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Faucet Repair | Plumber Fort Worth

Faucet Repair | Plumber Fort Worth

Faucets are an essential component of modern homes, and experience frequent use. Consequently, all faucets will eventually require faucet repair. A Ben Franklin plumber in Fort Worth can provide the faucet repair, or installation that you require with quality service you can trust.

Leaking faucets are a common problem. Even slight leaks can result in a higher water bill, and wasted water. There are numerous components to the average faucet, and any of them can develop a leak.

When to Call a Plumber

You can tighten the handle on a leaky faucet and it often will stop the leak for a while. However, over tightening the handle will eventually cause a worse leak, and the inevitable faucet repair. A Ben Franklin plumber in Fort Worth can inspect the faucet and provide reliable repair.

Faucet Replacement

A faucet that fails to shut off may simply need a seat or stem replacement, for example. Unfortunately, it may require faucet replacement, depending on the cause. A faucet can also corrode over time, or crack, and when this occurs replacement is necessary.

There are a wide variety of faucets available on the market. Unfortunately, a number of them are of poor quality. The adage “you get what you pay for” is especially true of faucets.

It is best to purchase a top quality brand name faucet, rather than a $12 special in a discount store. The risk of water damage to your home by far exceeds the amount of money saved on faucets of questionable quality.

Benjamin Franklin Plumbing understands faucets, faucet construction and quality engineering. In fact, when you contact us for faucet repair, and a new faucet is required, a Ben Franklin plumber in Fort Worth can provide a first quality faucet for installation.

In addition, you can select any faucet from the local hardware store, and our plumbers can install that too. However, top brand, high dollar retail faucets are not necessarily of the same quality as our plumber provided faucets. The difference lies in the components, and retail faucets often contain plastic parts and lower grade metal.

Furthermore, there is an additional advantage to a faucet from Benjamin Franklin Plumbing. When you purchase a faucet from our plumbers who install it, there won’t be any charge if the faucet fails during the warranty period. Consider also, the purchase of a faucet from a retail outlet, requires waiting for a replacement to ship when a warranty claim occurs, and you are likely to be stuck with the bill for installation by a plumber.

A Benjamin Franklin Plumbing plumber in Fort Worth can provide the faucet repair or installation you need. You can count on the expertise of our licensed plumbers to meet or exceed the industry standards for quality plumbing services you can rely on. Our dedicated professional plumbers serve Fort Worth, Arlington, and the surrounding areas. We are a member of the BBB with an A+ rating. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.