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Energy Saving Plumber Tips For Your Bathroom And Dishwasher | Mansfield, TX

Energy Saving Plumber Tips For Your Bathroom And Dishwasher | Mansfield, TX

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As homeowners, we all want to reduce our energy and water consumption. Knowing how much energy each appliance uses and how to use them correctly can help you save money each month. In this article, we’ll talk about how you can save energy and water in the bathroom and the laundry room. If you have other issues or need help with anything else, please get in touch with a plumber in Mansfield, TX.


Do you know that you use about 80 to 100 gallons of water per day? You can reduce this by buying the right plumbing fixtures for your home and by cutting your water usage in half (if possible.) ENERGY STAR appliances and plumbing fixtures with WaterSense labels are ideal. For installation, ensure that you only work with a licensed plumber to avoid issues due to poor installation.

Tips for your bathroom:

Unplug all electronic devices when not in use

If you have hairdryers and straighteners or electric razors and toothbrushes, ensure that they’re not plugged in when not in use. They still consume energy even when you’re not using them.

Use sensors and timers

Sometimes, we forget to turn off the bathroom lights. You can waste energy when this happens frequently. The workaround to this is by installing motion sensors and timers in your bathroom. It’s the only way to ensure lights are off when no one is in the bathroom.

It’s also important to turn off the exhaust fan. While they help maintain a healthy home environment by removing humid air from the bathroom, they don’t need to run continuously. A timer switch can turn them off without wasting more energy.

Install LED lights in your bathroom

You can get the same brightness and use less energy when installing LED lights than incandescent lights. The former can also last several years compared to regular lights.

Air dry your hair

When you’re just staying at home, why not skip the hairdryer to save energy and air dry your hair instead? It’s a simple tip that lets you save money in the long run.


Install plumbing fixtures with the WaterSense label

You can reduce your water consumption to about 30 percent by installing a low-flow faucet. A regular faucet has a flow rate of about 2.2 gallons per minute, while a water-efficient faucet has a flow rate of about 1.5 gallons per minute.

Use drinking glasses when brushing your teeth

Some people tend to leave their faucets running while brushing their teeth. You can save about 200 gallons of water by using drinking glasses or by turning off the tap while brushing.

Install a faucet aerator

To reduce the water flow, consider installing low-flow faucet aerators for your home. When buying, look for the WaterSense label for more water savings. If you are already using a faucet aerator, bring that with you to ensure that you purchased the correct one that would fit the faucet. If you need more help, please don’t hesitate to contact a plumber in Mansfield, TX.

Fix leaky faucets

You can waste about 90 gallons of water a day if you don’t address a faucet leak. Remember, water damage can be expensive too. If you don’t fix the problem, water can damage your floor or your walls. To repair leaks, contact a plumber in your area.


Replace your old toilet with a high-efficient toilet

Water-efficient toilets use less water compared to the conventional ones — they use as little as 1.28 gallons per flush. Consider purchasing these types of toilets for more savings and call a plumbing company for proper installation.

If you’re not ready to change your toilet yet, consider putting a plastic bottle in the tank to reduce the amount of water used per flush. Fill the plastic bottle with either rocks or sand before putting it in the toilet tank. To conserve more water, you may even use a small bucket for flushing. For other toilet issues, don’t hesitate to contact a plumber.

Know how to use the toilet properly

Remember, the toilet bowl isn’t a trash can. You’re not supposed to flush anything other than human waste in the toilet. Flushing paper, plastic, and other items don’t only waste water, but it can also lead to a toilet clog that will be a major problem. If you have little children at home, ensure that they’re aware not to flush their toys and smaller objects in the toilet to avoid clogs in the future. If you have a clog in the toilet, call a plumber in your area.

Ensure the toilet stopper still works

If you have a running toilet, the problem could be the toilet flapper or stopper. It may not be sealing correctly, and that can waste hundreds of gallons of water. Contact a plumber in Mansfield, TX, to help you fix it. A new flapper is very affordable—fixing a toilet is a lot more expensive.


Take shorter showers. You can conserve water and energy when you cut your shower in half. Instead of showering for about 15 or 20 minutes, consider just using the shower for about 8 or 10 minutes. Also, when showering, please turn it off when you’re shampooing your hair to avoid wasting water. For maximum savings, make sure everyone in the family knows how to use the shower properly.

Only fill the bathtub halfway

It takes up to 50 gallons of water to fill an entire bathtub, but you can save water by only filling the tub halfway. Also, consider installing a smaller tub in your home to conserve more water. You don’t need a huge tub as that only consumes more space and water. For installation, make sure you only hire a licensed plumber.

Install low-flow showerhead

Another way to reduce your water consumption is by installing low-flow showers in your bathroom. With these water-efficient showers, you can reduce the water flow rate to about 2.5 gallons or even less. Contact a plumber in Mansfield, TX, for shower installation and if you need help deciding what energy-efficient shower to install for your bathroom.

Collect bucket water

If you have a conventional water heater, you’ll need to wait until the water becomes hotter. While waiting, why not catch the cold water in a bucket and use that for watering the plants.

If you’re doing some bathroom renovations, do make sure to only work with licensed plumbers for installation. Also, it would help to purchase energy-efficient appliances and water-saving fixtures to save money and help the environment at the same time.

How to Save Energy with Your Dishwasher

Knowing how to use the dishwasher properly lets you clean your dishes well and save energy. Otherwise, you may damage your dishes. Improper use also results in inefficient cleaning. You can avoid this problem by knowing what to put on the top and bottom rack. If you haven’t used a dishwasher before, ensure that you read the manual or helpful tips on using the dishwasher to save energy. For installation, only work with licensed plumbers.

Should I invest in an ENERGY STAR dishwasher?

You can save about $35 on electricity by installing an ENERGY STAR dishwasher. Compared to conventional dishwashers, these units are designed to only use 3.5 gallons of water per cycle.

In choosing a dishwasher, please find out how much it will cost you on your utility cost. You usually will find the estimated costs of running your appliance on the product labels. You also need to determine the number of gallons the dishwasher uses per load. Older dishwashers use between 10-15 gallons of water compared to ENERGY STAR dishwashers that use much less water.

Remember to also buy the right dishwasher size for your home. It will not be ideal to get a large dishwasher if you live alone. Otherwise, you’ll only end up wasting energy and water. Contact a plumber if you want to know the right dishwasher size that’s suitable for your use.

Helpful tips for your dishwasher:

All dishes should be separate from one another

When loading the dishes to your dishwasher, ensure that you keep a safe distance between the items to ensure they are properly cleaned. It can also prevent items from banging together, which may lead to damage.

Large items should be on the sides or at the bottom

To save space, place large plates or other large items either on the sides or at the bottom of the dishwasher’s rack. Nothing should extend down as that could block the dishwasher’s spinning arms.

Position the dishes properly

Dishwashers mostly have a central spinning water sprayer found on the bottom of the unit’s tub. For proper cleaning, make sure that the dirty side of each dish faces the water source for better and efficient cleaning.

Pots and pans should be at the bottom

You need to make sure they are not crowding the other dishes. They should also be upside down, or they will be filled with dirty water.

Place spoons and forks with handles down

For efficient cleaning, make sure that each utensil has plenty of distance from the other. For sharp knives, the handles should be up to avoid cutting yourself.

What goes on the top rack:

  • Plastic containers
  • Wine glasses
  • Bowls
  • Large utensils and spatulas

Bottom rack:

  • Large items
  • Utensils
  • Pots and pans

Running the Dishwasher Properly

Use these tips to save energy while running the dishwasher:

Avoid pre-rinsing the dishes

The water you save from running your dishwasher depends on how you use it. It’s not necessary to pre-wash the dishes in your dishwasher as that only wastes more water. For more efficient cleaning, consider calling a plumber to install high-efficiency dishwashers.

Don’t run the dishwasher on-peak hours

Remember, electricity demand is higher during peak hours, which means it will be more expensive to run. So run the dishwasher at night for more energy savings. For other issues with your dishwasher, contact a plumber.

Consider hand-washing other types of dishes

If you have wooden, iron, copper or bronze items, they will need to be hand-washed. Iron will only rust while other metals will discolor. All wooden items can also dry out.

Always check the dishwasher after running it

After removing the dishes from the dishwasher, check the bottom for any stuck food or items that may have slipped down to the bottom. When not removed, they can damage your dishwasher’s motor.

Use the right cycle

When using the dishwasher, make sure to use the proper cycle to avoid damage to other items and waste energy. Also, avoid using the dishwasher on half load, or you only end up wasting energy. If you live alone, consider washing the dishes by hand.

Never overload the dishwasher

You could damage the dishes or the dishwasher when you overload them. Make sure you read the manual on properly using the dishwasher, or call a plumber in Mansfield, TX, if you have more questions.

It’s essential to properly load the dishes to your dishwasher. Otherwise, you may end up rerunning it as the dishes were not properly cleaned. Another helpful tip is to call a plumber in Mansfield, TX, to regularly maintain your dishwasher and other plumbing appliances or fixtures. Of course, you’ll need to also clean the unit by yourself. You can maintain the efficiency of your dishwasher with regular cleaning. Clean the filter regularly and check the spray arm for any clogged nozzles. When cleaning, use vinegar to remove scaling or other dishwasher cleaning liquids that won’t harm the unit. For other issues with your dishwasher, please get in touch with a plumber.

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