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Everything You Need to Know About Drain Cleaning Service | Mansfield, TX

Everything You Need to Know About Drain Cleaning Service | Mansfield, TX

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Drain cleaning service in Mansfield, TX is one of the many services provided by plumbing companies throughout the city. Having the drains cleaned ensures that everything that has become lodged in them loosens up so that water can continue to flow freely through the pipes. When a drain gets clogged, water and sewage back up which creates a big mess for homeowners.

If you’re considering having your drains cleaned in the city but aren’t sure how the process works or what the plumber needs from you, don’t worry. We’ve got you covered! This short guide helps identify the many reasons why you should have your drains cleaned regularly, how to find someone to assist you with cleaning the drains, and what you can do to keep your drains free of debris.

Let’s start by explaining why drains need regular cleaning. It gives you a base knowledge of the function of the drain and how it affects the plumbing overall. You’ll know what to expect when you do get a professional to come out to your Mansfield, TX home and take care of the drains by providing drain cleaning service.

Why You Need to Get Your Drains Cleaned Regularly

You may not have realized how vital drain cleaning service is to have done regularly. It can impact pipes and cause a myriad of problems that cost you more money than you initially anticipated. To give you a better idea of why cleaning the drains is so important, we’ve listed some of the benefits of doing so below.

Here are some of the reasons why you would need to get your drains cleaned:

  • Prevent future problems from occurring. A build-up of debris can cause a clog or blockage. If left for too long, the obstruction can weaken the pipe. Tree roots are the worst about doing this. Having a drain cleaning service plumber come and inspect the drain and pipe is the best thing you can do because it allows them to discover the source of the problem. They use a thin, snakelike camera to go into the pipe to see what prevents the water from flowing through it. It lets them see deep into the pipe without needing to remove sections of it. If there is something that they can do to dislodge the obstruction, they’ll have a better idea of what to do because of the camera.


  • Eliminates the frustration of paying for repairs. It’s far less expensive to have preventive maintenance work done on a drain than it is to repair a pipe or sustain water damage to the home. If you hate the idea of wasting money, doing what you can do now to prevent a repair is something we recommend. It allows you to take charge of the situation and your bank account. You won’t be stuck paying money for repairs following drain cleaning service when you can use the money elsewhere. You’ll feel better about the expenses you do incur because you’ve done everything you can to protect the plumbing.


  • Detects problems before they get worse. Early detection keeps you from shelling out bucks on costly repairs. It addresses the issue while it still is minor enough to fix affordably. It gives you peace of mind that you’re not going to spend a fortune to have the plumbing repaired inside your home. You’ll know right away if there is anything that could potentially make matters worse. The plumber can fix it now while the expense is minor.


  • Is guaranteed by the plumber. The professional that you choose to work with gives you their guarantee. They assure you that the work that they do on your drains is protected. If you’re not satisfied, they’ll make things right for you. You shouldn’t pay twice for the same repair if you did all that you could to keep the drains clean in the first place. Asking the plumber if they offer a guarantee before you hire them is a good idea. Getting it in writing allows you to put it up in a safe place in the event you need to show it to the company.

A clean drain prevents additional problems from occurring with your plumbing. It allows you to spend your money on something other than costly plumbing repairs and repeat drain cleaning service. It identifies problems that worsen over time. Drain cleaning also comes with the guarantee of the plumbing company, meaning that if something were to happen to the drain following a visit from the plumber, they’d take care of it at no additional cost to you.

Now, we’ll discuss who you should have to take care of your drains for you. The drain cleaning service professional that you choose to work with should display many of the character traits listed below. You’ll know very quickly if a company is one that you’d like to work with long-term.

Who You Should Have Clean Your Drains

The professional that comes to your home to clean your drains should be polite and accommodating at all times. They should value your time and be communicative with you. If they encounter a problem while working on your drains, the plumber should make you aware of it right away.

Other traits the best contractors have are:

  • They’re punctual. The plumber arrives on time, as promised. They don’t waste your time by being late. They confirm when they plan to come to your home so you can arrange your day around their visit. You have a good idea of how long the service call will take, too, so you can plan to leave the home after the plumber has completed the work if you need to. It’s a courtesy that most plumbing companies supply you with at the time they arrive at your house.


  • They’re polite. The drain cleaning service professional treats you and your family well. They answer your questions with a smile. They also do what they can to avoid disrupting you and your family’s schedule as much as they possibly can. Having a plumber inside the home isn’t always easy. When they’re friendly and accommodating, however, you’re glad to interact with them.


  • They answer your questions. If you like to be knowledgeable about the process, you’ll love the fact that the plumber you work with is willing to work with you by answering your questions. They go above and beyond to help you understand what they’re doing and why they’re doing it. They also provide you with pointers that help keep your drains free of debris in the future.


  • They honor your requests. If you have any special requests, the drain cleaning service professional acknowledges them. They make good on their promises, too. It’s a transaction that is mutually beneficial. You feel seen and heard, and the plumber feels like you appreciate their knowledge and expertise. You’ll be more apt to call the plumbing company in the future because you know that they provide excellent customer service. That means less stress and worrying for you because you have someone you trust to work inside your home.


  • They tell you how much they value your business. You know how much the drain cleaning service company in Mansfield, TX appreciates you as a customer because they tell you. You feel good about hiring them and know that you’ll call them again in the future if you need their assistance. You feel like you matter as a customer and recommend the plumber to everyone you know because of how good they were at making you feel great.

Now, you know exactly who to contact to have your drains cleaned. They can set you up on a regular schedule to ensure that they are free from obstructions, so you don’t have water backing up into your sinks, bathtub, and toilet. Drain cleaning service is a necessity and something that you don’t want to ignore for long because it can be a big expense if it leads to a worse problem.

The tips listed in the next section can keep your drains free of debris. A little prevention can help save you lots of money.

How to Keep Your Drains Free of Debris

Like other things you do around the house to maintain it structurally and hygienically, you’ll want to do everything you can to keep your drains free of debris. By being mindful of the types of things that make drains clogged, you can prevent a problem from occurring in the first place.

Debris can be anything that can become lodged in a pipe. It can be things you’re not even aware of being problematic. By treating every small object like a potential clog, you’re able to avoid visits from the plumber often.

Some things you can do to keep the drains free of debris include:

  • Adding a trap to drains that don’t have one. It catches debris and prevents it from getting lodged in the pipe. By pulling out the trap and emptying it regularly, you can keep food scraps, bits of soap, and other foreign objects from costing you money. Stoppers that have built-in traps are available for very little expense. They don’t require any special installation. They take the place of standard stoppers. This keeps you from needing drain cleaning service frequently.


  • Keeping small toys out of reach of children who can put them in drains. Children are naturally curious. If they see a hole, they’ll want to drop things into them. Keep drains covered when children are around. That way, they won’t take a chance and stuff their small toy down the drain. It eliminates the temptation if you keep the drains covered when they’re not in use.


  • Removing tree roots that could potentially grow into pipes and block drains from doing the work. Although a tedious task, hiring a tree removal service to remove trees in the area where your plumbing runs is highly advisable. It prevents roots from making their way into pipes and causing irreparable damage. Once the drain cleaning service contractor removes the roots, they are no longer a risk.

Being proactive about keeping the drains clean helps you prevent major clogs and obstructions. Following the tips above make a big difference in how often you’ll need drain cleaning service. It allows you to keep hair, food scraps, soap remnants, and tree roots from causing the pipe to break.

Contact Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Fort Worth to Set Up an Appointment

Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Fort Worth is a drain cleaning service expert. The Punctual Plumber takes pride in providing its Mansfield, TX customers with the best quality drain cleaning service available. It doesn’t matter how often you need plumbing services, either. We treat every customer like a VIP even if they only need to contact us once a year.

To set up a time to have the drains cleaned, call us right away. Our phone number is 817-983-7876. Let us know what you have in mind for our plumber. We’ll make sure to relay your request for service to the professional that travels to your residence. That way, everyone is on the same page.

We offer many services in addition to drain cleaning service. Even if you don’t need the drains cleaned, you may need assistance with other plumbing-related projects. You’ll also be glad to know that we offer emergency services that allow us to come to you in your hour of need. Plumbing problems occur with little notice and can put a big damper on your day if you wake up to the sound of water spraying or notice that the toilet has overflowed onto the floor.

It doesn’t matter if it’s after business hours when you contact us with your request for drain cleaning service or any other plumbing service. We’ll be there to assist you with your clog, burst pipe or water heater repair. We want you to feel as comfortable as possible in your home. Your satisfaction is our number one priority as we want you to be happy with the drain cleaning service that we do for you.