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Do I Need A Plumber To Take Care Of My Garbage Disposal? | Arlington, TX

Do I Need A Plumber To Take Care Of My Garbage Disposal? | Arlington, TX

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A kitchen garbage disposal can be a lifesaver for a busy parent or chef who doesn’t have time to deal with the wastes once he or she is done cooking. However, it can also be a hassle since it is one major plumbing appliance that breaks down on a fairly routine basis. Most of the time issues with the garbage disposal stem from misuse, but they can still cause quite a bit of trouble. If your garbage disposal is causing problems in Arlington, TX you may be looking for a quick answer and trying to decide if it is time to call a local plumber.

When To Call a Plumber About Your Garbage Disposal

The number one question that most people have is whether or not they need a plumber to repair or replace their garbage disposal. It can be tempting to try to troubleshoot on your own to save some money, but a lot of people who bypass the plumber end up paying more in the long run. If you run into trouble, you need a quick solution because most likely your garbage disposal is under the main sink in your kitchen. Most homes cannot function without a kitchen sink, so this issue alone should be enough to persuade you to call an Arlington, TX professional for help with your sink.

In addition, you need to think about whether you can repair it or should replace it. Depending on your knowledge base, you may only be able to replace it while a trained plumber may have a few tricks up their sleeve. If there is a simple repair solution, it only makes sense to take it. Installing a new garbage disposal can be a tedious process, and if you don’t get something right you will end up with a leaking sink, malfunctioning garbage disposal, and possibly a smelly mess on your hands. Once you are in this position, you will wish you had just skipped all of the hassles and called a professional.

What Are Common Signs of Garbage Disposal Issues?

Not sure if it’s time to call a professional yet? People put up with a lot from their garbage disposal and oftentimes will overlook signs that it is getting old. Running it extra long, resetting it a few times, or banging the tank may seem like normal actions for you, but they aren’t great signs. If you have to make allowances for your garbage disposal chances are it is time to have it repaired or replaced. Here are a few more signs that your garbage disposal may be reaching the end of its lifespan.

Odd Noises

Garbage disposals can be extremely loud, as anyone who has accidentally dropped a fork or spoon into a unit knows. However, if there is nothing inside of the garbage disposal it should be fairly quiet outside of the normal grinding noise. Loud, persistent sounds are a sign that the disposal components are not properly aligned. A simple adjustment from a plumber can fix your disposal and remove the sound. However, don’t wait too long to have it looked at, because prolonged misalignment will wear down the motor.

You Have to Reset It Frequently

Every so once in a while, you will need to reset your garbage disposal to get it back into working order. For instance, if it stalls during a large load or gets clogged. However, if your garbage disposal is still in fairly good shape you shouldn’t have to do this enough that you notice it becoming repetitive. If it seems that you are always reaching for the reset button, it’s time to call a professional. Sometimes this is a sign of a loose wire, but other times it is a sign that your unit is aging and needs to be replaced.

Unit Won’t Power On

If you are having trouble getting your garbage disposal to turn on or if it shuts off in the middle of clearing your drain this can be a sign that something is wrong with the electrical system. First, make sure that the circuit it is connected to is not blown, and then call a plumber to inspect the unit. Power issues often indicate that the motor is starting to fail. Many times if the unit refuses to turn on at all it is time to replace it, and it is always best to have a professional Arlington, TX plumber take care of the task.

Everyday Clogs and Jams

As a responsible garbage disposal user, you should only wash down small amounts of food at a time to prevent a clog, but sometimes clogs start to occur on a regular basis despite your good habits. If your appliance is always jamming then the problem might not be your sink habits. Instead, it may indicate that the machine is dying or you need a model with a higher grinding capacity. In addition, sometimes repeated clogs indicate that something is malfunctioning on your disposal, which is something a professional can take a look at.

Unpleasant Odors

Decaying food never smells great, but the smells associated with it are an indication that your disposal may not be properly emptying. Usually, a quick rinse should clear the drain and the garbage disposal, but if the odor is still hanging around after running water and the garbage disposal for over thirty seconds it is time to call in a plumber. Sometimes trapped particles inside of the garbage disposal are responsible for the issue, but other times the issue is deeper in the pipe. It is important to know that you should never use a chemical drain cleaner with a garbage disposal because it will damage the components and blades forcing y9ou to buy a new unit much sooner than expected.

Water Leaks

There is never a reason why your garbage disposal should be leaking, but you may not notice the leak until it gets larger. A puddle is usually a sign that it is time to replace the entire unit, but it is never a bad idea to have an Arlington, TX plumber come look at it first. Sometimes the leak that appears to be from the garbage disposal is actually from the dishwasher or the kitchen sink, so it is better to let a professional accurately identify the problem so you don’t end up spending money on the wrong appliance.

Now that you know the signs that a garbage disposal may be failing, it is time to recognize why it is important to call a professional to deal with the problem. There are a lot of ways that a plumber can assist you in this situation that make it worth calling one out instead of attempting to tackle the situation on your own. Here are just a few reasons it is worth it to call an Arlington, TX plumber.

Identify The Cause of the Problem

Unlike other major plumbing components and kitchen appliances, garbage disposals are not too expensive. At the same time, they are not super cheap. Figuring out the true cause of the problem can save you some money and help your garbage disposal last longer. Keep in mind that there are installation fees and extra components that you often need to buy if you choose to just replace your old disposal all of which increases the price. If you can fix your old disposal you don’t have to worry about installation fees. It is silly to replace a garbage disposal when tuning up the motor or sharpening the blades it all it takes to get it running properly.

Should I Call a Plumber for Garbage Disposal Repair?

Now it’s time for the hundred dollar question, should you call a plumber for garbage disposal. At this point, when you consider all of the options it should be clear that a plumber in Arlington, TX is the best choice. Outside of everything already mentioned, it is smart to call in a professional for safety purposes. A garbage disposal involves plumbing and electricity and there are a lot of hidden dangers that you could run into if you don’t know what you are doing.

In addition, the garbage disposal itself contains a sharp metal blade that is hidden in a small cramped area that can easily sneak up on you. There is a reason that all units say never to stick your hands inside blindly because you could end up with a serious cut. The same goes for installation. Plus, if you are working with an old garbage disposal you need to worry about bacteria, mold, and other hazardous units growing inside of the unit as well. A trained professional has the proper tools that will prevent them from touching the blades and knows the proper removal or repair process to ensure that everything is handled hygienically. Keep in mind that the repairs are taking place in your kitchen, so it is in your best interests to avoid an open mess that could potentially include the soiled, bacteria-ridden debris.

Do I Need a Plumber to Install a New Garbage Disposal?

Drawing on that point, if you do need to install a new garbage disposal it is best to call a plumber because a professional installation will likely last for longer and usually offers faster results. What might take you an entire afternoon to figure out, a professional can do easily within the hour in most cases. In addition, they can carefully analyze your plumbing under the sink to make sure that you don’t have any other issues that are being missed. For instance, installing a new garbage disposal is not going to fix a slow draining kitchen sink if the clog is actually in the plumbing under the sink and not in the disposal.

Plus, a professional will likely review your plumbing habits to see if they can determine why your old garbage disposal broke or wore out in the first place. With property maintenance and clog prevention tips a garbage disposal can last for at least a decade if not more. For instance, you may not know that pasta noodles, rice, and bread should not be placed down the disposal. This is because these are highly porous materials and they will absorb water and expand. Therefore, the small bits become larger bits as they travel down your drains. Other common waste items that can cause disposal problems include eggshells, lemon peels, or grease. The best way to stop a bad habit is by learning about it, and a professional can help you determine how to make sure your second garbage disposal lasts much longer than the previous one.

Give Our Experienced Plumbers a Call Today

With all of this in mind, if your garbage disposal is acting up, we can help. The professional plumbers at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Fort Worth- Arlington, TX have repaired and replaced hundreds of garbage disposals. Regardless of what the problem is, we have probably seen it, and even if we haven’t we have the toolkit to fix it. We take all necessary safety precautions and will analyze the situation before beginning any work.

Our goal is to find the best cost-effective solution for your household, so before automatically replacing a garbage disposal we will try to determine if it can be repaired and if any bad habits may be contributing to the problem. We will also look at your kitchen sink as a whole to ensure that the problem is your disposal and not something else so that you only need to call us out one time. If you suspect something is wrong with your disposal, give our Benjamin Franklin of Fort Worth team a call today so we can schedule an appointment.