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Are You Facing Clogged Sewer Line Issue? | Plumber in Haslet, TX

Are You Facing Clogged Sewer Line Issue? | Plumber in Haslet, TX

The most common plumbing problems faced in a house are related to the toilet and sink clogs. While some of these minor issues are mostly tackled by homeowners on their own, the majority of these issues require the assistance of a professional plumber in Haslet, TX.

Homeowners attempt to fix these clogging issues by using a plunger or some commercial drain cleaner. Something that is not recommended by professionals as this can be highly dangerous for your drain pipes. Another reason why it is not recommended to try fixing the issue as a DIY project is because sewer line clogging is not easily fixable by using a chemical drainer or plunger. If you try to fix the issue with this irrelevant tool, this might cause more damage and a huge sewer back up to deal with.

Clogged sewer line, particularly in old houses are usually complex and call for the professional attention. One basic reason why clogged sewer line is a common problem in Haslet, TX is because homeowners pay no attention to its regular repair or maintenance. They don’t pay any attention to their sewer drain system until it’s too late. So if you have also made the same mistake and facing a clogged sewer system issue then here are some tips to follow. If you take these preventive measures, it will help in keeping your sewer system effective and efficient for many years to come.

Moreover, all of these preventive measures are also recommended by professional plumbers in Haslet, TX.

Let’s have a look

Nontoxic Cleaning

If you want to keep a healthy and operational sewer system then clean the pipes each month using some enzyme cleaner. There are numerous cleaners available on the market for this purpose. However, be very careful and never use a cleaner that is chemical based. Such a cleaner leads to more damage than resolution. They damage the lining of drain lines causing more leaks and frequent repair cost. So go to your local house improvement store and use the ones that are specifically designed for the purpose by some reputed manufacturers.

Replace Damaged Clay Pipes

If you live in an older house (built before the 50s), you might have a clay sewer line installed in your house. Clay pipes are not at all efficient and must be replaced immediately. As per the plumbers in Haslet, TX they can get damaged easily and may require heavy repair work. They can easily get infiltrated by tree roots as they are more permeable in nature.

If you have been hearing some strange gurgling noises and facing slow drain issue, it is one of the first telltale sign of; drain line infiltrated by tree roots. So if you are living in an old house then it is not recommended to handle the clogged sewer line issue on your own. You may end up causing more damage to your sewer line than any good. Instead, take the immediate assistance of a reputed plumber in Haslet, TX to fix the issue without further delay.

Keep the Surrounding Area of Sewer Line Clean

One of the most costly and common reasons that make a sewer line to back up is the infiltration of plant and tree roots. As we have already stated, this frequently happens to sewerage line which is built of clay. However, this is not a hard and fast rule. This can also occur in modern sewer lines. So the plumber in Haslet, TX recommends removing the tree or plants from the surroundings. Keep such bushes feet away from the main sewer line. In fact, before you set out to plant new plants in your garden make sure you know the exact location of the sewer lines.

Never Flush Trash or Tissue Roles down the Toilet

There is only one thing that is allowed to be flushed down, that is human waste, and there is no exception to it. The most common reason why we face clogged sewer line in our houses as well as offices is that people pay no consideration and flush down trash and toilet papers.

Even though you see many advertisements of products that are claimed to be flushable, avoid the practice from this moment onwards. Similarly, wipes are not at all flushable material and in any form and may wreak havoc on plumbing. In addition to that, there are also some items such as female hygiene products, floss, tissues, cat litter, cotton balls, cigarette butts and others that should never be flushed down.

As per the plumber in Haslet, TX all of these items are common culprits so you must throw them in the bin rather than flushing them down. This will help you keep your sewer drain system free from blockage.

Regular Repair and Maintenance of Sewer Lines

The most recommended preventive measure is to ensure the regular repair and maintenance of your sewer line. This is something that is ignored by the majority of homeowners. Even minor issues related to your sewerage line shouldn’t be taken lightly. It is one of the most major plumbing systems in your house and a clogged sewerage line may make your house an unlivable place. Thus when you make sure to go with annual cleaning of the sewer line, it should also include the cleaning of debris or any other matter from the surrounding – as briefly mentioned above.

If you are living in Haslet, TX and already facing the stressful situation of a clogged sewer line, it’s time to call the professionals. To get the top quality services, head over to Benjamin Franklin right away. It is one of the most reputed plumbing services in the entire Haslet, TX. Their team of professionals is well versed in handling the most complex plumbing issues. They hold years of experience in their field and are best known for the quality of work.

With them, you can ensure a complete assessment of your sewer line. You may also take their professional insight on tips to keep your sewer line functional and unclogged in the future.