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Expansion Tank | Plumber Fort Worth

Expansion Tank | Plumber Fort Worth

Expansion Tank | Plumber Fort Worth

Thermal expansion refers to the attribute of water to expand when heated, resulting in an increased volume. When this process occurs in a closed hot water system, damage can occur to the water heater and the home’s plumbing due to rising pressure. The installation of an expansion tank by a Benjamin Franklin plumber in Fort Worth will assure that no damage occurs – or potential leaks, by providing a receptacle for the excess volume of water, thereby reducing the pressure. In simplified terms, the expansion tank serves as an overflow receptacle for the expanded hot water.

Expansion Tank | Plumber Fort Worth

An expansion tank is sized according to the hot water needs of the household, the capacity of the home’s water heater, and the pressure of the water entering your home. Hiring a qualified, licensed plumber for the installation of an expansion tank will assure a proper installation, and the required size expansion tank that your home needs. You can rely on a professional installation of an expansion tank by our qualified plumbers in Fort Worth.

Homeowner’s installing a new water heater should carefully consider is the warranty terms, which may require an expansion tank installation. These terms underscore the advantage of hiring a licensed and qualified plumber for installation, as a plumber in Fort Worth will be aware of local code and water heater requirements.

Furthermore, the installation of an expansion tank is recommended in the following situations:

  • With backflow preventer installation 
  • With water meter replacement 
  • With water heater replacement 
  • In new home construction 
  • With the installation of a pressure regulator on the home’s service line

A Benjamin Franklin Plumbing plumber in Fort Worth specializes in the installation and repair of expansion tanks.


The expansion tank should have an annual air pressure check to ensure proper operation. A Benjamin Franklin’s plumber in Fort Worth offers a wide range of expert plumbing services for Arlington, Fort Worth and the surrounding areas. Benjamin Franklin Plumbing backs all of its plumbing repairs and installations with our 100% satisfaction guarantee, and is a member of the BBB with an A+ rating.

The Pressure Regulator

High water pressure, whether from expanded hot water or other causes is a major source of leaks and pipe damage. However, the most common source of high water pressure is the municipal water supply. While the maximum recommended water pressure for a residence is 80 psi, water authorities often set the pressure in excess of 100 psi, and even more than 150 psi. This is to ensure the water needs are met for fire hydrants, high rises, or buildings on a high elevation. Homes located in areas with high water pressure typically utilize a pressure regulator to bring it down to a safe level. 

Testing your water pressure is a simple task with a water pressure gauge, which screws into an outdoor faucet. When the water is turned on, the gauge provides the amount of water pressure. If your home does not have a pressure regulator, a Benjamin Franklin plumber in Fort Worth can install one for you, providing protection for your plumbing and water heater. Remember, if you require a pressure regulator to control high water pressure, the installation of an expansion tank is recommended.

Unfortunately, a pressure regulator will not last forever, and will require replacement by a qualified plumber in Fort Worth. The device is typically installed on the home’s water main at the water meter, providing protection to the pipe, and outdoor plumbing such as sprinklers, as well as the plumbing in the home. Installation requires the water main to be cut for its installation. Entrust the installation of the pressure regulator only to a licensed plumber to prevent the risk of a potentially costly leak.

A pressure regulator will not protect your plumbing from leaks and damage due to thermal expansion, an expansion tank is required to provide this protection. Contact Benjamin Franklin Plumbing for your home’s plumbing needs, including expansion tank installation, and other plumbing services. Benjamin Franklin is dedicated to your 100% satisfaction, and fine quality plumbing services and products for your home. Call today to schedule service with a licensed, qualified plumber in Fort Worth. We serve Fort Worth, Arlington and the surrounding areas, and are a member of the BBB with a consistent A+ rating.