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Faucet Repair | Plumber Arlington

Faucet Repair | Plumber Arlington

Faucets are an essential in our daily lives, but like any other mechanical device wear and tear takes its toll. Faucet repair is a maintenance task any homeowner can expect. Typically as wear occurs the faucet will drip even when turned off. In the beginning you may be able to tighten it more and stop the dripping. However, this actually causes more damage that accelerates the need for repair. A Benjamin Franklin Plumbing plumber in Arlington can provide faucet repair for you.

The Causes and Consequences of a Leaky Faucet

An leaky faucet will cause a higher water bill, and when the leak is on the hot water side, it will also run up the energy bill. Your Ben Franklin plumber in Arlington will inspect the faucet in order to determine the cause of the leak. There are a number of potential causes, such as worn seats or washers, a loose component or other causes.

Call a Plumber

Anytime you need a plumber in Arlington, it is essential to ensure the plumber is licensed and skilled in order to prevent the need for callback service. You can rely on a Ben Franklin plumber in Arlington to provide reliable service. Many modern faucets posses numerous parts and may be complicated even for those with slight experience.

Furthermore, before you attempt to work on your faucet be aware of the warranty terms. Providing DIY repair may void your warranty. Ben Franklin can provide a faucet for you, and when we install a faucet of our own, you receive the added benefit of prompt in-house warranty services. You rarely get that when you purchase a faucet from an outlet store. When you contact Benjamin Franklin Plumbing, you don’t have to wait on a faucet to be shipped or have to pay for the installation out of pocket, as long as the faucet we have provided remains under warranty. However, if you have a faucet you have purchased our licensed plumbers will be glad to provide the installation for you.

A Benjamin Franklin Plumbing plumber in Arlington will provide the faucet repair or faucet installation you require for your home or business. In addition, our plumbers carry common parts for most major brands and common models enabling them to repair a leaky faucet while on site. This often avoids the need to return to the warehouse for common parts, facilitating your repair. Unfortunately, faucet repair is not always possible due to excessive wear or a cracked valve body. Our plumber can provide you with a faucet ensuring you aren’t left without the use of the fixture until a later date.

Selecting a Faucet

The variety of faucets available vary from the basic model to newer ones that offer advanced features and technology for added convenience and even health benefits. Example’s of popular faucets include the following:

  • Pot filler faucets are ideal for those who like to cook a lot. They can be mounted on the countertop, or on the wall behind the range for extreme convenience. With this faucet, you can fill a pot up right on top of the stove. Pot filler faucets are a type of wall-mount faucets which can be used in kitchen or bath to save counter space.
  • Pull out faucets are designed with a pull out sprayer. They facilitate meal preparation and cleanup, while eliminating the need for a separate sprayer on the sink deck. This provides a more open and cleaner appearance to the sink.
  • Hands free faucets offer water with a touch or the wave of a hand depending on the model. How often have you dreaded touching the faucet with food covered hands? Well now you don’t have to. Hands free operation is also beneficial in public and employee restrooms for preventing the spread of germs, or for those with arthritic hands.

Whether you need faucet replacement, faucet installation, faucet repair, or other plumbing services, a Benjamin Franklin Plumbing plumber in Arlington can provide the professional services you need. Our licensed professional plumbers serve Arlington,Fort Worth and the surrounding areas. We are a member of the BBB with an A+ rating.