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The need for sanitary waste removal has not been an issue until people began forming communities and populations grew. The development of case living quarters also made the great outdoor toilet disturbing and disease bringing. Many inventions had to occur before the invention of indoor plumbing that has brought us all luxuries that have now become part of our everyday life. Our plumbing systems should not be taken for granted. It should be cared for and cherished like the lifesaving commodity it is. It’s important to schedule regular plumbing service in order to ensure your plumbing stays functioning properly and efficiently. Preventing plumbing maintenance has many benefits. Benjamin Franklin Plumbing in Saginaw, TX, would be more than happy to assist with any kind of plumbing service you may need.

Plumbing has evolved exponentially throughout the decades and is continuing to do so. The history of plumbing in America starts in the 16 hundred when they first began to use hollowed out trees to pump water through the town and put out house fires with it. This method was not invented in the U.S however. Plumbing systems date back to Ancient Egyptians. The Egyptians were found to actually use copper piping for their plumbing systems. Interestingly enough we use copper piping in today’s piping and did not start using copper piping until the turn of the 19th century. Plumbing service providers were also born during this time. The National Association of Master Plumbers was founded in the 1880s. This organization still exists today as the National Association of Plumbing, Heating, Cooling Contractors, also known as PHCC.

A Brief History of the Plumbing Revolution and How It has Shaped Our New World

Indoor plumbing was an amazing achievement. After the invention of the English Residency shower in 1810, the White House soon had indoor plumbing installed. The installation took place on the first floor and took another 2 decades to install to the upper levels of the establishment. The fact that every home in America has indoor playing is an amazing leap in evolution and one we are grateful for today.

Instantaneous Hot Water

The wooden pipe system was switched over to iron in the 1800s. This switch to iron pipes opens up the metaphorical flood gates to other plumbing enhancements and plumbing service needs. The development of instantaneous hot water followed shortly after the invention of the iron piped plumbing systems. Before the invention of instant hot water, water had to be heated over a fire or under the hot sun. This could be strenuous and it would be hard to get the water to the desired temperature. Household duties and such as laundry and bathing would take longer to accomplish or be done with cold water. Hot water helps clean better and is more comfortable to bath in. Hot water brought a new level of sanitation feats to society. If your home is experiencing any hot water issues you should contact your local plumbing service provider to ensure you can enjoy your instant hot water as intended.

Water Closet Development and Flushing Toilets

Bathrooms had been around for hundreds of years before it became a household commodity in the 1900s. They were called water closets and some regions of the world still refer to it as such. Indoor water closets weren’t a thing before the invention of the flushing toilet for it would be too unsanitary to keep human excrement in a home. Water closets were almost always outside in the form of an outhouse of sorts. The elite sometimes kept chamber pots under their bed or in other discreet places. Chamber pots were very similar to bedpans or buckets. This kind of living is all they knew until the invention of flushing toilets.

Flushing toilets was a revolutionary invention. It was popularized by a man named Thomas crapper in the late 1800s. Before Thomas made it known, the flush was not used much. The only people who had this technology were a very select few in English society. Flush technology was described as far back as 1596, although the invention is credited to Thomas Crapper.

This invention essentially changed the sanitary living conditions in which we lived making it easy for us to use the bathroom wherever and whenever we needed to without coming into contact with the potential lethal microbes that could come from living in literal filth.

He popularized the flushing toilet by using showrooms, the first of its kind. He develops bathroom designs and showcases them in glass windows. This was sort of shocking and neat at the time; it was also appealing to the woman of that century. It quickly became popular and was gradually being built in every single home in America. Although the name Thomas Crapper has become somewhat associated with a humorous aspect of a sort, he has become one of the most revolutionary inventors of all time for this amazing invention. Plumber service offered by Benjamin Franklin Plumbing in Saginaw, TX, will greatly improve your plumbing and flushing systems as Thomas Crapper would have likely wanted for the citizens, he invented this for.

Underground Sewage Lines

The first underground sewer line to be invented in the US was in 1728. Before this invention sewage was literally just thrown out into the street. New York City was the first to develop this due to the warranted complaints of the smell and sight of sewage all over the city.

Open sewage in the street undoubtedly caused other issues as well, including various diseases and illnesses. The installation of the underground sewer lines improved the smell of the city, as well as the public health of American citizens. The city of New York performed a massive plumbing service for the people of the city that we all benefit from today.

Plumbing Service

The Latin root of plumbing stands for lead. The Latin word is plumbum; this also explains why the period symbol for lead is Pb. With that being said is clear that plumbing existed before its rediscovery in the 1600s. Ancient civilizations were very familiar and advanced in their knowledge of plumbing systems. Plumbing service isn’t a new concept, it is essential to everyone’s way of life.

Preventive Maintenance

Preventive Maintenance for your plumbing systems is essential for many reasons and you stand to benefit from it as well. Contact Benjamin Franklin Plumbing in Saginaw, TX to receive thorough and helpful plumbing service assistance today.

A simple annual inspection can help prevent common plumbing disasters. A consistent plumbing maintenance routine can protect the home from leaks. Leaks are detrimental to the value and integrity of a property. It could also lead to other issues. Mold damage, flooding, and humidity are just some of the issues that occur with a neglected leak. Leaks can even be there without your knowledge. Leaks can happen in crawl spaces, basements, and walls before they even become noticeable. Hiring a trusted and local plumbing service provider to ensure there are no hidden or displayed leaks lurking in your home or business.

Fewer Repairs and Replacements Needed

According to collected data plumbing systems can last anywhere from 17 to 100 years. The median age of most pipe systems is an average of about 35 years or so. This means your plumbing system may already b overdue for a system replacement. Considering how old some of the homes in America can be, especially in more historical districts, it’s important to have a plumbing service provider perform maintenance and analysis on your plumbing systems regularly.

The longevity of your plumbing system can vary greatly and is directly related to a number of different factors. Those factors consist of the pipe systems age, usage, plumbing service care, and history emergency repair issues.

Better Water Pressure and Reduced Bill

Our pipes today are made out of various materials. The materials can all be the same or interchanged in some places. This requires a skilled plumbing service provider to analyze due to the different needs and issues your property’s unique plumbing system may have. Metal pipes, such as ones made from copper, are good quality pipes. Copper pipes are typically used for water supply. Copper can withstand high amounts of pressure and lasts for a long time. Other material pipes such as iron aren’t good for a water supply because it tends to corrode. All pipe systems break down from time to time. Various other factors such as leaks and debris in the pipe system can cause blockages to occur. This, in turn, will lower the amount of water streaming from your faucets.

This is bad news for your pockets if left unchecked. You will continue to pay the same amount for less of what you are paying for. A professional and trusted plumbing service provider would be able to fix that issue by removing any debris or simply changing the amount of water that enters your home easily and efficiently.

No More Pesky Drips

Another way it saves you money and the environment is by fixing those pesky dripping taps. A dripping tap can waste up to 20 to 200 liters of water a day. This will accumulate to gallons over the months and tons of waste over the years. Wasted water is a terrible thing especially with what we have happened around us in the world today.

If you own a business just imagine the enhanced bathroom functionalities your home would exhibit due to the improved water pressure and preventive maintenance. The high usage of these appliances can make it common for issues to occur. The best method to stop them from occurring is preventive maintenance from a licensed plumbing service provider or company.

Better Water Quality

One of the best benefits of preventive maintenance is the improvement in your water quality. You can prevent sediment from building up in your system and other debris from entering your homes drinking, cooking, and bathing water by regularly receiving maintenance checks from a local plumbing service provider, such as Benjamin Franklin Plumbing, in Saginaw, TX.

What to Expect with Preventive Maintenance

Every property with a plumbing mechanism is bound to experience some kind of malfunctions stemming from it. Some systems are better than others but all systems become faulty at one point or another. This is the natural course of any kind of machinery. A professional plumbing service provider will be able to fix faulty plumbing systems and improve your life with preventive maintenance. Plumbers perform a variety of services when it comes to pipe systems.

Fix or Replace

Licensed plumbers will fix what’s broken. All pipes can fix or replaced. Plumbing service providers at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing know what’s required and can help you save money by consulting with you and providing the best recommendation on what services you need. This company can also perform the services for you.

No More Clogs

Preventive maintenance services can also prevent clogs from forming and even fix stubborn ones that won’t go away with regular drain cleaning chemicals and snakes. The accumulation of objects, hair, and debris, can form solid masses that completely block your drain. This leads to slow draining, overflows, and sometimes flooding. A plumbing service provider can easily and skilfully remove major clogs through proven and damage-free methods.

Perfect Porcelain Thrones

One of the most revolutionary inventions of the modern plumbing systems is the toilet. Toilets are always reliable until they are not. These seemingly sturdy porcelain thrones break and malfunction easily. Toilets can clog and overflow just like sinks and clogs. If you notice your toilet clogs more than often or has flushes slowly you should contact a plumber sooner than later before it overflows.

Sometimes calling a plumber may feel embarrassing depending on the cause of the problem. However, you should not be embarrassed, any issues relating to your plumbing is what Benjamin Franklin Plumbing in Saginaw, TX, is for. This well-known and trusted company is well equipped to handle any and all of your plumbing service needs and will do so with a smile. Enjoy the luxury of efficiently operating plumbing appliances by scheduling your preventive maintenance services today.