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Exceptional Main Water Line Repair | Arlington, TX

Exceptional Main Water Line Repair | Arlington, TX

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There are lots of reasons to love living in Arlington, TX. Friendly faces comprise a community in the Mid-Cities region leaving the town almost equidistant from Fort Worth and Dallas.

Did you know Arlington is the 7th most populous city in the state and the 48th most inhabited town in the United States?

Arlington, TX is a true bowlers’ dream destination with the International Bowling Hall of Fame, U.S. Bowling Congress, and the International Bowling Museum all found at the International Bowling Campus.

Whether you like to roll strikes or watch the Dallas Cowboys score touchdowns at AT&T Stadium, there’s plenty to keep locals busy.

Our team at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Fort Worth – Arlington, TX keeps the water flowing, toilets flushing, and taps rinsing in the Dallas-Fort Worth region.

The industrious community has enjoyed the passive income from fracking endeavors for many years now which helps the town thrive and contribute to the health of the U.S. economy.

However, as vertical drilling technology advances and more and more people engage with extracting gas from the large shale underneath the city the region begins to experience a surge in small tremors and earthquakes.

The unnatural, subterranean movement disturbs the plumbing systems and can harm your homes’ pipes, the pipes can burst causing leaks in individual and municipal water lines.

The Benjamin Franklin Plumbing team specializes in dealing with water line repair and installation. Our expertise will aid in streamlining repairs while saving you money.

Top Considerations for Water Line Repair/Replacements

  • When preparing for a water line repair it’s vital to consider the age of your plumbing system and what materials it is constructed from. Homes built in the 1940s and 1950s are most likely outfitted with lead water pipes. In the 1960s and 1970s, hazardous lead pipes were replaced with 1-inch soft copper tubing as plumbing components.


  • Fresh water is brought into your home from the street water supply. Elements like the depth of the water main and obstructions (tree roots, stumps, concrete, etc.) will play an integral part in the cost incurred by the home or business owner.


  • Obstructions and blockages can make it difficult for technicians to access the water main and raises the cost of the work. The biggest contributory factors include location, labor cost, identifying and working with the PEX water supply pipe’s location, removing concrete, and bedrock drive up water line repair and installation expenses.


  • Depth of the street water main will impact the cost. Licensing is permission to dig into the waterline. It’s imperative to ensure before excavating a water line trench that none of the systems are slowed down or negatively impacted by the dig. Make sure to discuss this with a licensed technician during the project bidding phase.


  • Choose PVC or PEX water supply tubing. These materials are economical and built to last. However, freezing temperatures and areas with intense ground frost aren’t suitable for these materials. Copper isn’t ideal for sandy areas due to corrosive particles in the soil. Our team will help you choose the appropriate products for your homes’ plumbing.

Customer Testimonials

“For the past few years, I’ve noticed really sodden spots throughout our front yard. The gardener mentioned something about the water main leaks, but I couldn’t wrap my mind around why a water line would drench specific parts of the yard.

My wife pleaded with me to call the plumber when the water pressure in the upstairs bathroom went dead. That bathroom needed a new faucet and tap anyway, so I bought and installed a new unit. I didn’t hear any more complaints from my wife about the water pressure and I assumed it was fixed.

It wasn’t fixed. Once winter rolled around, the problems started to mount. The water pressure in all the units stopped working and when we could get the water running, even just a trickle, it made a low groan until we turned off the tap.

I spent almost $1200 to have a plumber tell me I needed a water line repair. That’s just for the evaluation, this guy didn’t do any work. I doubled down and researched competitive water line repair services and decided to try Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Fort Worth.

Right from the beginning, I knew they were different. The receptionist asked me informed questions and seemed to already know the issues facing my household. I asked about the cost and she told me that the plumber would review all labor and parts costs before the work took place.

I don’t know what I expected but the technician turned up right on time. He showed me his badge and went straight to work completing the estimate.

The plumber was helpful, friendly, and guided me through the entirety of the process. By the time the job was done, I’d come to view the technician as my friend. I’m not going to lie, it’s expensive to have a water line replacement. Yet, after speaking to my friends who have undergone similar household work I understand I got an incredible deal from Ben Franklin. I’ll be calling them first whenever we’ve got any plumbing issues!”

Dave Hopt, Mansfield, TX, December 2019

“By the time Benjamin Franklin Plumbing got involved, I’d hired two other water line services to renovate the plumbing system in the Grand Prairie house I bought to flip for an easy profit. The roots of an ancient Texas Cedar Elm had penetrated the pipes and corroded what was left of them.

The first water line repair technicians couldn’t find the municipal water main. They spent the better part of two weeks digging up my lawn! The second team got off to a good start and we even could wash our hands, but then the next day the water turned brownish and stunk. I got into a disagreement with the manager about the possibility of natural gas flooding the house that I ended our collaboration.

The Ben Franklin team had it together from the first phone call to the time I signed off on the last payment. They completed the job 10 days early, the cost was nearly 15 percent less than what they initially estimated, and the plumbing is functioning like a dream. Today, I’m going to sign off on the sale of the Grand Prairie home! Thanks to Benjamin Franklin Plumbing I still made a profit!”

Donna Orleans, Arlington, TX, May 2019

“I knew something was badly wrong when I woke up to find my front and back yards completely submerged in water. It was like I had beachfront property without the sandy shore! I’ve been a regular client of Ben Franklin Plumbing for several years and when this happened I phoned them immediately.

There’s more than one reason why I rely on Ben Franklin’s for all my plumbing repairs but the main one is because they turn up ready to work on time every time. They’ve never charged me one additional cent than what was estimated and they did the job is done right! They fixed it up within a few weeks from start to finish. They did a fantastic job. They’ve already been hired for all the regular plumbing maintenance that needs to be done from time to time.”

Gabriel Sanchez, Arlington, TX April 2018

5 Indicators You Need Water Line Repair or Replacement

Before you start to panic and begin counting your change jars to afford a water line repair or installation take a breath and review the following issues. If you’re noticing some of these problems around your home or office give our team a call and we can send a technician to evaluate the problem. We’ll figure out a way to get your plumbing working at an affordable price no matter the size of the task.

1.  Mineral Stains

A tale-tell sign that you need a water line repair is the presence of mineral stains. These stains are often coppery or reddish/brown tints to the water flowing from your taps. This is a colorful warning about the state of your water line. The discoloration is caused by the type of material the pipe is made out of, the units’ deterioration, and dirt.


2.  Puddles in the Yard

Sodden and damp areas in your yard when it hasn’t been raining for a long while is another red flag that you need water line repair. The water service line cracks and leaks under the surface of the yard.


3.  Hissing and Rumbling Sounds

The only time you should hear anything from the water line is when the water is running inside your home. If there’s rumbling and hissing sounds coming from the pipe where it enters your house, then this indicates water rushing from the copper tubing between your home, the cast iron, and the PVC lateral line in the road.


4.  Loss of Water Pressure

Leaks often impact the vigor of the stream of water from any faucet in an impacted home or office. However, many things cause weak water pressure and don’t automatically mean you’ll need a water line repair. It’s possible that the water main might be losing water.


5.  Ridiculously High Water Rates

Sky-high water rates are another sign that something is off with your plumbing. Not only does a busted water main drain your financial services, but it also reduces the amount of potable water available to other community members who share the municipal water pipe. Protect your bank account and the environment! Don’t delay if you think something is wrong with your plumbing or if you do a water line repair!

Waterline repair and installation bring up images of dug up front lawns and busted up concrete causing dust clouds as inconvenienced neighbors from behind their screen doors.

A water line repair and installation can indeed be a multi stage-phased job, but our team of water line repair experts has streamlined the process in finding municipal and residential water line leaks, repairing and replacing them.

All of our technicians periodically refresh their skills to remain the best plumbers and technicians in the industry. The technology surrounding municipal plumbing networks is continually changing requiring our team members to complete thorough training to apply the advancements and better serve our customers.

The Impact of Fracking

It’s no surprise to find out that there’s a downside to removing the gas from the shale in the earth. The movement of the vertical drill and the process of forcing pressurized water, chemicals, and sand cause small tremors and earthquakes. While the fracking industry provides many Arlington, TX families with an additional passive income, it also causes plumbing troubles for many of them.

The extra movement in the earth caused by fracking can negatively impact your water line causing leaks, obstructions, and even burst the pipes. Our seasoned team has been troubleshooting fracking-related plumbing issues for years. We offer a unique service specifically for fracking clients that need a water line repair.

Our bespoke water line repair service is tailored to best serve the individual issue at hand, giving our technicians the ability to complete the job efficiently and at a lower price point. The flexibility and resourcefulness of the plumbers and technicians employed at Benjamin Franklin Fort Worth are unrivaled when it comes to quickly completing a water line repair at affordable prices.

“It takes many good deeds to build a good reputation, and only one bad one to lose it.”

Benjamin Franklin

We take our founding fathers’ often repeated words to heart. At Benjamin Franklin Plumbing we strive to build our reputation with every client we serve. We do this through hiring hardworking specialists who respect the Arlington, TX community and want to see it flourish. We’re here to keep your water working and clean.

We’re happy to answer any questions you might have about water line repair and installation. We’ll be able to walk you through what to expect before, during, and after the task is complete. Our promise to you is to provide a comprehensive estimate and an accurate timeline while exceeding your expectations.