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Filtering Hard Water

Filtering Hard Water

Water Filtration System, Fort Worth

Hard Water Issues and Solutions

Hard Water contains a high content of minerals, especially calcium and magnesium. Water hardness is measured in grains per gallon, with the degree of hardness ranging from 1 to over 10. Other minerals can be present in hard water; it is the calcium and magnesium that cause the problems of hard water. When heated these minerals attach as scale (also called mineral deposits). These deposits can adversely affect household appliances reducing performance and service life. Detergent and soap lather poorly in hard water resulting in the use of more, and causes a soapy film to be deposited on surfaces in the tub and shower.

hard Water filtration

Hard water occurs when rain water which is mineral free drains through rock and soil. Water causes rock to erode releasing minerals into the water which is then drawn out by a pump and into the water supply.

The Problems with Hard Water

  • Accumulation of mineral deposits can reduce water flow as in shower heads and faucets. Solution: Periodically use vinegar or lemon juice to remove mineral deposits. Test on an unnoticeable area first to ensure the acid in these products won’t ruin the finish.
  • Dishes and glasses become spotted and have a white film coating after cleaning. Deposits may accumulate in the dishwasher causing poor performance. Solution: Use a rinsing agent or distilled vinegar in the dishwasher to remove and prevent white film residue and spots. Cleans the dishwasher as well including the dull white residue that builds up in the dishwasher.
  • Mineral deposits accumulate on bath and kitchen fixtures causing difficult to remove deposits. Solution: Dry sinks and faucets after use to prevent buildup. If deposits are already present use vinegar or lemon juice and a soft brush to remove after testing in an unnoticeable area to ensure the finish won’t be damaged.
  • Leaves hair dull, limp and lacking the softness that mineral free water can provide. Soap scum is more likely to be deposited on skin causing dryness and itching. Solution: Periodically use a shampoo intended to strip build-up of products from hair. If hair is dyed visit a salon for assistance.
  • Mineral deposits are especially damaging on water heaters resulting in a shortened service life and elevated utility bills as scale deposits accumulate. Water must be heated through the build-up of deposits, resulting in unnecessary and increased use of energy. Solution: Flush hot water heater periodically according to manufacturer’s instructions. Typically, flushing 2 quarts twice a year is sufficient after a full flush has been first provided.
  • Clothing can look dingy and won’t last as long. Increased detergent is required. Clothing washed in hard water feels stiff and scratchy. Solution: Follow detergent instructions for hard water.
  • Hard water doesn’t taste good, and beverages using hard water such as sweet tea won’t taste as good as well. Solution: Run vinegar through the coffee maker once a month according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Use a water filter, or filter pitcher for coffee and tea water.
  • The National Academy of Science states drinking hard water contributes beneficial calcium and magnesium to the diet. They fail to state the high incidence of kidney stones in populations where hard water is present. Filtering water will eliminate this problem. Hard water is only one of the problems that a water filtration system can take care of. Water filtration will eliminate bad odors, chlorine, the harmful contaminants of lead, mercury, agricultural pollutants, bacteria, viruses, sediment, microbial cysts and much more.

Water filtration can be provided by a low cost faucet filter or a whole house filtration system to ensure all the water entering your home is clean and contaminant free.
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