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Environment-Friendly Plumbing | Plumbers in Arlington, TX

Environment-Friendly Plumbing | Plumbers in Arlington, TX

Though generally, the plumbing industry is not known for its contribution to the preservation of the environment, there are a number of opportunities for us to play a part in adding to the sustainability of our community here in Fort Worth through eco-friendly plumbing and sewage practices. By doing our work with a conscious mindset we can help reduce the energy consumption, preserve fresh water, and cut down on our carbon emissions.

Since we are using up resources like energy, water and, other natural resources at an alarmingly fast pace, we feel it is paramount that we do our bit for the environment through providing better plumbing services. For example, water is one of the most crucial components that sustain our species but only 1% of that water is available for use by humans. Here in cities like Forth Worth and Arlington, TX and the greater Texas region, our temperate climate means that we have greater water consumption needs than other parts of the country. This makes effective plumbing practices all the other important, especially since a lot of energy in the average household goes into managing this water. Unfortunately, a lot of companies try to save a buck here and there and resort to cutting corners, putting the environment at greater risk.

Here at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing, we realize that sustainable, responsible, and efficient plumbing is the best routine for us, our customers, the community, and the world. Here are some steps that can we take to enhance our practices.

Don’t Disrupt the Environment

Usually, jobs that involve construction or earthworks tend to get messy and disrupt the communities in the vicinity, along with wrecking havoc on the microclimate. Our company tries its best to causes as little disruption as possible and specializes in procedures that don’t need us to bid up entire yards in order to replace a faulty pipe or carry out line repairs. Since a certain amount of damage to the plant life is unavoidable, we try our best to relocate it and reuse the dug up dirt instead of disposing it of. We also go the extra mile to converse water and prevent runoffs.

Practice What You Preach

To promote sustainable practices, we try to incorporate efficient plumbing systems in our offices, which include installing low-flow toilets, effective water filters and heaters, and replacing our lights with LEDs.

Efficient Equipment

For all our plumbing services we try to reduce our carbon footprint by using low-emission tools and equipment that are energy-efficient.

Recycling and Reusing

Most of the metal piping removed from broken drainage system can be reused for smelting or for conversion into other products. In industries like ours the waste can grow rather drastically if you aren’t mindful. We try to recycle as much of the material waste collected in our plumbing projects as we can. Our team compartmentalizes the waste into designation piles and has it transferred to the local recycling facilities.

Energy Efficiency Tips for Homeowners

We realize that many of the homeowners that we serve in the Forth Worth area and beyond also want to contribute to the environment and have a positive impact, therefore we are sharing the following tips for you to add greater sustainable to your daily lives.

Install low-flow fixtures: modern toilets that have higher efficiency, for example, use nearly 60-80% less water compared to pre-1992 toilets. Low-flow fixtures drastically reduce your water consumption.

Drips and leaks: Check your toilets by putting some food coloring in the tank, if the color appears in the bowl after a few minutes then that shows that there’s a leak and you can contact us to come fix the issue right away. According to estimates, household leaks nearly waste 10,000 gallons of water every year, whereas toilet leaks waste up to 200 gallons of water a day.

Washing machines: when choosing a washing machine lookup the products energy and water consumption patterns. Energy Star appliances, for example, use 50% less water and 35% less energy and can save around 14 gallons per load. Also, there are products that offer rebates and you can look up if yours offers any.

Irrigation systems: since a lot of households and businesses in the Fort Worth area need built-in irrigation in order to maintain their lawns and gardens, they often waste a great deal of the water, some almost wasting nearly 50%. It is suggested that you incorporate moisture sensors, rain shut-off devices, and a drip irrigation system as these are known to drastically reduce the wastage.

Arrange your garden:  you can improve the effectiveness of the water that you’re giving your plants by arranging them according to their traits. Plants that need more water group them together, also take into consideration their sun and shade needs, this will make them easier to manage and the water will be better absorbed by the plant.

Correct load size when washing clothes: avoid using large-load cycle options when you have smaller loads to wash, this will prevent the machine from using excess water. If small-load options aren’t available then wait till the clothes pile into larger loads.  Using cold instead of warm water saves the amount of the energy the machine uses.

Short showers: Avoid taking longer showers, and also try to opt for showers instead of baths. A 5-min slow shower uses less water compared to filling a tub.

Turn the tap off: when brushing your teeth, turn the tap off between rinsing. This saves nearly 8 gallons of water a day and 100 gallons a month.

Heating systems: circulation pumps, for example, minimize the time it takes for hot water to get to the faucet, this cuts down on energy and water use. Similarly, insulated pipes prevent heat loss and reduce the energy usage.

Educate family members: make sure all your family members, especially the kids, are well acquainted will the new systems so that they contribute and support your eco-friendly moves.