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The Essentials of Drain Cleaning – Arlington, TX

The Essentials of Drain Cleaning – Arlington, TX

Most people do not even consider drain cleaning until it is too late. These people have to understand that they are putting themselves at a major disadvantage for no apparent reason. If something goes wrong with their drainage system, it could require substantial repair costs as these pipelines in most cases are buried deep underground.

These pipes are integrated with the home’s plumbing system and direct wastewater towards the municipal sewer. These pipes are extremely durable but with time deteriorate due to corrosion and normal wear and tear. once deteriorated they have the potential to affect the integrity of the entire plumbing system. You do not even want to imagine what happens if one of these pipes bursts due to lack of maintenance.

This is exactly why it is crucial that every homeowner starts taking their drainage system seriously before something goes wrong and they have to fork out substantial repair costs. These pipes cannot even be repaired in a timely manner as they are buried deep under the ground and will require a lot of labor to get the job done.

Why Is Drain Cleaning So Crucial?

Wastewater that our homes produce is dense in texture and can at times be semi solid. This wastewater, with time, start coating the inside of the pipes. Although in most cases, most of the waste water will seamlessly flow to the municipal sewers. In some cases, some will leave debris behind. This debris starts building up and with time more debris gets deposited in the pipe lines. This will hamper the seamless flow of the waste water and can also cause the pipes to burst if it there is a severe clog.

Another factor that affects the integrity of these drains is the presence of tree roots. These tree roots initially enter drainage pipes when they are as thin as human hair, at that stage they do not cause any major issues. But when these roots start growing they slowly grow through the entire piping system and substantially hamper the flow of waste water. These roots will eventually cause a massive clog. Besides this, if these roots keep growing, the entire drainage system will have to be repaired as these roots will spread everywhere.

This is exactly why drain cleaning is an imperative prerequisite for every homeowner. If they wait till something goes wrong, they will end up paying a lot of money and not to mention will have to deal with the ordeal of a complete piping system overhaul. However, routine drain cleaning can be the solution to this dilemma – not only will it improve the efficiency of the drainage system but will also help save costs.

How Is Drain Cleaning Done?

In the past, drain cleaning required a lot of time and effort. In most cases, the entire piping system had to be replaced in order to repair minor faults such as leaks and clogs. But that has all changed now as there are many innovative techniques out there that have completely revamped the plumbing industry.

These days, the first step all sublime plumbing services take before starting drain cleaning is conducting a drain survey. This includes feeding a camera through the drainage system. This camera relays images and videos to the plumber so that they can determine where the anomaly lies. This technique allows them to quickly locate the issue, without digging the pipes and affecting their integrity. Once the plumber has determined where the problem is, they use the following methods to repair the issue.

  • Plumbing Auger or snakes: Plumbing snakes are the most common drain cleaning method employed by plumbers. This involves feeding a metal tube, which has a corkscrew and blades attached. On the other end of the metal tube is a cable, which allows the plumber to feed the tube as far as possible. Once the tube reaches the desired location, the plumber will activate the corkscrew, which will encompass the clog. The plumber will then pull the debris using the metal tube.
  • Hydro Jetting: This is the most common technique used by plumbers to easily clear any clogs in a drainage system. It consists of an extremely high-pressure hose that has a specialized nozzle, which produces a powerful stream. This hose is fed through the piping system and is turned on; the intense pressure of the hose forces all of the debris that has been accumulated towards the municipal sewers. Hydro jetting not only saves plumbers substantial time, it also has the potential to clean the entire plumbing system in a cost effective manner. Besides clearing the debris, hydro jetting also cleans the inside of the pipes making them more durable and increases their life span. However, hydro jetting can only be done by a professional as it requires thorough understanding of the piping membrane, as the high pressure can cause the pipes to overload and burst.

If you are wondering which one of these techniques is more effective, look no further. Auger or snakes are ideal for small clogs. These snakes have the capacity to remove debris that is small in nature and can also alert the plumber if there is a major clog caused by hard materials such as tree roots. Hydro jetting on the other hand has the potential of clearing any type of clogs but the water pressure cannot cut through tree roots.

These roots slowly embed themselves into the pipeline and cannot be cleared without feeding an auger. On the other hand, snakes do not clean the piping system they just clear the clog, so it is safe to consider them as a temporary fix rather than a permanent one. These days, most acclaimed plumbers in Arlington TX use a combination of both these techniques so that the drains are completely debris free and are cleaned to perfection. So contact a drain cleaning service in Arlington TX before it is too late!