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Drain Plumbers in Arlington, TX –  Common Causes for Clogged Drains

Drain Plumbers in Arlington, TX – Common Causes for Clogged Drains

Drain plumbers in Arlington, TX deal with clogged drains on a daily basis.  There are multiple reasons that can cause a drain to get clogged in your home. In this article we will go over the most common reasons why drains become clogged. If you are looking for professional drain plumbers in Arlington, TX then you need to look no further than here. Benjamin Franklin Plumbing in Arlington specializes in clogged drains and is one of the leading professional plumbing companies in the DFW area.

Clogged Drains due to Root Damage

Tree roots – Roots from the trees can grow into the joints and / or cracks of old sewer pipes in their search for water and nutrients. Sewer pipes just so happen to carry these nutrients and water that trees need and the roots will be drawn to them.   Most drain plumbers in Arlington, TX will tell you that concrete and / or clay pipes which would have been installed in homes between the years of 1920 to 1970 are usually the most vulnerable pipes.  These types of pipes were not water tight when installed and this allows tree roots to freely grow into them.

Concrete and clay pipes will become crushed by tree roots that grow into them and this can and will cause significant separations as the roots encase the pipes.  Old pipes that have been crushed can also be due to the weight of the soil due to the fact that concrete and clay pipes will become more brittle as they age.  Water erosion is also another culprit as it thins the inside of the walls of the pipes which will leave them very weak over time. When hiring professional drain plumbers in Arlington, TX to replace these pipes they will install newer, more efficient pipes that can and will last a lifetime.

Another problem with old concrete and clay pipes are that they become offset over time.  These types of pipes were mostly installed in 3 foot sections. Over the decades the ground around them will shift and settle and these pipes can become dislodged and moved around.  Due to the shortness of the pipes, they are not always relocated in a way that will allow good drainage from the home to the sewer system.  Quite often, these pipes will be moved up in the ground, which does not bode well or work well with a gravity drain system.

Soap Scum Build Up – Soap scum build up tends to happen in drain systems such as showers, lavatories and laundry drains.  The soap will be carried down the drain and over time this soap scum will accumulate onto the inner walls of the pipe.  Although this will happen very slowly, the water drainage can and will back up very suddenly due to the buildup in the pipe reducing the amount of water that can flow out.  Fixing this can be a hefty shore and will most likely require acquiring the services of professional drain plumbers in Arlington, TX to resolve it.

Grease / Oil Build Up – Just like soap scum buildup, grease and oil will buildup on the inner walls of drain pipes also. This type of buildup mostly occurs from kitchen sinks.  This occurs from dirty dishes with grease and oil on them or the homeowner dumping left over grease and oil down the drain itself.  As the grease is brought down the pipe by hot or cold water, it cools as it travels down the pipes and as it cools it becomes to harden, sticking to the inner walls of the pipes.  Over time the grease corrosion will buildup on the pipes and restrict the flow of water. These type of buildup’s make up stubborn clogs that will most often need the service of drain plumbers in Arlington, TX to break it apart or replace the pipe.

If your drains or sewer pipes are not flowing slowly or not at all then you most likely have a clogged drain and will need help from drain plumbers in Arlington, TX.  Do not use dangerous and volatile chemicals found in most home improvement stores.  They are not as effective as they claim at removing most clogs and over time these chemicals can add to the damage of older pipes found in homes.  Benjamin Franklin Plumbing recommends professional drain plumbers in Arlington, TX to handle these stubborn clogs with state of the art equipment such as cabling solutions and hydro-jet cleaning solutions to remove the build-up inside of your pipes.

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