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Everything You Need to Know About Gas Line Repair in Crowley, TX

Everything You Need to Know About Gas Line Repair in Crowley, TX

To the consumers, natural gas is one of the most readily available resources. It is affordable too and quite safe but there are times when there are chances for a possible destruction of life and property. So, it’s a wise decision to know more about gas line repair in Crowley, TX and get services of qualified professionals. Gas leaks are extremely dangerous — in fact, it wouldn’t be wrong to call them fatal.

A homeowner, unaware of a gas leak, can light a match or ignite the stove with deadly consequences. Gas explosions can be catastrophic. The gas company is only liable for the natural gas pipelines to the meter of your house. Homeowners, renters, or property managers are responsible for the maintenance and repair of the gas pipelines of their own houses. So, read on to know more about gas line repair in Crowley, TX so that you can take proactive measures in time.

Why Should You Repair Residential Gas Lines?

Did you know that natural gas is composed of harmful compounds that are detrimental to your health? Well, one of the by-products of natural gas is the dense carbon monoxide (CO) gas, which is colorless and odorless. It is an extremely toxic gas that shouldn’t be inhaled in large quantities. You cannot detect CO gas on your own and excessive exposure can lead to carbon monoxide poisoning. If you experience flu-like or viral infection symptoms alongside headaches or heavy-headedness, you should get professional help immediately. Additionally, igniting flame in an area where there is a gas leakage can also cause a gas explosion. This is why you must not overlook the importance of gas line repair in Crowley, TX.

Warning Signs to Detect Gas Leaks

It is very important to be able to interpret the different gas line leakages warning signs. Being able to detect the leakages will allow you to take a prompt action to get the problem fixed. Gas line leakages may occur both inside and outside the house. Here are some of the indicators of gas leaks:

  • Hissing Sound: If you hear a hissing sound in your house, you should be on high alert as this could be the sound of gas escaping from the pipeline. This type of a sound can often be heard when the line has a hole or tear in it.
  • Desiccated Grass: One of the most overlooked problems that require you to have a gas line repair is dead grass. Sometimes, an underground damaged gas line can leak, which cause the plants or the grass above the solid to desiccate.
  • Rotten Egg Smell: Since natural gas itself does not have a particular smell of its own, the gas company adds an additive that have a smell similar to rotten eggs. This is done to make people detect gas leakages immediately.

If you observe any such warning signs, then you should be on high alert and schedule a gas line repair in Crowley, TX.

Common Gas Line Problems That Need Immediate Repair

Some of the gas line problems can be detected immediately, such a bent lines that do not conduct gas efficient and may eventually even break. If you observe bent gas lines, gas line repair in Crowley, TX, must be scheduled without much ado. Some of the other gas line problems that you might encounter are:

  • Clogged gas lines that are not visible to the naked eye but are extremely dangerous. The clog deter the passage of gas that builds more pressure inside the pipes, which may later on cause a rip. Homeowners may be able to detect a leak in this case.
  • Deteriorating joints and weakened connectors are also a major concern, which require the services of a gas line repair company in Crowley, TX.
  • Cracked seals due to dryness so it should never be neglected.
  • Fittings and fixtures that were not measured accurately during the installations are also immediately detectable and should be repair if they are found be sized incorrectly.

Any of these problems can have life threatening consequences if they are not given immediate attention. Therefore, you should schedule routine inspections and get the gas line repair in Crowley, TX to keep your loved one protected. Furthermore, if you have to execute any digging activities in the backyard, it is best to contact the gas utility company and identify the areas beneath which there is a natural gas pipeline passing.

Safety Precautions for Gas Line Leakage

Apart from the fact that you need professional service to take care of the gas line repair in Crowley, TX, there are certain precautionary measures that you need to take care of when you notice that there is a gas line leakage. Firstly, shut off the main gas valve to cut the natural gas supply. Then, make sure that you do not do the following:

  • Use your cell phone when you are still in close proximity of the leakage.
  • Open the flame, smoke or use a matchstick.
  • Locate the gas leak on your own.

You should also try to get away at a safe distance from the house if you notice that there is significant gas leakage. It is also important to note that you shouldn’t try gas line repair in Crowley, TX on your own if you damage it accidently during construction. The gas utility company must be called and you should contact a specialized local plumber.

Call Gas Line Repair Specialists

Are you looking for professionals for gas line repair in Crowley, TX? Look no further than Benjamin Franklin Plumbing as we provide you with top-notch emergency and standard plumbing gas line repair services. If you suspect a gas leak in your home, then you must not take it lightly. Our specialized plumbing experts will be able to detect the problem area and fix the gas line problems.