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Fault Resolving Strategies for Connecting Your Water Heater to the Thermostat | Plumber in Lake Worth, TX

Fault Resolving Strategies for Connecting Your Water Heater to the Thermostat | Plumber in Lake Worth, TX

If you have a state-of-the-art water heater, then the good news is that you are already walking on the energy efficient line. Such water heaters are controlled remotely via a thermostat. There are other systems too such as boiler and tankless water heaters that remove the trouble of having to fill the tank every time, before using it.

Let’s come back to the thermostat: the good news is that by pre-programming the thermostat, you can take a hot shower any time on those cold winter days when all you want to do snuggle inside a blanket with a hot cup of cocoa. Since it is winter now, you probably haven’t used your water heater for a long time.

Have you opened it for a few minutes anytime this season?

Probably not.

This is going to lead to some issues with the water heater. It might take a lot of time to heat up the water, in which case, the fault lies with the thermostat. You are better off calling a plumber for water heater repair in Lake Worth, TX. In the meantime, why not take advantage of the following tips to see if you can get the thermostat to connect with the water heater.

1.   Restart the Water Heater

Sometimes simply restarting the thermostat works. If re-inserting an appliance’s plug can make it start again, why not do the same for the thermostat? There are many reasons why your thermostat stopped working: the kids might have accidentally hit it, it might be having difficulty in detecting the temperature, or the wiring might have come lose. Just tap on the screen gently. If this doesn’t work, then proceed to the next step.

2.   Take out the Batteries and Insert New Ones

Sometimes, the batteries shift from their position when the thermostat is hit hard. Simply take out the batteries, wait for 10 minutes, and then re-insert them. If this doesn’t work, then the batteries might have run out of juice. The thermostat’s sole power source is the batteries, and they will not last forever. Keep a spare pair in the drawer and try changing the batteries once every month. If this doesn’t work, then call a plumber in Lake Worth, TX.

3.   Turn the Heat Up

Does this sound silly to you? Well, it’s possible that by manually setting the temperature on the thermostat, you will get the temperature level you are looking for. Another reason might be that the room is not cold enough. Yes, this can happen too! Today, technology has made it possible for you to control your HVAC system and the water heater with the same thermostat. So under these circumstances, you might want to get the devices adjusted by a professional plumber in Lake Worth, TX. Just turn the heat up slightly and you will feel the difference immediately.

4.   Positing the Thermostat Just Right

By this, we mean that the thermostat should neither be too close to the water heater nor too far. Let’s assume that the thermostat is installed right beside the water heater. As the water will heat up, the area where the tank is standing will start to get warm. This will mess with the thermostat reading and the temperature will rise too high. On the other hand, if the thermostat is installed too far, it might not be able to pick up the reading clearly. Ideally, the range of a thermostat is from 30m to 50m. So you need to make sure that the thermostat is installed somewhere within this distance. You can call a plumber in Lake Worth, TX to find out the ideal distance where the thermostat should be installed. This leads us to our fifth point.

5.   Check for Interference

If the thermostat is installed in the wrong place and is covered by furniture, then this is what’s interfering with the signal. It might also be due to other devices such as routers, TV, and more. Let’s assume you are playing Xbox Kinect. The line of motion detected by the sensors is probably messing with the thermostat’s signal. Hence, the device should be installed near the water heater but not too near.

6.   Check the Manufacturer’s Instructions

If there’s a faulty code displayed by the thermostat’s screen, then refer to the instruction manual to find out what you should do. It might say to turn the water heater off and then on again, to give it a rest for a few minutes, or to troubleshoot and then change the setting. If this doesn’t work, call a plumber in Lake Worth, TX. The problem might be bigger and every second you waste, and it will compromise the life of the water heater.

7.   Reconnect the Water Heater

Reconnecting the water heater is a complex process. The wiring might need changing or you will have to call for water heater repair in Lake Worth, TX. Plumbers advise that if not even one of the above options works, then don’t go looking at YouTube videos. This will do more damage to your water heater! The best move you could make her would be to call a plumber in Lake Worth, TX.

8.   Reset the Boiler

It’s also possible that the fault lies with the water heater. Worth a shot, right? So reset the water heater and see if that works.

These are pretty standard tips you can easily follow. Their plus point is that none of them will damage the water heater or the thermostat in any manner. You can always call a plumber in Lake Worth, TX if none of them work. Benjamin Franklin is a one-stop service for all your plumbing problems. From gas leak detection to water heater repair in Lake Worth, TX and installation of new tubs and sinks, they use unique and accurate techniques to spot and fix problems. Some of their other services include fixing leaks, drain and gutter cleaning, and kitchen remodeling. To know more about what kind of services they offer and their area of expertise, you can contact them at 817-478-4119.