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Experienced Plumbers | Water Line Repair Arlington

Experienced Plumbers | Water Line Repair Arlington

Experienced Plumbers | Water Line Repair Arlington

Benjamin Franklin Plumbing provides exceptional waterline repair in Arlington. From the installation of new water line, to repair of the existing water line, our experienced plumbers can provide for all of your home’s water line needs.waterline repair in Arlington

Water is a crucial component of modern life, and when a problem occurs leaving your home high and dry, give us a call. Our plumbers in Arlington will arrive on time, provide the outstanding service, and clean up after the job is complete. Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed, and all of our repairs receive a two-year warranty.

When a waterline leaks, it can cause serious damage to your home, and its foundation, and increases the risk of mold developing. If you suspect a water leak, call Benjamin Franklin Plumbing for prompt, professional waterline repair in Arlington.

Water Line Issues

The water main is the pipe that supplies water from the municipal source to your home. It lies deeply in the ground. In the past, accessing the water main meant digging up the lawn to, but with modern trenchless technology, this is unnecessary. The following are common factors that may cause the need for waterline repair in Arlington, or replacement of the water main.

Tree Roots

Tree roots are common sources of issues with the water main. The roots of trees seek water and the roots can slowly make their way into your water main through the joints in the pipes. Eventually, the roots can clog the pipe, shutting off your source of water and causing leaks underground where signs may not be visible.

Ground Shifting

Due to weather and soil conditions, ground shifts and/or settling may occur over time and cause cracks in your water main.


If you have an older home, the water line may be nearing or past the life expectancy of the pipe. Age can cause pipe to become brittle, and to corrode and leak.


Outdated galvanized pipe rusts over time. As the interior of the pipe becomes irregular with rust scale, the mineral deposits of hard water can cling to the surface. Either factor alone or together can cause a blockage resulting in low water pressure. Eventually, the corroded pipe will leak. Replace galvanized pipe as quickly as possible

Water Line Replacement

Unfortunately, age and deterioration will eventually affect a home’s plumbing, when deterioration is an issue the pipe will require replacement. Benjamin Franklin’s dedicated plumbers provide comprehensive water line replacement services throughout Arlington and Fort Worth area. We can provide traditional water line replacement as well as trenchless. Give us a call, our experienced and licensed plumbers can replace your home’s water main with efficiency and minimal disruption to your daily life.

Water Line Installation

It requires a great amount of skill and training to provide a proper water line replacement in your home. If you are building a new home, let the professional plumbers Benjamin Franklin Plumbing install your new water line. We will ensure a professional installation for trouble-free plumbing, and assist you in selecting a material that best serves you and your budget.

Water Line Services

Benjamin Franklin Plumbing provides a broad range of exceptionally high quality plumbing services, including waterline repair in Arlington, replacement and new installation. We only hire highly trained, professional, experienced plumbers, who are respectful of your property and strive to provide superior quality plumbing, and first quality customer service. If you need waterline repair in Arlington, give us a call. We serve Arlington, Fort Worth and the surrounding areas, and are a member of the BBB with an A+ rating.