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Emergency Plumbing Tips | Fort Worth

Emergency Plumbing Tips | Fort Worth

Emergency Plumbing Tips | Plumber in Fort Worth

When you have an emergency with your plumbing fast action is required to prevent damage to your home, The following emergency plumbing tips provides instructions on how to stop the danger of the plumbing emergency before you call your plumber in Fort Worth.

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  • Shut the Water Off – Knowing how to turn off the water is the first most important instruction in any plumbing emergency involving water. When a fixture such as a toilet or sink is involved, turn off the cut off valve beneath the fixture. Otherwise, know how to cut the water off at the water main valve, or the water meter.
  • Flooding Toilet – If the toilet has a cutoff valve shut it off. Otherwise shut the water off at the water main valve or the water meter. If you have someone to help you and must run to the basement or water meter to cut the water off, one person can lift the float valve, which stops the flow of water into the tank, while the other person shuts the water off. Once the water is off, contact a Benjamin Franklin plumber in Fort Worth for repair of your toilet.
  • Turning Off an Appliance – Overflowing or leaking appliances must be handled differently depending on its location and access to a cut off valve. Unless a cut off valve is handy it may be easier to cut the water off at the water main valve or the water meter. When a washer overflows shut it off. This should stop the water. If the leak is a washing machine water supply hose, close the valve the hose attaches to. When cut off valves malfunction shut the water off at the water main valve or the water meter. It may be more difficult to access a cut off valve to a dishwasher. It may be located in a cabinet beside it or behind another appliance such as a refrigerator. When the water supply line to the icemaker busts it may be a difficult task to move a heavy refrigerator if the cut off valve is located behind the appliance. Use the water main valve or water meter cut off if this will be faster.
  • The basement or other rooms flooded with standing water can pose a risk of electrical shock. Water conducts electricity, and if water contacts a bare electrical wire (which may not be visible if in a wall), dangerous or even fatal shock may occur. Do not enter a flooded room. If you can access the home’s main electrical panel without entering any water or a wet area, cut off the electric main switch. Otherwise, leave shutting the power down to a licensed and trained professional such as your plumber in Fort Worth. Some homes have two electrical supplies, one inside the home, and one outside of the home typically beneath the power meter. it also has a main switch that will shut off portions of the home’s service. The outside box will NOT shut off all power and serves only a few select appliances or services in numerous houses. If you’re in doubt, wait until a professional plumber in Fort Worth arrives to provide the repair.
  • Gas Leaks – Don’t attempt to shut off or repair a gas leak yourself. Get everyone out of the house immediately, call 911 from a safe distance away from the home and the odor of gas, and then call your gas provider. When the gas is off and no longer a danger, you may then call a licensed gas certified plumber in Fort Worthto provide repair of the gas leak.
  • Hot Water Leaks – If you have a hot water leak in a pipe or the water heater, turn off the main water supply and then turn off the hot water heater’s energy source. There should be an emergency shutoff valve on the gas hot water heater. Shut off the electricity supplying an electric hot water heater in the homes electric main. Then call your plumber in Fort Worthfor repair.
  • Yard Line Leaks and Interior Piping – Shut off the water at the water meter and call your plumber.
  • Water Meter Leaks – Water leaking on the street side is the responsibility of your water utility provider. Water leaks on your property side of the water meter are your responsibility. Shut the water off of the meter and call your plumber in Fort Worth for repair of leaks on your side involving your home’s plumbing, and the water utility department for leaks on the street side.

A Benjamin Franklin plumber in Fort Worth, can take care of your plumbing repairs, installation and maintenance with the expertise of a true plumbing professional. We always respect you, your property and strive for your satisfaction as our 100% satisfaction guarantee shows. The integrity we require of our plumbers ensures that you will receive professional and honest service. We value your business and appreciated your patronage. We provide plumbing service to Fort Worth, Arlington and the surrounding areas. We hope you found these emergency plumbing tips helpful. Thanks for visiting Benjamin Franklin Plumbing.