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Disposer Deodorizing | Plumbing Arlington

Disposer Deodorizing | Plumbing Arlington

Garbage Disposals | Plumbing Arlington

Garbage disposals bring a high level of convenience to the home. However, with regular use they are likely to develop unpleasant odors. Follow these environmentally friendly tips to keep your garbage disposal, and your plumbing in Arlington from being unpleasant.

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Citrus Deodorizing

Lemon is a natural freshener that cleans, and neutralizes odors. If your garbage disposal begins to have an odor, run the disposal (always turn the water on before starting the disposal) to remove unsightly and odor causing build-up. Next, add a lemon cut into quarters to the machine. Run the disposal for at least 30 seconds to grind up the fruit and reduce unpleasant odors. Alternately, you can use any citrus fruit cut into small pieces for this purpose. Anytime you cook with citrus foods, or juice oranges or other citrus fruits, drop the sliced rinds down the disposal for a quick deodorizing. One word of caution, if your drains are metal, citrus fruits and vinegar can be corrosive to metal, rinse well after use.

Baking Soda and Vinegar

Vinegar is an additional environmentally-friendly cleaner and deodorizer. Freeze vinegar in ice trays, and once a week drop a few cubes into the disposal and turn the disposal on. Ice deodorizes the disposal, sharpens the blades and can clear the disposal of the debris that causes odors. Baking soda is an additional natural product that acts as an odor eliminator. Pour a box of baking soda into the drain while running warm water to neutralize odors. If the odor remains, pour baking soda into the drain and allow it to sit for several hours or overnight, rinse with warm water.

Equal amounts of baking soda followed by vinegar down drains, helps to keep all drains smelling fresher and clog free when applied routinely. Allow to sit for approximately 15-20 minutes. Follow with water to flush debris down your plumbing in Arlington.

Garbage Disposal Cleaning

Place safety first. Don’t put hands or fingers down the disposal for any reason. In addition, unplug the disposal or turn it off in the homes electrical box by turning the circuit breaker off. After ensuring the power is off, use a disposal brush (available at most home improvement stores) to provide a thorough clean. Use the brush with a mild detergent or garbage disposal cleaner to scrub the sides, removing any debris. Provide a deep clean routinely to prevent odors and unsightly build-up.

Odor Prevention

Prevention is the best method of heading odors off in the disposal or the drains of your plumbing in Arlington. Each time you wash or rinse dishes, run the garbage disposal afterward and allow the water to run in order to flush debris away. If the garbage disposal continues to have an odor after a deep clean and deodorize, the appliance may have a problem. You may want to call a plumber to inspect and repair the appliance, and to check the plumbing in Arlington, as the drain may be the source of the odor.

An additional problem that garbage disposals can experience is the failure to run when turned on. This is most likely an electrical issue. Turn the power switch back off, check the unit, ensuring it is plugged in. Next, press the reset button located on the bottom, or side, of most garbage disposals. If this doesn’t correct the problem check the circuit breaker, as it may have been thrown into the off position. If the disposal still won’t operate it will require the services of a plumber for garbage disposal repair.

If the disposal cuts off while running, it may mean the garbage disposal has overloaded, and the safety has caused an automatic shut – down. Give it a minute to cool down, press the reset button, turn the cold water back on, and try turning on the disposal again.

Anytime you use the garbage disposal, run the cold water before turning it on, while it operates and for approximately 15 minutes afterward to help prevent clogs in the disposal, as well as your plumbing in Arlington.

Garbage disposals shouldn’t be used to dispose of everything. Large food items should be cut into small pieces, or dispose of it in the garbage can or a compost bin. Don’t fill the disposal up and turn it on. Turn the cold water on, and feed a few small items down the disposal at a time. Observing these rules will assist in preventing clogs to the disposal and your plumbing in Arlington. Some foods shouldn’t be placed into the disposal; a partial list is as follows:

  • Grease or oil
  • Egg shells
  • Stringy vegetables such as celery, banana peels, potato peelings, green leafy vegetables etc…
  • Bones of any kind
  • Pits and Seeds
  • Rice and pasta

Furthermore, plastic, foam meat containers or wrappers, paper or other objects shouldn’t be placed into the disposal. Damage or clogs may occur to the appliance or in your plumbing in Arlington.

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