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Drain Cleaning | Plumbing Fort Worth

Drain Cleaning | Plumbing Fort Worth

Drain Cleaning | Plumbing Fort Worth

The drain cleaning professionals at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing provide prompt plumbing service for drain cleaning, as well as full service plumbing in Fort Worth, Arlington and the surrounding areas.

If you have a clogged drain, and have been unable to clear it with approved homeowner techniques, it is time to call for professional drain cleaning.

Drain clogs develop over time, resulting in slow drains, and eventually no draining at all. Clogs develop due to the substances we put in drains. In kitchen drains grease and food particulates are the common causes of a clog. In showers and tubs the offenders are typically soap and hair. Cotton swabs, personal care product, baby wipes and toilet tissue that don’t quickly dissolve in water are additional causes of clogged drains. It is not uncommon for tree roots to invade a sewer line, causing slow draining and eventually complete clogging as the roots fill the sewer line.

Using a Benjamin Franklin professional plumber provides benefits that any homeowner can appreciate:

  • Routine Plumbing Care Prevents Drain Clogs: Utilizing a professional plumber for routine drain cleaning will prevent major clogs from occurring. This in turn can prevent damage to drains and the increased expense of repair to plumbing in Fort Worth.
  • Experienced Plumbers: Our experienced professionals have the expertise and the equipment to clear your clogs and clean your drains swiftly. You are assured the cleaning job is complete, and effective.
  • Unmatched Guarantee: Our full service plumbing is backed by an unbeatable 100% satisfaction guarantee, or we redo it for free.
  • The Most Up-To-Date and Effective Equipment Available: You can waste a lot of time trying to clean a drain for a problem beyond your reach, or that requires special equipment. Our plumbers are equipped with the latest equipment available to provide the safe and effective repair of your plumbing in Fort Worth. Once the drain is clear, we will provide a free video line inspection to ensure the drain is free and clear.

Prevention is the most effective solution for clogged drains. The following is a list of common causes of a drain clog:

  • Grease and oil – Don’t put grease or oil into the drain, as it will solidify and clog your plumbing in Fort Worth. Scrape solidified grease into the trash, and then wipe off any remainder with a paper towel. Never pour oil into a drain, pour cooled oil into a sealed container and dispose of it in the trash or carry it to a recycling center.
  • Food particulates – Place scraps in the trash, then wipe the plate off with a paper towel. Use a drain screen in the sink to catch any remaining food particulates and prevent drain clogs.
  • Hair – Use a drain screen in tubs, showers and sinks where possible. Use a container for shaving rather than the sink, then dispose of the water on outdoor landscaping. Drain screens are available in hardware stores, box stores and dollar stores for $1-$5.
  • Dispose of cotton swabs, bottle caps, toilet tissue cardboard rolls, personal care products, expired medications, and other insoluble products in the trash, not the toilet to avoid clogging of sewer line plumbing in Fort Worth.
  • If you have a septic tank and local code allows it, or if you live in the country, consider running a separate drain line for the washing machine to empty into well-draining soil. This will take excessive work off of the septic tank as well as prevent the skim coat that poorer grades of washing powders may cause in field lines. This skim can result in field line failure. Alternately, use a liquid detergent.

A Benjamin Franklin plumber will ensure the drain of your home or business functions as it should. Our experience and expertise will solve your drain issue and restore the proper drainage as swiftly as is possible. Give our plumbers a call for the installation, maintenance, inspection or repair of your plumbing in Fort Worth. Thank you for visiting Benjamin Franklin Plumbing.