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Early Signs That Your Water Heater is About to Malfunction | Plumber in Fort Worth, TX

Early Signs That Your Water Heater is About to Malfunction | Plumber in Fort Worth, TX

With winters in full swing, that time has come when every homeowner has to make sure that their water heaters are working at its optimum level. For some reason, water heaters work perfectly fine all year around but when they are needed the most they decide to stop working. This can be incredibly difficult for residents of Fort Worth TX as the winters get intense and living without an operational water heater can be next to impossible.

Furthermore, most people have water heaters present in their homes for decades now. These outdated models use old mechanisms to operate and there is no doubt that there will come a time when the heater completely breaks down. Every heater has a certain life span and with time they start to cause an array of different issues that have to be repaired by a professional plumbing service. However, by keeping a shrewd eye out for the early signs that indicate your water heater is about to break down, you can save yourself from those staggering repair bills. This is exactly why we at Benjamin Franklin have articulated a list of the top early signs that indicate your water heater is about to malfunction, these signs are as follows:

Dripping or Leaking Water

The most prominent sign that indicates your water is about to malfunction is if you notice the unit is dripping or leaking water. Firstly if any type of leak will automatically increase your water consumption levels and will result in high utility bills. Furthermore, understanding the source of the leak is paramount in gauging how dangerous the situation really is.  If you have noticed that the unit has water accumulating on the body due to condensation, then this is perfectly normal and you do not need to worry about anything.

However, if you notice that the body is leaking then you will need to contact a professional plumber in Fort Worth TX as soon as possible as this issue could cause other problems as well. The body of most water heaters is constructed using elastic components, each of the components expand in summers and contract during winters according to the temperature. This constant expansion and contraction, weakens the integrity of the unit and results in leaks. If you notice the water is leaking from the main pipe then this is also another serious issue that has to be dealt with immediately. What you have to realize is that this leak could result in extensive repairs if it is not rectified at the right time.


Another prominent sign that indicates that your water heater is about to break down is when you notice that there is substantial corrosion on the body or the pipes. Corrosion is a normal wear and tear sign as water heaters are constantly exposed to water at different temperatures. If you notice that there is corrosion on the body of the water heater, then this means that the body of the unit has to be immediately changed or repaired. This corrosion will not only weaken the integrity of the tank but will also contaminate the water which is a serious health issue. Furthermore, if you notice that the pipes are corroding then this means that there is a leak in the piping membrane.  Please do not take this sign lightly as corroding water heaters can malfunction at any point of time!

Burn Marks

Most people believe that the burn marks on the tank of their water heaters are perfectly normal; however this is the furthest thing from the truth. Burn marks on the tank are considered to be a serious issue in the world of plumbing and has to be rectified immediately. In most cases the burn marks are caused by improper water venting which is caused by a back drafting. The reason why this issue is considered to be so dangerous is the fact that burn marks means that the natural gas and toxic fumes present in the tank are not effectively being dispersed. These fumes will contaminate your water and will eventually cause the water heater to malfunction!

Water Heater is making Loud Noises

If you have noticed that your water heater is making loud noises like popcorn, then please consider this as an early sign that your water heater is about to malfunction. When water is heated to a certain temperature, it disperses sediments which accumulate at the bottom of your water heater tank. These sediments slowly create an entire layer and when heated these sediments start making those popping noises.

Furthermore, when these sediments build up they start to contaminate the water and again this is a serious health hazard.  In most cases the sediments can be removed by a professional, but if they are not removed at the right time then the only solution is to replace the entire unit.  Moreover, in order to control this sediment build up you can invest in water softeners that are readily available in the market at cost effective prices.

Low temperature capacity

If you have noticed a significant drop in the heating temperature that your water heater can produce, then this is another early sign that your water heater is about to malfunction. This issue could be caused by an array of different problems, only a certified plumber can find the root cause of this problem. If your water heater is not working at its optimum capacity then this indicates that something is wrong with the internal mechanism, it could be a nominal issue or could be something far more serious. Furthermore, this sign also means that with time your water heater will malfunction unless you immediately hire the services of a professional.

If you have noticed any of the early signs mentioned above, please immediately contact the renowned professional plumbing service in the Fort Worth area, Benjamin Franklin Plumbing. If you do not take action at the right time, then it is safe to say that you will end up with high repair bills and water heater that simply refuses to work when you need it the most.