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Faucet Repair | Plumbers Arlington, Texas

Faucet Repair | Plumbers Arlington, Texas

Faucet Repair | Plumbers Arlington, Texas

Faucet Repair and Replacement

Properly functioning faucets are essential in any home, and are vulnerable over time to wear, corrosion, and breakage. When problems occur, repair or replacement will be required. Benjamin Franklin Plumbing’s plumbers in Arlington, Texas offer the professional expertise for reliable faucet repair, or replacement.


A dripping faucet is a common problem, and is typically due to worn components. Faucet repair is not a task the average homeowner can provide, due to the large number of faucets available, and the various and often numerous components involved. Our licensed plumbers in Arlington, Texas have the knowledge and experience in repairing them all.

Faucets are not always repairable, and when you need faucet installation, our plumbers in Arlington, Texas can also provide the professional installation you need.

Before You Call a Plumber

When a faucet is experiencing low water pressure, remove the aerator and check the water flow. A normal water flow indicates a problem in the aerator. Clean the aerator of hard water deposits by soaking in vinegar for 30 minutes, and gently scrub with a soft brush. Repeat if necessary. You may prefer to replace the aerator.

Low water pressure at a single faucet likely means a problem with the faucet or its water supply line. When low pressure is in all taps, you may have a water leak, or other problem. Check with the water authority to ensure they are not providing repairs, and if not contact our plumbers in Arlington, Texas.

Faucet Replacement

Whether a faucet needs replacing, or you want to provide a stylish upgrade for your kitchen or bathroom, a Benjamin Franklin plumber in Arlington, Texas can provide the professional installation you need.

A number of today’s faucets take advantage of the newest technology to offer more than just a variety of styles and attractive appearance:

• Touch technology provides is a feature your family chef will love. Dishes that require hands in the mixture have always posed a problem when you need to wash your hands. Now you do not need to turn a faucet on with the back of a hand or an elbow, just bump the touch faucet and water is available without a mess! In fact, hands free operation is now available, and operates with the wave of a hand for completely hands free operation using motion sensor technology.

Pull out faucets provide a detachable sprayer attached to a hose that runs through the faucet body. They make meal preparation and cleanup easier, and eliminate the need for a separate sprayer on the sink deck.

• Pot filler faucets mount on the deck or the wall behind the range. They are convenient for filling pots right on the stovetop.

Whether you need faucet replacement, , or other plumbing services, our licensed plumbers are available to provide the service you need. Give us a call for services you can rely on from Benjamin Franklin plumbers in Arlington, Texas. We serve Arlington, Fort Worth, and the surrounding areas, and are a member of the BBB with an A+ rating.