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Everything Your Plumber Needs You To Know About Garbage Disposals | Granbury, TX

Everything Your Plumber Needs You To Know About Garbage Disposals | Granbury, TX

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Every household kitchen needs a garbage disposal. It is not a necessity but it can surely help you get rid of food waste effectively without having to deal with food smells and clogged drains. Below are some helpful information about garbage disposals. We have discussed its advantages, how to take care of your appliance, choosing the best garbage disposal and what to do when it leaks.

You can also always talk to a professional plumber in Granbury, TX as they are experts about how garbage disposals work. They should be able to assist you with everything you need.

Advantages of Having a Garbage Disposal At Home

Like all appliances, it has its pros and cons. Take a look at what benefits you get when you decide to install a garbage disposal. Do make sure to hire a plumber in Granbury, TX for your garbage disposal installation.

1. Cost-Effective

There is no need to spend more bucks on trash bags and other supplies you will need for storing and taking out food waste. Also, if your garbage disposal is properly used and maintained, it will last longer. That being said, you also won’t require the service of a professional when the pipes clog or leak.

2. Less Trash and Saves a Lot of Time

Without a garbage disposal, you will have to do all the work for disposing of all your food waste. There is a need to get trash bags at the shops and take out the garbage by yourself. You get to eliminate this by installing a garbage disposal. You use less plastic for storing food waste too. The process is faster and you get to relax after a meal.

3. Sanitary

Having a garbage disposal in your kitchen is a good idea especially when you do not have time to clean after a meal. Also, it comes in handy when you do not have time to make your own compost. And it’s definitely the most sanitary way to get rid of all your food waste.

4. Gets Rid of Bad Odor

With a garbage disposal, there is no need to store your food waste in a garbage bag. When your garbage stays indoors for a couple of days, they will start to rot and create really bad odors. Your kitchen or your entire home may stink. That is not only inconvenient, it is also bad for your health. You can completely eliminate this when you call a plumber in Granbury, TX and decide to install a garbage disposal for your kitchen.

5. Environment-Friendly

You contribute to protecting the environment by using your garbage disposal. Greenhouse gases emitted by trucks are significantly reduced. Also, it can always be used as a source of fertilizer by wastewater treatment plants.

6. Convenience

The biggest reason homeowners decide to install garbage disposals is convenience. It is an excellent way to handle all the food scraps. It completely eliminates the need to store all food waste and have them taken out. And it is so easy to use it. Just do make sure that you know how to properly use and maintain your garbage disposal for it to work efficiently and it lasts longer.

Using Your Garbage Disposal

The average life of your garbage disposal is 8 to 10 years. This would depend on how you properly use and maintain it. If you treat it well, it may last longer. It is also a good practice to hire a plumber in Granbury, TX for proper maintenance of your garbage disposal. This way you are able to maintain its efficiency.

For repairs, do not attempt to do it yourself. Always seek the help of a licensed plumber to help you rectify any issues with your garbage disposal.

To take care of your garbage disposal, you will have to be selective with what you decide to put down the drain. Most garbage disposals are not designed to process huge food items. As much as possible, put down small food particles. The key is putting down small items. Avoid huge pieces of anything, especially very large bones. Also, avoid putting grease into your garbage disposal. They are not good both for the garbage disposal and your pipes.

Taking Care of Your Garbage Disposal

Proper maintenance of your garbage disposal will keep your kitchen clean and fresh smelling. When not properly used, the remaining food in the appliance will start to decay and may contribute to bad odor in your kitchen. A plumber should be able to assist you with the proper maintenance of your garbage disposal. We also have a few tips that you can use for taking care of your garbage disposal.

1. Do Not Put Down Hard Food

When you put down hard food such as popcorn kernels, bones or hard seeds, chances are the blades in your disposal might jam. It can be costly to hire a plumber for garbage disposal repairs. You can avoid that when you only put in food that is easy to grind. We are talking about smaller pieces of food.

2. Use Plenty of Cold Water

Although using hot water will not damage the interior parts of the garbage disposal, it does liquefy the fats and the greases. When that happens, the grease is converted into liquid form and may start building up on the garbage disposal’s blades. Every time you use the disposal, turn on the cold water and continue to run it for about 10 or 20 seconds even after the food has been chopped up. With the water running, it will completely flush out all the remaining food particles inside the garbage disposal.

3. Break Up Food Before Grinding

If you want to chop up large food items or scraps, it is best when you break them up first before putting them into the garbage disposal. You lower the risk of having costly repairs or worse, completely replacing your garbage disposal.

4. Keep the Inside of the Disposal Cleaned

After every use, put a small amount of soap and drain with cold water so your garbage disposal doesn’t smell. When it does smell, it may be best to grind some orange peels or a few lemons to keep them smelling clean and fresh. Also, over time, dirt or other particles may start building up on your blades. When cleaning, always avoid harsh chemicals as that may damage your garbage disposal. Using baking soda and vinegar may help. If you are not sure how to properly clean your garbage disposal, it is always best to call a professional plumber to assist you.

When using the disposal, avoid putting your hands on them and make sure it is turned off. Always use pliers if you want to check something or call a professional plumber to help you. Also, avoid using drain cleaners as that may damage the disposal. If there is a clog, always seek the help of a licensed plumber. Do not attempt to repair them on your own especially when you do not have enough experience dealing with any plumbing issue.

Choosing a Garbage Disposal

Ask any plumber and they would highly recommend getting a garbage disposal for your kitchen. It’s the most effective way to deal with your food waste. It’s also not difficult to choose a garbage disposal that would suit your budget. Talk to your plumber so they can give you more recommendations on the best product in the market.

The garbage disposal isn’t a complex device. It has a motor that is connected to a grinding plate with impellers on them. The latter is used for breaking down pieces of food.

Feed type

There are two types of garbage disposal feeds. The easiest to use, the most common and also the more affordable is the Continuous Feed. It has a turn off switch and they are open-mouth disposals.

A Batch Feed, on the other hand, is more expensive and also less common. You would also need a stopper lid to be able to activate the unit.

Motor size

Garbage disposals have different horsepowers. The recommended horsepower for a typical household is 1/2. This is already enough but if you want a smoother operation and fewer jams, you may opt for either the 3/4 horsepower or the garbage disposal with one horsepower. It will cost more if you will go with higher horsepower. If you do not want to worry about what goes into the disposal, go with higher horsepower.


Higher-end models may have lesser noise coming from the garbage disposals. That is because the sounds are lessened by adding insulation around its chambers. If you don’t mind the noise, go with a higher-quality yet more affordable brand of garbage disposals. Talk to your plumber about this for more information that would help you make an informed decision.

Grinding chamber

Garbage disposals with smaller motors may have smaller chambers as they are not able to effectively handle more food waste. Higher horsepower motors will have a larger chamber. Higher-end models are equipped with stainless steel chambers. The latter is easier to clean than the more affordable disposals.

Auto reverse

If you want to avoid calling for plumbing repairs or just worried your disposal might jam, consider getting an appliance that has the auto-reverse feature. What this does is, it allows the motors to automatically switch to reverse in the event where something gets stuck in the chamber. The auto-reverse feature can definitely prevent shutdowns as well.

Who to Call for Garbage Disposal Installations

Installing garbage disposals would require the right tools and expertise. There are DIY articles and videos for installing garbage disposals but we would recommend you get in touch with a plumber qualified to install garbage disposals for your kitchen.

Your disposal would need proper installation to ensure it functions effectively. The technician can definitely assist you with this.

What to do When Your Garbage Disposal Leaks

Your garbage disposal may leak from time to time. This doesn’t mean it needs to be replaced right away. When the leak comes from the top rim, there might be something wrong with the gasket. That may leak especially when it’s been used for years. You may need to replace the gasket to fix the leak.

The disposal flange could be another reason why your garbage disposal is leaking. The flange is located in the upper area of the disposal. When it’s not sealed properly, that may leak. To fix it, you will need to tighten it. Call a plumber if you do not know how to resolve the leak. Professional technicians would be able to help you where the leak is coming from and how to rectify it.

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