that isn’t so. The word purify only refers to removing unwanted substances from water, so that doesn’t mean that everything is removed from the water. It only means that unhealthy particles are removed, and other extraneous matters remain present in water.


A water filter also removes unwanted particles from water. Water filtration systems in Benbrook are of two main types: activated carbon filter and sediment filter. Many a times, these two filters are combined together in a single water filtration system in Benbrook. Sediment filters remove unwanted particles based on their size; generally, they can remove viruses, and dissolved pharmaceuticals, but many unwanted minerals are also allowed to pass through because their size is too small.

Active carbon filters trap most of the particles, which contain a majority of harmful contaminants that are present in water.

So, what’s the difference?

A water purification system removes unwanted particles from water, whereas a water filtration system in Benbrook only prevents these particles from entering the water system in our house. They can still remain in water, which is outside of our home’s water systems.

Certain chemicals when added to water force the contaminants to sink to the bottom. This is called filtration. Sometimes, the filter pores may be too fine, in which case the minutest of viruses can be removed. In this case, it may also be referred to as purification because most of the contaminants are removed through it; it doesn’t matter which filtration process is used.

Does it make sense? There are many similarities and differences, and companies use any label that they like. But mostly, they choose a water filtration system.

How are water purifying and water filtration systems in Benbrook different in terms of functioning?

Both a water purifier and filter are designed to remove microorganisms of different sizes. A water filter strains out protozoan cysts (Giardia lamblia and Cryptosporidium) and bacteria (E. coli, Shigella, Salmonella and Campylobacter).  A water purifier removes viruses which are too minute to be trapped by a filter.

Considering the design, every water filtration system in Benbrook and some water purifiers comprise of an internal element, referred to as the cartridge. This component has microscopic pores which catch protozoa, bacteria and other debris. Gradually, the pores get clogged, in which case the cartridge might have to be cleaned or removed.

A water purification system on the other hand, contains a chemical like iodine to kill microbes.  In some cases, ultraviolet light may be used to kill pathogens.

Both filters and purifiers may include activated carbon because it can reduce contaminants (industrial chemicals and pesticides) and improve its taste.

What does a prefilter do?

Water murkiness is caused by several factors such as leaf debris, mud and glacial sediments. Most of these are natural particles and don’t harm your health. However, they do affect the functioning of a water purifying and water filtration system in Benbrook. If these particles are allowed to remain in water, then the resulting system requires a high level of maintenance and doesn’t last long. As such, a prefilter is often installed to preprocess water before it is made to pass through a water filtration system in Benbrook.

A prefilter removes all large particles from water, so that efficiency of the filtration and purification process is improved. Some systems are already equipped with a prefilter, but in some cases, you may have to purchase them separately. Thus, a prefilter:

  • Maintains an acceptable flow rate, and increases life span of individual components
  • Makes it easier for chemical substances to be removed
  • Is essential if water is non-clear or a UV purifier is being used

What types of water purification and water filtration systems are available?

The list is huge, and hybrid models are a possibility. However, for a better understanding, we’ll delve into the main kinds of a water purification and water filtration system in Benbrook.

Pump purifiers and filters

These kinds of systems feature an inlet hose which you connect to the water source. An outlet hose is connected to a bottle. The pump is then operated through different mechanisms, each of which has a different flow rate.

Ultraviolet purifiers and filters

These are pen-style devices, which you can put inside a water bottle. Press a button, and then just stir the device. Stop after around a minute or as the manufacturer recommends. All water inside the bottle is treated this way.

Want more details on a water purification and water filtration system in Benbrook? Contact Benjamin Franklin Plumbing, and they’ll answer all your queries.