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Essential Plumbing Tips | Arlington Plumbing

Essential Plumbing Tips | Arlington Plumbing

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Ensuring that you educate yourself with as much information as possible about your home’s plumbing can have a crucial impact on just how often aggravating and/or expensive problems can arise. When you are aware of the processes that are happening throughout your home each day then you will be better prepared and be able to ascertain and react effectively when an issue arises. Sometimes you might stumble across a minor problem that you did not want to pay a professional to come take care of. However, in order to be handy with smaller problems around the home when it comes to your plumbing – you will need to have some basic knowledge of what may be causing the problemand how you will properly fix it before it develops into a much larger one. Below we go over three tips that all homeowners should always remember when dealing with a plumbing repair problem in the home.

How To Locate Hidden Pipes

Sometimes you may experience a problem with one of your pipes however, things may be more difficult if you cannot see the pipe and what may be wrong with it.  Instead of breaking through floors and destroying areas of your home to locate the problem area, try using a high strength magnet to locate hidden pipes.  For pipes under the floor, attach a rare earth magnet to a fishing line and feed it down through a drain to see where the pipe leads underneath.  You can then track the magnet down through the floor using an ordinary compass which will turn accurately with the magnet’s placement.  This is a much quicker, easier, and less expensive way than tearing up floors throughout your home in search of pipes.

 Take Pictures

Whether you are rebuilding the walls and structure of your home, or in the process of building your new home from scratch, one important tip to always remember is to take a picture.  More specifically, take a number of high-quality photos with good visibility and lighting of all major plumbing and electrical fixtures throughout your home before they get covered up with walls and floors.  Once you have a good collection of pictures that details the important features there are and where they are located then make sure to make note and store them in a safe place for when the day may come that you will need them.

It can be disheartening years down the road when you up and decide that you want to remodel the kitchen and you can’t exactly remember where the pipes and electrical conduit runs. Breaking through walls, finding the locations of pipes and electrical conduit can result in extremely and unneeded costly repairs, as well as it requiring more time and frustration in order to finish the project. Always take photos so that you can document and reference where crucial plumbing and electrical conduits are located within your home.

How To Use The Toilet During Plumbing Projects

 When you are performing a plumbing project that requires changing or fixing pipes, you will most likely have the water shut off at the main. Obviously if the water is shut off that means you will not be able to flush the toilet. The good news is a very simple and easy method to still make use and flush the toilet whenever necessary does indeed exist. If you have a two-gallon bucket of water and dump it in the bowl before you flush the toilet, it will work properly each time you repeat this process.

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