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Dishwasher Odor | Plumber Arlington

Dishwasher Odor | Plumber Arlington

Dishwasher odor is a common complaint, and a lack of care is a top cause for it. The following offers suggestions on how to prevent dishwasher odor. When installing a dishwasher for the first time, or relocating the appliance, contact a Benjamin Franklin Plumbing plumber in Arlington for installation of water lines and a drain hookup.

The bits of food that remain on the dishes after use collect on the filter. As you would expect, the food debris decompose, creating odor, and nasty bacteria.

There are two ways to prevent this, clean the filter frequently, or wipe the dishes down before you place them in the dishwasher. A number of dishwashers contain a garbage disposal for ridding the dishwasher of food, but it also can develop an odor. The best means of preventing odors from decomposing food is to wipe soiled dishes free of food debris before loading them in the appliance.

In addition, the appliance requires an occasional cleaning as follows:

  • When the dishwasher develops an odor or appears soiled it’s time to clean it. Inspect the seals around the door and the float. Use a damp, soft toothbrush with a drop of dish liquid to clean the gaskets. Wipe gaskets down with a wet cloth and allow to air dry. Lift the float to check for soil stuck underneath. This is an essential step as a dirty float can cause an elevated water level during operation and may result in leaking.
  • If gaskets have mold or mildew that dish liquid doesn’t remove, gently brush them with vinegar or lemon juice. Scrub with a paste of baking soda and water, which is slightly abrasive if necessary. Rinse and repeat with vinegar or lemon juice, rinse and leave the door open to dry. Vinegar and lemon juice should kill any germs the rubber seals may harbor.
  • Inspect the sprayer arm for blockage. Remove bits of glass with tweezers to avoid injury.
  • Once or twice a month, place one to two cups of vinegar in a heavy container to remove buildup due hard water can be removed. Vinegar will also eliminate odor and remove soap scum.
  • Inspect the filter for obstructions or hard-water buildup that can reduce the appliance’s ability to drain. Decomposing food particulates on the filter can cause odor. Scrub with a soft brush and dish washing liquid. To remove mineral deposits or soap scum, soak it in a vinegar and water solution, and scrub with a soft brush to remove any residue.
  • Clean the inside of the dishwasher with a cloth and baking soda/water paste, and remove with a wet cloth. Don’t worry about residue; running it through a cycle will remove it. Furthermore, you can place a little baking soda in a dish to absorb odors in between cycles, and it’s safe to run it through a cycle.
  • Commercial cleaning products are available for monthly use to keep your machine clean. However, you will still have to inspect, and clean the door seals, filter, and underneath the float.
  • Leave the door cracked between cycles to promote drying, and reduce both odor and moisture that can lead to mold.
  • The dishwasher needs to be used often. Water can evaporate out of the pump allowing the seals to dry out, resulting in leaks.
  • Use vinegar as a substitute rinse aid. Vinegar disinfects, deodorizes, and will eliminate detergent and mineral build-up over time.
  • Remove paper labels from jars, and stickers from new dishes to prevent a clogged filter.

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