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Drain Cleaning | Plumber Fort Worth

Drain Cleaning | Plumber Fort Worth

A Plumber’s Guide to a Clogged Drain

There’s plenty of products available for clogged drains, and while it’s true that you may be able to clear a minor clog with a plunger, drain issues are also a larger problem than you realize. When this is the situation, contact a Benjamin Franklin plumber in Fort Worth. 

The following are warning signs that you need to contact a licensed plumber to schedule drain cleaning services.

Slow Drains

Drain problems shouldn’t be ignored. Slow drains can rapidly turn into a complete blockage or even a burst drain. Slow drains may indicate the early stages of a clog, narrowed pipes due to the buildup of sludge or grease, or an improper slope of the drainage system. Contacting a Ben Franklin plumber in Fort Worth at the first sign of a drain issue allows the problem to be corrected before it escalates into a larger problem.

Recurring Clogs

Recurring clogs can indicate an ongoing issue. For example, if you’re constantly plunging a drain, or removing hair from a shower drain, it’s likely you aren’t removing all of the clog, and that is why it recurs repeatedly. If you’re continually cleaning a drain, contact a Ben Franklin plumber in Fort Worth for a professional cleaning. Our licensed plumbers use the latest technology for stubborn clogs and other issues affecting your drain and/or sewer lines. Our equipment can reach deep into the pipe to solve the problem completely.

Multiple Clogged Drains

Slow drainage or no drainage in a single drain is likely to be a clog in that drain only. However, when multiple drains are experiencing problems it’s an indication of a more serious problem. When this occurs no amount of DIY efforts will clear the problem. Our plumbers can handle the problem regardless if its nature or depth.

Foul Odor

A persistent sewer odor from drains can indicate a serious drainage issue. When the odor is only occurring in a seldom used fixture, such as a tub or sink in a guest bathroom, pour a quart or two of water down the drain. Without routine use the water in drain traps will evaporate, allowing sewer gas to rise into your home. If this doesn’t solve the issue, the problem is more serious and will require the services of a plumber in Fort Worth. Other odors may be due to less serious causes, such as sludge buildup and bacteria inside a drain. When this is the case, a thorough drain cleaning can take care of the odor issue. In addition, it’s also possible a broken sewer pipe is causing bad odors. A Benjamin Franklin professional plumber can determine the cause with a video pipe inspection.   

Sewer Backup

Sewer backup is one of the most dreaded of all drain problems. When you notice water or sewer effluent backing up in drains in the home, call for service right away and don’t run any water or flush toilets until the problem is taken care of. Calling for a plumber in Fort Worth when the early signs of drainage problems occur can prevent drain damage, damage to your home and costly cleanup.

Preventative services include being cautious of how you treat your drains, and scheduling routine drain cleaning to prevent clogs in the first place. How often your drains will require professional inspection and cleaning depends on the consideration you provide your drains. The average household can benefit from drain cleaning approximately every two to three years. It’s a wise decision when you consider the consistent assault your drains undergo from grease, hair, soap scum, toothpaste, food particulates, and even items flushed that don’t belong in the toilet such as medication, toys, cotton balls, dental floss and much more.

Our plumbing experts have the latest equipment, technology and expertise to ensure that your drains are inspected and cleaned properly. You can rely on a Benjamin Franklin plumber in Fort Worth  to accurately inspect, diagnose and safely clear the clog completely restoring smooth, efficient drainage for your home. Whether it’s your drain or a sewer pipe our plumbers can handle the problem.

Sewer Pipe

The sewer pipe can be blocked or damaged by a variety of factors. For example, tree root invasion, shifting soil, cracks, grease clogs, blockage from bellied pipes, corrosion or breaks in the joint seals. Tree roots are a common problem for sewer pipes, and once the roots invade the damage can only grow along with restricted drainage. Eventually, the blockage is complete and the pipe will crack. A Benjamin Franklin plumber in Fort Worth can take care of sewer problems for you, often without lawn destructive trenching. Our video pipe inspection, and trenchless pipe repair will handle the problem efficiently and swiftly. Benjamin Franklin Plumbing serves Fort Worth, Arlington and the surrounding areas. We are a member of the BBB with an A+ rating.