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Expert Emergency Plumbing Repair and Professional Maintenance from an Excellent Plumber | Arlington, TX

Expert Emergency Plumbing Repair and Professional Maintenance from an Excellent Plumber | Arlington, TX

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At Benjamin Franklin Plumbing, our plumbers rush to your emergencies, inspect and repair your plumbing problems, and provide expert advice when you’re remodeling. Our number is all you need to make sure your home’s water and gas systems are in good shape. As a top plumbing service in the Arlington, TX area, we have the equipment, personnel, and knowledge to meet your plumbing needs skillfully and provide plumbers who take pride in their work.

Benjamin Franklin Plumbers Are Family

We’re a family-run business and members of the local community, taking pride in our work for our friends, neighbors, and others who count on us. Plumbing maintenance and repair is an essential part of homeownership. As homeowners ourselves, we know it can be a stressful one both from the effects that leaks and blocked drains can have and the concerns about costs that hidden problems and sewer malfunctions can bring. We provide not only skilled help but caring advice about maintaining your plumbing to avoid problems and budgeting for large repairs. Of course, we enjoy being a part of your planning, costing, and executing remodeling plans that make your home a better place to live. It is our pleasure to provide Benjamin Franklin Plumbing quality service to our local Arlington, TX area.

Modern Techniques for an Ancient and Practical Art

In Roman times, plumbing principles being developed in the region were put to good use to help their civilization live in close connection with each other and provide water while removing parasites and waste. Plumbing has evolved significantly over many centuries, and these days it can take only decades to make major changes in how plumbers get their work done, using new advanced technological equipment and pipe materials to simplify their work and improve the results of today’s residential and commercial plumbing and heating systems.

Plumbing Fixes for Your Bathroom

Our most common job in your bathroom is clearing a stopped up toilet or sink, but there’s more that we do as your plumber, from toilet tank mechanism repairs and overflow leaks or “running” to bathroom sink valve repairs and replacement. Your tub drain is likely to need service from time to time, and we can repair your shower head or replace it with one that you prefer.

Conventional Water Heater Repair and Replacement

We’ve got the plumbing and gas fitting skills and licensing to provide complete water heater services. Our plumber will help you keep your hot water flowing and avoid catastrophic leaks from old, rusted units. We can also replace heating elements and inspect your water heater for safe and efficient operation.

Drain Cleaning — Our Specialty

Our phone rings day and night calls from people whose drains are slow, clogged, or backing up. Our drain service is one way that we get new long-term customers — when people experience the skills of a professional, reliable Arlington, TX plumber in their time of need, they tend to rely on us in the future. Drain issues can be anything from a ring dropped down the kitchen drain to soap and hair clogs in the bathroom. Sometimes there’s a problem further down the pipe or in the sewer line, and we’re ready to handle whatever it may be.

Expansion Tanks

This important safety resource for hot water heating systems usually just does its job quietly. When your boiler is venting water, however, it may be time to call a plumber who can check out the situation. Since water expands when heated, a missing or malfunctioning expansion tank will force the boiler to deal with the rising pressure by other means. For any heating system water concerns, give us a call and we’ll make sure you’re safe.

Faucet Repair & Replacement

Sometimes you just want one of those nice new touch-sensitive or elegantly designed faucets for your bathroom or kitchen sink. We’re glad to provide professional installation services and adjust your sink’s plumbing if needed to accommodate the new faucet. For older faucets that are leaking or not working properly, our plumber can repack them and make any other repairs that are needed.

Line Repairs & Installation

We don’t just make repairs and updates around your home, we are experts in caring for the water supply and sewer lines that enter and exit your house. We use the latest technology to keep these repairs as simple as possible and limit the amount of digging required to check and fix them. Ask about our free camera inspection!

Garbage Disposal Repairs and Replacement

After years of grinding, your garbage disposal will need replacement and we’re ready to send one of our plumbers to put a new one in for you. Along the way, we can help with any problems that don’t warrant replacement of the unit such as hard material stuck in the blades, leaks around the connections, and disposal overheating problems.

Kitchen Plumbing, Appliance Installation, and Renovations

Your kitchen is the heart of your home. Our plumber will make sure the plumbing and appliances are running smoothly and making your life easier. When they’re no longer meeting your needs, we’re ready to install new ones with eco-friendly features. Our plumbing and gas fitting skills make it easy to install that gas range, specialty oven, or auxiliary bar sink that makes working in the kitchen a gourmet experience.

Renovation Advice for Your Kitchen

When the urge to renovate strikes and you’re envisioning a new kitchen, let us help you with ideas and then perform the plumbing and appliance installation and run gas lines as needed for stoves and ovens. We can work with you and your designers to provide the plumbing solutions you need to create the kitchen of your dreams.

Pipe Breaks — Repair and Replacement

Fast, expert service can help limit the damage caused by a pipe break. When you realize that water or waste are spilling into your home or yard, it’s time to put us to work tracking and repairing it with the greatest speed and precision. We’ll make repairs or replace sections of piping to ensure that what we fix, stays fixed. Of course, if repiping your home is advisable anyway for reasons such as water quality or plumbing system age and materials, pipe breaks may be a sign that it’s time to look into renewing your home’s plumbing from top to bottom.

Bathroom Fixture Replacement — Sinks & Tubs

Fixtures in the bathroom may have been in place for decades, and it takes some special knowledge to disconnect and prepare the pipes for new fixtures. In many cases, additional lengths of pipe or metal hose may be required to complete the installation. Our expertise will show as everything comes together just as you’ve planned, with our plumbing ready to receive your nice new bathroom equipment. Whether it’s just a new sink, a modern basin, or a whole new tub and shower either built-in or old-style clawfoot, we’re the plumbers you can count on to make it happen smoothly.

Finding and Fixing Slab Leaks & Gas Leaks

Slab leaks, like other hidden piping problems, can take a lot of work and dismantling to locate the problem. Removing concrete or digging below it is no longer necessary in many cases, as new sound-based technologies use principles of physics to listen and calculate the location of the leak. If your leak is detectable using this equipment, we can save a lot of time and trouble thanks to modern techniques. Plumbing may be based on ancient principles, but it’s always evolving.

Sump Pump Installation and Replacement

A simple pump in a key location, this hardworking equipment keeps your home from being invaded by rising water levels from periodic weather-related flooding or water tables that occasionally press against your foundation. We install sump pumps and ensure that they are of sufficient capacity and power for your needs, piping the outlet through your foundation or another exit to allow the sump pump’s extracted water to be removed away from your home.

Tankless Water Heaters

Rather than a large standing tank of hot water, some homes have a tankless model that quickly heats water passing through it. Our plumbers can install a whole-house model or an under-sink water heater to ensure that your kitchen water is hot enough for sanitary use while the rest of the house has more moderate hot water for safety. For gas-based models, we can provide both plumbing and gas fitting as we install the tankless water heater.

Whole House and Kitchen Water Filtration Systems

Bring your city water up to your higher standards with a whole-house filtration system or a kitchen-based filter to ensure that you’re cooking with and drinking the good stuff. If you are getting water from a well, it’s even more important to make sure that you’re filtering it to ensure consistently good water for yourself and your family. In some cases, your plumber may also suggest that you consider repiping to upgrade your old pipes, especially if their materials are affecting your water quality.

Repiping and Whole-House Inspections

If your home is older or was built during a time when the materials plumbers used turned out to have faults and have since fallen out of favor, repiping may be a good idea. It’s not as complicated as it sounds, and when you have all-new pipes throughout your home you know you can rely on them and trust the water that you drink and bathe in. From the supply lines in your walls to your drains and sewer line, new techniques help us replace lines where needed with higher efficiency and quality than ever before.

Well Repairs and Testing

We can replace well pumps and related plumbing and arrange to have your water tested periodically to ensure the source is uncontaminated. Since your whole house’s water supply relies on a healthy well, let us ensure that it is functioning optimally and in good shape.

Septic Repairs

Repairs to your sewer line are a great alternative to digging a trench and replacing the defective line. There are many new ways to check out the condition of the pipe from the inside and then reline or patch the sewer line internally with a minimum of disruption in your yard. Call us if you’re concerned about your sewer, and let’s see if we can find a solution that’s better than you imagined.

Low-Dig Yard Line & Water Leaks

We have equipment that can help identify the location and type of leaks in your water lines and pipes. If you’ve ever had a hidden leak in the past, you know what a mess exploring for the source can produce. Let us show you the modern way to use technology to explore without tearing holes in yards, walls, floors, and concrete.

We Know Plumbing Code and Work with Local Inspectors Who Trust Us

Quality plumbing is essential for public health and safety, and as plumbers we are accountable for the work we do, following the exacting standards of the building code and working with local inspectors to ensure that our project design and implementation are excellent. As plumbers who earn professionals’ trust as well as customers, we can save you time and money simply by doing the job right the first time.

FREE Camera Inspection

Our video camera system can save you money and make our plumbers’ lives a lot easier by identifying the exact problem in your drains and sewers. Once we see what we’re dealing with and how far down the pipe it’s located, we can target our repair and get the job done right. Best of all, our camera inspection service is free.

The One Number Your Need For Arlington, TX Area Plumbing Needs

Call us at 817-983-7876 for emergency plumber service or to talk about your plumbing repairs and improvement projects. If you’ve got remodeling on your mind, call us early to get ideas about the latest plumbing techniques, modern fixtures, and other ways to make your project unique. Our team at Benjamin Franklin is waiting for your call!