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DIY Attempts that are Better Left to Professionals

DIY Attempts that are Better Left to Professionals

Are you one of those persons who think that handling a plumbing issue is as easy as finding a DIY solution on YouTube and implementing them? If yes, you must think again! If you have already faced a plumbing issue, you must know that impropriate handling of a plumbing issue may not only cost you fortune to get fixed, but it might also put you in a lot of stress.

While it is essential for all of us to have some basic and adequate information of common (in-house) issues of plumbing in Fort Worth, TX, you must also understand that plumbers in Fort Worth, TX exist for a reason and some plumbing issues are better left to professionals.

While we all try to resolve these plumbing problems by taking them as a DIY project, most people also follow some conventional and traditional ways to resolve these issues. As per expert plumbers in Fort Worth, TX, many people who end up calling for professional services to resolve an aggravated plumbing issue are those who are already failed in their DIY attempts.

Most people follow obsolete techniques to treat their plumbing issues and end up causing even more problems for themselves–in terms of both safety and money. For instance, if you try to clear a clogged drain all by yourself and by using some well-advertised and expensive drain cleaners available in the market, you and your family may end up being exposed and affected by the hazardous and poisonous chemicals of those drain cleaners. Therefore, you should always seek the help of professional plumbers in Fort Worth, TX and not attempt to take a plumbing issue as a DIY task unless you possess knowledge and expertise of it.

However, to assist you further, let us have look at the most common myths of home plumbing that you should definitely stop practicing after reading this blog.

Myth #1 – Running water helps in smooth flow of waste through the garbage disposal

Many people believe that if they keep the water running, they can get away with putting anything in the garbage disposal and all of that waste will easily and smoothly travel through the drain line. On the contrary, few things still cannot pass through the garbage disposal regardless of how long you keep the water running.

The professional plumbers in Fort Worth, TX suggest that hard food items such as banana peels, egg shells, and potato peels can get stuck in your garbage disposal and damage it severely. If you still need to these hard food items down the garbage disposal then break them down into smaller pieces or mix them thoroughly with water. However, in case of negligence, you would only have to end up hiring a professional plumber in Fort Worth, TX for the repair and cleaning services of the drain line.

Myth #2 – Plumbing fixtures need no maintenance

One of the major misconceptions among the homeowners is that plumbing fixtures do not require any maintenance and can be resolved once the problem arises. Such negligence in keeping a regular check and maintenance causes homeowners to face major plumbing issues later on. There are many fixtures that need your attention such as clogged pipes due to plant roots, or the shifting of home foundations.

Similarly, every homeowner must inspect all other main lines including sewer clean outs to avoid expensive plumbing repairs in the form or pipe replacement. The plumbers in Fort Worth, TX suggest that all the faucets, sinks and tubs must be kept maintained and well-inspected at all times to avoid severe plumbing repairs.

Myth#3 – Leaky faucets need no immediate fixture

Most people don’t pay any attention to a leaking faucet. They think that this is a plumbing issue that needs no immediate attention and can wait unless the problem persists for a long time. However, leaking faucets must be repaired immediately for a variety of reasons which include;

  • Increase in the water bill due to excess and consistent flow of water. Also, this leak may be due to some other potential leak issue in your main water line.
  • Continuous loss of water as even a single drop of water/per second is equal to losing almost 3000 gallons of water over a year.

So, if there is a leaking faucet in your home, get it fixed immediately. Always take the assistance of plumbers in Fort Worth, TX to resolve such issues. This is because if you try to handle these fixtures on your own you may end up causing more damage to your water lines or faucets due to improper tools (washers, connections, gaskets) and inadequate technical knowledge.

Myth#4 – Plungers work wonders for all types of clog

Another belief of many homeowners is that they can clear and drain any type of clog by using a plunger. While plungers can be very useful in clearing drains and other clogs, they may not be the suitable fix to handle all types of clogs. For instance, you cannot clear a clog that is caused due to growing tree roots no matter how hard you keep plunging.

Similarly, if you are stuck to deal with mineral deposits, stubborn clogs or major sediment, the best bet is calling the best professional plumber in Fort Worth, TX.

Myth#5 – Water heaters can not explode

Just like a water heater in supposed to provide you hot water for your needs, it is your responsibility to inspect your water heater and keep is well-maintained at all times. Water heaters possess the great risk of explosion. These risks can be due to a blocked T&P valve, improper installation or malfunctioning valves. To avoid these severe and life threatening accidents in your home, make sure you regularly inspect your appliances for any possible problems and also take the assistance of professional plumbers in Fort Worth, TX to remain more satisfied.
In addition, to stop the afore-mentioned practices for your own safety and convenience, you must also pay attention to hiring only the best team of professionals to handle your plumbing issues. Hence, if you reside in Fort Worth, TX and are searching for the best plumbing service in town then head over to Benjamin Franklin Plumbing Fort Worth as your ultimate plumbing solution.