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Faucet Repair & Installation | Plumbers Arlington Texas

Faucet Repair & Installation | Plumbers Arlington Texas

Faucet Repair | Plumbers Arlington, Texas

Faucet Services

Faucets are an essential component of the plumbing system, and in time will require repair and/or replacement due to worn out, broken or corroded parts. Faucets in need of repair or replacement often leak, and risk the waste of significant water. Even worse, a leaky faucet can at any time develop into a full stream and overflowing sink. When this occurs use the shut-off valve to the water off to the faucet, or at the meter if your home lacks these convenient valves.Plumbers Arlington Texas

Benjamin Franklin Plumbing’s plumbers in Arlington, Texas can take care of any faucet repair, and/or faucet replacement of indoor or outdoor faucets in residential or commercial applications. Our plumber will provide expert repair of any type of faucet – disk and ball, compression or cartridge. We can provide you with a faucet, or install one that you have purchased.

Commercial and Residential Faucet Services

Benjamin Franklin’s licensed, professional plumbers in Arlington, Texas offer faucet repair, replacement and installation of commercial faucets, as well as for the residential sector.

Leaky faucets in need of repair waste water, elevating the water and sewer bill. Our professional plumbers in Arlington, Texas can take care of your faucet problem. Furthermore, you are assured of a quality job, backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Buying Your Own Plumbing Parts

Benjamin Franklin Plumbing will install one of our quality faucets, or the faucet you purchase yourself. Homeowners often purchase plumbing items and hire a plumber for the installation. Unfortunately, plumbers are unable to warranty products the homeowner has purchased. If a problem occurs with the fixture, it can cost homeowner’s more than if they had allowed the plumber to provide the product in the first place. You will be better off to ask your plumber if he stocks or can order a specific brand and model of plumbing product that you need. If the plumber supplies it, he can back the warranty if a problem occurs.

Products sold in home supply stores may not be of the same quality as those your plumber can provide. Even high dollar brands sold in home supply stores may be a lesser grade than those a plumber would supply.

Your plumber can advise you on the quality of a brand and model available in retail stores. Your plumber knows from years of experience which products are the best.

Generally, when a faucet from a retail outlet proves to be defective while under warranty, you have to call the manufacturer, who may require you to remove the faucet and ship it to them. Afterwards, they will send you another one or reimburse you the purchase price. However, it will typically be your responsibility to pay a plumber to remove the defective faucet and install the new one.

You also have the inconvenience of being without a faucet during the interim. Buying the faucet from your plumber eliminates all of the inconvenience. Your plumber provides a warranty without having to wait for a manufacturer to ship a faucet. Few persons are aware that the fixtures a plumber provides are generally of a higher grade than retail products. Benjamin Franklin’s plumbers in Arlington, Texas do not sell retail products, but when hiring our plumbers to provide installation, you will be able to purchase our premium products for our plumber to install.

Common Faucet Problems

  • Leaks – Over time parts become worn requiring repair.
  • Faucet is noisy when the water is turned on – This can indicate high water pressure, a worn valve and/or damage to the faucet. When the damage involved is a crack in the housing, leaks can occur, potentially damaging your home and its foundation.
  • Faucet is noisy when it is turned off – This can be water hammer, correctable by installing an air chamber. If you already have air chambers, turn off the water supply, open several faucets to allow existing water in the lines to drain. Then turn on the water again.
  • Low water pressure – Unscrew the aerator from the end of the faucet and check it. If clogged with hard water build-up soak the aerator in vinegar for an hour, and clean with a soft brush such as a toothbrush. Repeat if necessary. If low water pressure is still present check other faucets. If the problem is throughout the home you may have a water leak. If located only at a single faucet contact your Benjamin Franklin plumbers in Arlington, Texas for diagnosis and repair.

Give us a call for faucet repair or installation. Benjamin Franklin’s plumbers in Arlington, Texas are nationally recognized for the quality of the plumbing services we provide. Our plumbers in Arlington, Texas provide prompt, dependable services that meet or exceed the industry’s standards. We serve Arlington, Fort Worth and the surrounding areas with expertise, and are a member of the BBB with an A+ rating.