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Do You Have Questions About Leaks In Your Plumbing? We Have Helpful Answers From A Plumber | Arlington, TX

Do You Have Questions About Leaks In Your Plumbing? We Have Helpful Answers From A Plumber | Arlington, TX

Plumbing leaks aren’t only stressful, they also cost homeowners a lot of money in repairs, restorations and replacements. Read further if you have questions about leaks in your plumbing. We’ll tackle them one by one in this article. We’ve also gathered helpful answers from a trusted plumber. If you have further questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us anytime. We always welcome questions or clarifications from homeowners.

Common Questions About Leaks

Below are some of the most common questions about plumbing leaks. Call us immediately if you suspect leaks in your plumbing so we can locate the leak and resolve the problem.

1. What Causes Leak in Your Plumbing?

One good thing about leaks is that it doesn’t occur overnight. They usually happen when the homeowner neglects their plumbing. Below are the causes of leaks in your plumbing. Make sure you read through and remember them to avoid problems.

High water pressure – High water pressure can damage pipes, causing them to break and leak water. You would want to avoid this at all costs or it’s going to even cost you a lot more in repairs. Use a water pressure gauge to test the water pressure in your home, and the water pressure levels should be within 40-60 PSI. Call a plumber when the water pressure is either too low or too high. Low water pressure usually indicates a leak in your plumbing too. To remedy high water pressure, call a plumber to install a water pressure regulator.

Burst pipes – This only happens in the winter. You don’t have to worry about this when you don’t get freezing temperatures in the winter. Otherwise, properly insulate the pipes so they don’t break and start to leak. You can also open the faucet so that hot water can flow through the pipes. Or try not to turn off your heating and open the cabinet doors underneath the sink for warm air to circulate in that area as well.

Tree roots – The tree roots don’t directly cause the leak but they can cause major damage. Tree roots are attracted to moisture or water so a tiny leak in the pipes is enough for the tree roots to completely infiltrate and cause a catastrophic plumbing leak. You need to call a plumber if you suspect leaks in your plumbing so that a plumber can do a proper inspection and find the leak.

Sediment – When you have a slow drain, we suggest you call a plumber right away for professional drain cleaning. Don’t wait for the clog to cause a leak in the kitchen. Remember, you won’t only be dealing with leaks when there’s a clog. You’ll have to deal with other problems such as pest infestation or unpleasant smells in the kitchen. And imagine how inconvenient this would be when you have visitors at home. Try to also avoid using chemical-based drain cleaners to get rid of a clog, because this type of cleaner can also damage the pipe. Get in touch with a plumber instead for a professional drain cleaning service.

Poor repair or installation – Never cut corners when it comes to repairs or installations. Always hire a licensed plumber to ensure the problem is permanently resolved and will not recur. Otherwise, you’ll have to pay extra. Incorrect installation and repairs can also lead to other problems with your plumbing including leaks. Call a plumber today if you need plumbing repairs or professional installation.

2. How Do I Know There’s a Leak in My Plumbing?

What are the signs of leaks in your plumbing? The obvious signs to look out for include seeing pooling water near the water heater, pipes and other plumbing appliances or fixtures. Call a plumber immediately so they can further investigate. You need to also watch out for the hidden signs of leaks in your plumbing which include:

Higher water bill – If your water bill is suddenly higher, there could be a leak in your plumbing. Consider doing a water meter test to find out if leaks are what’s causing the higher water bill. Just do two separate readings and compare the first water meter reading to the second one. If the figures are different, that indicates a leak in your plumbing. Call a plumber ASAP for professional leak detection to locate the leak and fix it.

Low water pressure – When there’s low water pressure in just one faucet, the problem could be the fixture. Perhaps you just need to tighten it. If there’s low water pressure in all fixtures, there could be a leak in your plumbing. Contact a plumber so they can further investigate and check for leaks. Don’t worry, our plumbing experts are experienced and competent when it comes to locating a leak. We’re also fully equipped. Rest assured, we’ll do our best to resolve the issue on the same day.

Water spots in the walls or ceilings – When you see this, try to call a plumber for professional leak detection. Don’t wait for the problem to become serious. You’ll be able to avoid a catastrophic leak when you address the problem promptly.

Noises in the pipes. Do you hear noises in the pipes? That could indicate a leak in your plumbing. We suggest you get in touch with a professional so they can inspect your plumbing and find out what’s wrong with it.

3. How Can Leak Detection Devices Help Us?

Leak detection devices are safety devices installed near plumbing pipes, water heater, garbage disposal and other appliances that use water. They can detect leaks in your plumbing as well as abnormalities such as fluctuating water temperatures. Leak detection devices have to be connected to your mobile or tablet so that you get alerts when the device detects a leak in your plumbing. One of its biggest advantages is that it can automatically shut off your water when it detects leaks, to prevent further damage to your home.

Should you install them in your home? We encourage homeowners to install leak detection devices especially when they’re always away from home or when going on a long vacation. Talk to us if you need more information about how leak detection devices work or if you’re ready to install them.

4. Why Do We Need to Install Several Shut-Off Valves?

When there’s a leak in your plumbing, the first thing you need to do is turn off your water to prevent further damage. However, it might take you longer to turn it off or it may even be impossible to turn the water off when the valves are in the basement and your basement starts flooding. This is why we recommend homeowners install many valves to make it easier to turn off the water. You’ll be able to prevent further damage to your plumbing if you can turn off your water right away.

5. How Can We Prevent Plumbing Leaks?

Thankfully, you can prevent leaks in your plumbing. Below are some helpful tips from a plumber:

Don’t neglect your plumbing – One of the most expensive things you can do for your plumbing is when you neglect it or when you keep postponing repairs. If you suspect an issue with your plumbing, we suggest you contact a plumber immediately so they can check what’s wrong. Just make sure you hire licensed professionals only to ensure the problem is permanently fixed. Never hire a handyperson as he might not have enough experience. He’s also not insured. You’ll have another problem when he gets injured on the job.

Protect your pipes – We’ve already mentioned earlier the importance of insulating the pipes especially when you live in an area that gets very cold winters. Just insulate them so that the water inside the plumbing pipes doesn’t freeze or the pipes will burst.

Maintain the water heater – If you have a standard water heater tank, you must drain the unit at least once a year to get rid of the sediment building up inside the tank. Otherwise, you’ll have less space for hot water and the sediment can eventually damage the tank. If you’re concerned about water heater leaks, you can also consider switching to a tankless water heater.

Watch the water pressure – If the water pressure in your home is above 60 PSI, get a water pressure regulator to regulate your home’s water pressure. You need to correct high water pressure to prevent damage to the pipes. If you have further questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch with a plumber in your area.

Don’t plant trees nearby – Trees are beautiful and they can enhance the look of your property. Should you plan to install trees in your home, do make sure they’re not near your plumbing. If there are trees near your plumbing, we suggest you get in touch with a professional so they can do something about it.

Install a sump pump – For homes with basements, install a sump pump to prevent flooding. However, make sure you also test the sump pump especially when there’s a coming storm. To test the sump pump, just pour about a bucket of water into the sump pit and check if it’s going to turn on the float switch and the pump. The pump should be able to remove the water from the sump pit. Contact a professional if it doesn’t work so we can fix the problem.

Get routine plumbing inspections – Get regular plumbing inspections to ensure your plumbing is in good working condition. A licensed plumber will check your plumbing system and identify issues that may need to be addressed. When you hire us, we’ll make sure the problem (if there’s any) is resolved within the day. Don’t worry, we’re also fully equipped so if something does come up, we’ll be able to resolve it the soonest possible time.

Take care of your plumbing – We suggest having a plumbing checklist so that you know which plumbing appliance to check weekly and monthly. When buying new appliances, make sure you get professional installations to avoid leaks or other problems that will arise when the unit isn’t properly installed. Don’t forget to read and understand the manual when using an appliance for the first time. If you have questions, you can either contact the manufacturer or a plumbing company.

Hire a licensed plumber only – DIY plumbing projects are okay as long as it doesn’t involve major repairs. Otherwise, hire a licensed professional only to avoid more issues with your plumbing. Don’t attempt to do repairs or installations on your own as you might end up damaging the unit. Call us instead.

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