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Everything You Need to Know About Sewer Camera Inspection | Plumber in Fort Worth TX

Everything You Need to Know About Sewer Camera Inspection | Plumber in Fort Worth TX

Are you facing a sewer problem and are clueless about what is causing it and how to find it? Well, the answers to these questions are now easily available in the form of cheap sewer camera inspection services by professional plumbers in Fort Worth, TX.

It is not uncommon to feel the urge to double check the work that has been done by the plumber, especially when you pay the plumbing cost for it. Likewise, all of us prefer to see the cleared lines by ourselves, instead of just taking a plumber’s word for it!

However, in the recent past, identifying a root cause of a problem was merely educated guesswork. But nowadays, with the advanced technology of sewer camera inspection, locating and fixing a weak link of your sewer problem is just a matter of calling a local plumber in Fort Worth, TX.

Following that, let us have a look at some of the basic information about sewer camera inspection for your assistance.

How does a sewer camera inspection work?

Well, there is no rocket science attached to it. Sewer camera inspection is a simple process that involves running a video line through the pipelines. And for that, you need to call a local plumber in Fort Worth, TX.

The inserted video line may extend down to the house’s sewer pipeline or your branch pipelines, but it only goes up to a maximum of 330 feet. The house sewer line is the one that connects the larger pipe of the house with the municipal line on the street, and the branch lines are those which lead from the faucets to the main sewer pipeline. At the end of each video line is a camera attached to it. This camera lets you view the image of the line as a close-up, and with all the real-time details of the current state of the pipeline.

Do all the plumbing issues need camera inspections by a local plumber in Fort Worth, TX?

Typically, sewer camera inspection is done in case of a blockage or blocked pipeline that cannot be fixed by simple plunging, using drain cleaners, or by drain or sewer auguring. Since most homeowners don’t really call up a plumber in Fort Worth, TX frequently, there is an increasing trend of sewer camera inspection when it comes to adding a bathroom, or remodeling it or the kitchen. This is to ensure that the sewer line can handle the increased pressure coming from the increased high flow of waste water through pipelines.

Why should you hire a professional plumber in Fort Worth, TX to perform the job than doing it by yourself?

When it comes to plumbing issues, people usually prefer to attempt it as a DIY project rather than hiring the professional services to perform the job. Well, in the case of sewer camera inspection, a DIY attempt may not work around your plumbing issue as it involves in-depth inspection of the pipeline with the use of advanced scopes.

These advanced scopes are equipped with features like auto-focusing, self-righting
(to keep the picture upright), powerful lights, high resolution, and also comes with recording capabilities. Most importantly, these cameras are equipped with transmitters that help the plumber locate block points.

Hence, by contrast, hiring a local plumber in Fort Worth, TX to perform the video inspection is cost effective and worth the time and money as compared to renting inspection cameras for a day’s usage. Moreover, if you need to rent an inspection camera for a whole week, this would cost you much higher than hiring a professional plumber.

How does the camera help in locating the dig point?

Since the camera is equipped with a transmitter, therefore, first the inspecting technician stops the camera at the point of blockage. Once done, the plumber will then wave locating equipment up to the ground level until the device catches the transmission signals. This will allow the technician to spray a paint mark at the blockage point and hence, identifying the point where you need to dig the trench.

What does the video image show while carrying out the sewer camera inspection?

If your plumber in Fort Worth, TX is carrying out an entire pipeline video inspection, then you will be able to see a complete ‘walk through’. This will start from the trap, down through the pipeline, and finally up to the point of obstruction. However, in case the camera can pass through the blockage point, it may lead to an even municipal line ahead.

While the image would be of high resolution, the picture will be bit shaky because of the fact that the scope is pushed manually down the line.

How much is the cost of a sewer camera inspection by a plumber in Fort Worth, TX?

The sewer camera inspection cost varies greatly. That is mainly due to the reason that different companies offer different prices to carry out the job in Fort Worth, TX. Hiring a cheaper sewer camera inspection is more likely to produce lower-quality images that is due to the use of old equipment. Moreover, these may also vary due to the availability of more expensive services, or in case you need to purchase drain auguring in addition to a video inspection.

However, if you choose to buy an inspection scope from a rental yard, it will rent a video inspecting camera pipe of 200 ft length of line per day. While this may sound a little cheaper than what other expensive companies would charge, this may eat up a substantial amount of time to carry out the job.

What needs to be done to hire a professional plumber in Fort Worth, TX?

If you are located in Fort Worth, TX and are looking for a professional plumber to carry out the video inspection for your sewer blockage issue, then do visit the website of Benjamin Franklin Plumbing Fort Worth. Being the top service, they send over a team of expert professionals to fix your plumbing issue with the help of video camera inspection like the way you have never experienced before. Benjamin Franklin Plumbing is a member of the BBB with an A+ rating.