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Everything You Need to Know Before Buying a Water Filtration System in Lake Worth, TX

Everything You Need to Know Before Buying a Water Filtration System in Lake Worth, TX

Nowadays, everyone is on the lookout for means to take care of their health. This could be in the form of water intake, workouts, or diets. Either way, it requires a lot of effort to maintain a healthy lifestyle, doesn’t it?

Speaking of a healthy lifestyle, are you absolutely confident about the lead-free water you are ingesting is treated? Can you blindly count on the water coming into your home? This is exactly why you should start thinking about a water filtration system in Lake Worth, TX. Whether you are drinking water at home or in the office, a water filtration system in Lake Worth, TX should be the very first thing that should come to mind when you head over to your sink for a cup full of water.

It has been found that many different states in the United States, such as Texas, Wisconsin, and Michigan tend to have toxic tap water. This is why we are going to enlighten you about the true state of your water, the need for a water filtration system in Lake Worth, TX, and the types of water filtration you should be on the lookout for.

What Is a Water Filtration System?

To explain in simple terms, a water filtration system helps decontaminate water with the help of biological processes, chemical processes, or even a physical barrier. People use a water filtration system in Lake Worth, TX for a number of different reasons because there are many benefits of doing so. An example of this can be that water filters help remove bacterial contaminants and chlorine from drinking water. As a result, the water smells and tastes truly pure!

water filtration system in Lake Worth, TX can also be used to remove traces of lead from water right before the user drinks it. By doing so, these systems effectively remove all the chances of such harmful substances from entering our bodies.

Naturally, if you do not trust the drinking water inside your home, then you may opt for plastic bottled water – which in turn will cause your wallet to take a huge hit. Even if we ignore the fact that this substitute to tap water is expensive, imagine the environmental concerns of using plastic bottled water for your everyday needs! All of this can be simply avoided with the help of a water filtration system in Lake Worth, TX.

The Benefits of Water Filtration Systems

Drinking filtered and clean water has the potential of protecting your body from numerous diseases and boosting your overall health. Researchers have found that drinking filtered water can also reduce the user’s risk of gastrointestinal diseases by approximately 33% alongside helping the immune system of children grow stronger.

A water filtration system in Lake Worth, TX can act as the last line of offense against as many as 2100 types of toxins that can be found in tap water. As a result, the user will be effectively protected from chlorine and its by-products which are a known cause for bladder, colon, and rectal cancer.

That being said, you should also know that a water filtration system in Lake Worth, TX not only provides clean water for drinking purposes, but it also supplies water for bathing, brushing teeth, cooking, and performing other water-related activities. All of these activities will use water in a form that has healthy levels of mineral deposits and healthy pH levels.

The Different Kinds of Water Filters

Typically, you will be able to find many different kinds of water filtration systems in Lake Worth, TX. Each of these systems has its own mechanics and functions, but they are intended to serve the same basic purpose – to provide your home with safe and healthy water. Let’s have a look at some of the most common types of water filtration systems in Lake Worth, TX.

1.   Activated Carbon

This is probably the most common type of water filter out there and it uses carbon granules in order to trap all forms of chemical impurities in the water. Carbon in the form of porous charcoal is used in this process and acts like a cross between a sponge and lead.

2.   Reverse Osmosis

You may remember your science teacher mentioning osmosis is class, right? Well, if you don’t remember clearly, osmosis is the process where one object absorbs another. Reverse Osmosis, however, signifies the process of forcing contaminated water at pressure through a membrane. By doing so, the water is forced to push through, but all the various kinds of contaminants are left behind.

3.   Ion Exchange

This category is probably the best among water filters in terms of softening water. This is because it can transform hard water into something that is quite healthy to digest due to its reduced limescale. In simpler words, these filters split the atoms of water by making all the contaminants into ions. Once this has been done, the bad ions are trapped and the good ones are released in the form of pure drinking water.

4.   Distillation

Distillation tends to be the simplest method of filtering water, and simply involves the user boiling water to ensure its purity. Tap water is made into steam in this process and the steam is captured in another container. Toxic substances tend to have a higher boiling point as opposed to water – which is why they are left behind in the first container.

This process is less of a filtration method and more of a DIY method of purifying drinking water. If you think all of this takes too much of your valuable time, then this process is definitely not your water purifying solution.

Still Confused? Benjamin Franklin Plumbing Can Help

While health is definitely your priority, it can be difficult to determine which water filtration process to opt for. Our plumbing services in Lake Worth, TX can evaluate your office or home in order to determine which form of water filtration suits your needs.

All you need to do now is visit our website or call us at 817-983-7876 to schedule an appointment.