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Faucet Repair | Plumbers Arlington, Texas

Faucet Repair | Plumbers Arlington, Texas

Leaky Faucets | Plumbers Arlington, Texas

Leaky faucets can be annoying if the sound is audible while you try to sleep. Furthermore, a leak can damage the finish of a sink or tub and waste water. The reason faucets drip can be any of a number of problems, faucet leaks typically occur due to corrosion, defective seals such as gaskets, O-rings, or washers, worn valve seats, mineral deposits internally or worn out parts to name a few. You don’t have to tolerate a leaky faucet, Benjamin Franklin’s plumbers in Arlington, Texas will take care of your leaky faucet.

Plumbers Arlington Faucet Repair

According the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), a faucet leak is the most common leak found in American homes. Of these leaks, water wasted typically adds approximately 10% to the homeowner’s water bill each month. In the long run, repair will save you money and the precious resource of water.

A leaking faucet can lose up to 10 gallons in one 24 hour period, and can add up to 3,600 gallons of water annually. While the cost may seem insignificant to the homeowner, those who have sewer bills must then pay the cost of wasted water going down the drain. When a faucet leak is more significant, the cost continues to rise for water wasted with a leaking faucet. Those who use a private well are paying double for wasted water due to faucet leaks. Leaks will cause the well pump to run unnecessarily, wasting water as well as the energy to run the pump. Any way you look at it, the cost is an unnecessary expense for homeowners.

Faucet Repair and Replacement

You don’t have to tolerate a leaking faucet, Benjamin Franklin’s plumbers in Arlington, Texas provide professional faucet repair and/or replacement.

Faucets are comprised of numerous parts that can wear down over time; they may require replacement, repair or tightening. When our plumbers in Arlington, TX are called for faucet repair they will determine the cause of the leak and repair the problem.

Homeowners commonly tighten a leaky faucet handle to stop a drip, and while this can work for a while, over tightening can cause further problems and additional repairs. Faucet repair can keep a faucet operation for many years, but eventually age and corrosion, other factors that are detrimental, or the failure to provide timely repairs will result in the need for faucet replacement.

Faucet replacement does have its advantages. It enables you to select a faucet with features lacking on the former faucet. In addition, a new faucet provides an instant update to bathrooms and kitchens providing an aesthetic lift, as well as the potential for water saving function and handy features.

When installing a new faucet, you want to ensure the proper installation and connections. Give us a call for professional installation by our plumbers in Arlington, TX.

Homeowners can reduce water use by installing low flow fixtures such as toilets, and showerheads. In addition, water can be saved by shutting off the tap when brushing your teeth, and rinsing dishes. Other water saving tip is to do the laundry only when you have a full load, and use the same advice for the dishwasher.

Any leak is money and the finite resource of water down the drain. Benjamin Franklin’s plumbers in Arlington, Texas can provide the professional plumbing services you require for a leaky faucet or other plumbing needs. We serve Arlington, Fort Worth and the surrounding areas, providing plumbers with the expertise you can rely upon.