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Expansion Tank | Plumbing Arlington

Expansion Tank | Plumbing Arlington

Expansion Tank | Plumbing Arlington

Water expands when it is heated in a process called thermal expansion. For example, a 52-gallon tank of cold incoming water expands to about 52 gallons or more once the water is hot. In the past, the extra water volume would back up in the home’s plumbing in Arlington and in sufficient amounts, would back up into the municipal water supply. However, 2004 regulations affecting plumbing require backflow preventer installation, to prevent the water in homes from contaminating the municipal water supply. Benjamin Franklin Plumbing can install an expansion tank in your home.

Consequently, when the water expands now, it has no place to go. This increases the pressure in the water pipes, and can damage plumbing, appliances, and water heaters. A Thermal Expansion Tank will protect your home’s plumbing in Arlington by allowing water to flow into it, relieving the built-up pressure inside the water heater. 

How it Works

The majority of residential hot water heaters are closed systems. When an expansion tank is installed, increased water pressure inside the conventional water heater forces a diaphragm in the expansion tank to retract. Once retracted it allows hot water to enter the expansion tank, reducing the pressure in the water heater, and preventing damage to it, appliances, or water pipes. The hot water that collects in the expansion tank is released into the hot water pipes as needed.

As your municipality updates with backflow preventer installation, local and state code updates may require expansion tank installation. Whether required or not, it is highly recommended that you contact a plumber in Arlington for the professional installation of an expansion tank to protect your plumbing and appliances. Current recommendations call for expansion tank installation after the following:

  • Water meter replacement with a dual backflow valve
  • With water heater replacement
  • With new home construction 
  • When a backflow prevention device is installed on the water meter 
  • When a pressure reducing valve is installed on the service line

Professional installation is recommended to assure the proper size of expansion tank for your water heater. Furthermore, a number of homeowners are opting to install the equipment with or without these changes, as the expansion tank provides an added level of protection for their plumbing in Arlington.


Expansion tanks will require periodic service to ensure proper operation. Benjamin Franklin Plumbing can provide the expansion tank installation, and service you need.

An expansion tank provides the best option to provide for your family’s safety, the integrity of your home and its plumbing in Arlington.

The installation of an expansion tank is an effective means of providing protection for a water heater, your home’s plumbing in Arlington, and its appliances from the damaging effects of thermal expansion. Furthermore, an expansion tank provides an additional level of protection for your home from water leaks. Contact Benjamin Franklin Plumbing for the professional installation of an expansion tank for your home. You can rely upon our licensed plumbers in Arlington for quality plumbing services, your satisfaction is guaranteed. We serve Arlington, Fort Worth and the surrounding areas, and are a member of the BBB with an A+ rating.