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Drain Cleaning and the Busted Myths | Plumbers in Arlington, TX

Drain Cleaning and the Busted Myths | Plumbers in Arlington, TX

Drain lines in our houses are the part of our plumbing system that we pay the least attention to. The only time we pay attention to them is when our drain system is impacted by a blockage that needs to be cleared.

So, what really causes a drain line to clog? Well, there could be many factors involved in drain clogging issue. As per the plumbers in Arlington, TX, the clogging is usually due to the accumulated debris in the drain pipes. This debris forms a clog and eventually slows down the functionality of the drain pipes to the point where it stops draining at all.

The cleaning of drain lines by hiring the plumbers in Arlington, TX is one of the most common plumbing issues. However, just like any other subject, there are so many myths associated with drain lines. Some of these myths are still considered true by many homeowners.

The main reason why you must know about these myths is that itis necessary to avoid these practices. It is important to keep your plumbing network safe while increasing its longevity. When you follow busted myths, it reduces the efficiency of your drain system. This means more frequent repair and maintenance of your drain system as suggested by the plumbers in Arlington, TX.

So let’s dig deeper into some busted myths associated with the drain cleaning.

Myth #1 – It is better to use drain cleaning chemicals

You must have seen many persuasive advertisements on your TV about drain cleaning products. Even whenever a homeowner faces the issue of drain cleaning, the first thing that comes to mind is to pour heavy chemical into the drain. While most of these products seem so magical to get away from a clogged drain, they are harmful toyour drain system.

One of the biggest reasons why we recommend taking the assistance of professional plumbers in Arlington, TX to remove drain clog is because expensive and strong drain cleaning solutions are highly dangerous for you as well as your drain line.

These heavy chemicals are quite harmful to the piping of your drain line. It contains HCL that melt down the material of the pipedue to its strong chemical properties. Thus, if you wish to go with a more reliable and long-lastingsolution then your best bet is to hire the professional plumbers in Arlington, TX.

Myth #2 – All drain systems are connected

Yes,this is true but up to certain extent. This means that not all the drains systems are connected to each other. All the drain systems lead to the same sewage system but this does not mean that all the drain systems are connected too.  To give you the better idea, think of your drain systems like the arteries and veins in your body.  If one of the arteries is clogged, it can cause a severe backup, especially if it is the main artery.

Similarly, if your bathroom line or sink is clogged, you might not get any effect on your dishwasher but if a sewer line of your house is blocked, the whole house will be impacted. Just like this example, the drain systems are somewhat connected but not entirely dependent on each other.

Myth #3 – Employing professional plumbers in Arlington, TX is a waste of money

Most of the homeowners believe that employing a professional plumber to take care of the drain line issues is simply a waste of time and money. They believe that a drain line issue can easily be handled by watching some DIY solutions on the internet.

It is true that you can fix some issue as a DIY project but only if you are experienced to handle plumbing matters and you have all the right tools to fix the job. Not all the drain line issues can be fixed by using a plunger. You can handle minor clogging issues but anything beyond that should only be handled by the professional plumbers.

This is particularly true when we speak of major clearings like main sewer line or if anything valuable or awkward has fallen into the line. Remember when you handle a plumbing issue without having any prior experience to perform the job; you cause more damage to your plumbing issue than any good.

Myth #4 – Regular sewer backup need replacement

The sewer lines are highly important part of the house. This allows the waste water to easily flow out to the main sewer line where it is usually taken away for further removal. It is quite common for these lines to get clogged and quite frequently, especially when you have several trees planted in the area of the line.

These tree roots easily penetrate the sewer lines and even through the smallest cracks. As per the professional plumbers in Arlington, TX, these tree roots grow inside the sewer lines and eventually clog the entire line.

So the major reason for frequent sewer backup is not the problem with the line itself but the growing tree roots that must be removed.  All you need is to destroy the tree roots and keep the surrounding of the sewer line clean and free from any plants or debris – as the plumbers in Arlington, TX suggest.

In the bottom line

All of these are the most common myths about the drain cleaning. These are actually misinformation or false beliefthat only destroys your drain line even more. The best way to handle these issues is to get the reputed drain cleaning service in Arlington, TX.

Even when you hire a plumbing service, make sure you don’t become the victim of a scam, just like these myths, but you hire only the renowned plumbing service. To get the most reliable plumbing services inArlington, TX, head over to Benjamin Franklin Plumbing.

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