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Finding An Amazing Plumber | Benbrook, TX

Finding An Amazing Plumber | Benbrook, TX

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Plumbing is an intricate and very necessary component to a healthy functioning home. Plumbing systems on average last anywhere from 17 to 100 years. This is dependent on the materials used and how well your plumbing systems are taken care of. To ensure you get the maximum use out of your plumbing, hire a preventive maintenance plumber from Benjamin Franklin Plumbing. Benjamin Franklin plumbers have experienced licensed professionals that can help you with both common and uncommon plumbing problems. If you are experiencing any of the following common or not so common plumbing issues, and you live in or around the Benbrook, TX, area, give Benjamin Franklin a call.

The Drains

Drains are like the bloodline in a home. Drains bring your life-sustaining water and flush out the waste. Having a drainage system for the home makes life a little easier and malfunctioning drains can cause some serious problems for you. Some drain issues can be handled at home by yourself. DIY drain servicing is not recommended by the professionals for fear of further exacerbating the issue. Hiring a professional plumber takes all of the pressure off your shoulders by providing a sense of insurance in the form of liability confidence in professional and complete work. If you own a home or business in the Benbrook,TX, area, contact Benjamin Franklin plumbing if you need your drains fixed, cleaned, or checked.

Clogged Drains

The most common issue that pertains to drains is a clogged or slow-moving drain. An unaddressed clog or slow drain can lead to issues with your health, your home environment, and further plumbing damage. Experts recommend hiring a plumber to perform preventive maintenance, such as routine drain cleaning to prevent this from ever happening. However. If this does happen to you, contact Benjamin Franklin Plumbing in Benbrook, TX. If our malfunctioning drains are not addressed quickly you could have more costly problems on your hand.

Types of Clogged Drains

A Single Clog

A home that has only one clogged drain has a common plumbing problem, this clogged or slow draining drain is usually the product of hair, soap, and other debris that has lodged itself in your drain. This common problem is easy to fix and address with professional help.

Most people opt to use chemical drain cleaners for clogged drains. This is not a proactive method and is akin to putting a bandaid on a wound that requires stitches. It will not completely fix the problem and may lead to a really nasty clog that requires a snake or an actual dismantling of the pipes, leading to a much heftier but necessary plumbing bill. Hiring a plumber to routinely clean your drains or remove simple clogs from your pipe system will save you money.

Hiring a plumber to remove simple clogs also helps maintain the health of your home and the people that I’ve n it. A clogged drain is the perfect place for bacteria, mold, insects, and other organisms to thrive. These organisms are detrimental to your health and cannot be allowed to persist. Residents and business owners in Benbrook TX can rely on Benjamin Franklin Plumbers to ensure your drains are clean and free of debris on a routine basis, just give them a call.

Multiple Clogged Pipes

If you have two or more clogged pipes in your home you may have a serious problem on your hands. Multiple clogged pipes could indicate an issue with the sewer lines. A sewer line malfunction poses a serious and immediate threat to your health and your property. If you notice backups or foul smells contact your local plumber for immediate assistance. If the problem is left unchecked for any period of time you run the risk of making the problem larger and more expensive then it would have been otherwise.

No amount of drain cleaner or plunging will be able to fix a sewer line issue. Damage to your sewer line can result in backups unique from the common isolated ones. You might be able to identify this issue by paying attention to the affected drains. When drain clogs are caused by sewer line issues you may notice a backup happen soon after you flush the toilet. If any of this is happening in your property is it highly recommended you contact Benjamin Franklin Plumbing in Benbrook, TX to have a skilled and professional plumber identify the situation and fix the problem before it gets out of hand.

Burst Pipe

Having a pipe burst is such a common issue that it is used as an excuse to get out of work and other events. Burst pipes are common and serious. It’s serious enough to warrant a day off of school or work. If you have a bust pipeline in your home or establishment you need to contact Benjamin Franklin’s plumbing in Benbrook TX immediately. A burst pipe can flood your home quickly, causing more and more damage as time passes.

There are many possible causes for a burst pipe which is probably why it’s so common. Pipes typically burst due to frozen pipes. Other reasons include water pressure, moving pipes, and sometimes even corrosion. Any of these issues could cause a plumbing disaster such as a burst pipe. To prevent your pipes from bursting, contact Benjamin Franklin Plumbing professionals. The skilled plumbers at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing can perform inspections and regular maintenance to ensure everything regarding your plumbing is working as it should be.

The extreme cold is the number one reason for burst pipes. People who are familiar with this occurrence will typically leave a drip on in the sink somewhere in the house to keep the water moving, and to prevent it from freezing. The freezing water will expand the pies involuntarily and once it melts and contracts the pipes are no longer able to hold water properly causing a very serious and property damaging leak to occur. Leaving the water on to drip is not good for the water bill and is not a sure thing. The best way to tackle this problem is to have a plumbing technician come in and insulate your pipes.

A less common reason for your pipes to burst is due to movement. If your pipes aren’t properly secured, you run the risk of having your pipes move around on the inside of your walls and floorboards. This may lead to damage in the pipes or a weakening of the pipe system’s joints. As the pipes move back and forth due to the water being pushed through them it can cause the pipes to weaken and the joints to become undone. The damage that can occur due to this can be very expensive and devastating to your property. I

To avoid this from happening to your property simply contact Benjamin Franklin’s plumbing in Benbrook, TX to ensure your pipes are properly secured. You may also notice banging or hammering notices coming from the walls when you run water. This is unusual and should be addressed immediately. You should not ignore this sign and take the proper steps to secure your pipes and your pipelines by hiring a plumber for immediate service.

Water Pressure

A common problem in homes across America is water pressure. Home and property owners seem to have trouble with perfecting the water pressure on their property. Issues with water pressure may not even seem to be a problem until you spring a leak or burst a pipe. Maintaining a regulated water pressure for your home is extremely important for your home to function properly. A spike in the water pressure can lead to a failed plumbing mechanism or a devastating burst pipe malfunction.

You may already have an inclination that your water pressure is too high. If you feel this way you can actually adjust the water pressure yourself by locating the water pressure gauge in your home. This water pressure gauge can usually be found in basements near the water heater. The recommending water pressure for most homes is 30 – 50 psi. Experts suggest that you never have your water pressure over 60 psi. The amount of water pressure your pipes can taste is usually unique to the home. Hiring a professional plumber to inspect and adjust your pipes can save you money by preventing leaks and busted pipes from occurring. Benjamin Franklin’s plumbing service will be able to correctly gauge the amount of water pressure your household can manage and adjust it accordingly.


As discussed earlier in the article, the pipelines in a home can last anywhere from 17 to 100 years. Corrosion in pipes isn’t common unless you have an old home, with old appliances. Most homes in America are younger than 40 years old. This is why corrosion is an uncommon cause to burst or leaky pipes. Corrosion does happen however and is addressed on your plumber’s routine maintenance checks.

The pipes that make up your plumbing systems are meant to last for decades. Improper care and maintenance can shorten the lifespan of your pipes. Corroded pipes pose a risk for leaks and pipe burst, as well as other problems. Corrosion in pipes can lead to clogs and slow draining or halted water supply. More serious issues come from old pipelines containing led and rust. This is detrimental to your health and just be addressed swiftly and without hesitation. Contact your local professional plumber in Benbrook, TX if you live in an old home and suspect water contamination of any kind.

Benefits of Hiring a Regularly Scheduled Plumber

Clean Drains

Having a plumber perform preventive maintenance services such as drain cleaning will drastically reduce the number of clogged drains you will have plaguing your home. Clogged drains cause a host of health issues and are serious problems that need to be addressed professionally. Chemical cleaners can only do so much.


Hiring a preventive maintenance plumbing service to insects and maintaining your pipe and drain lines can help you save money by preventing disasters from occurring. Hiring a routine plumber can prevent property damage leaks such as burst pipes. If you own a septic tank preventive maintenance is especially important. The last thing you want is your septic tank to begin overflowing causing you to have to repair more than just your plumbing system. You can also find savings through your water bill due to a more suitable water pressure level and efficiently working water line pipes.

Fewer Emergencies

Emergency plumbing calls are quite common. This is because most homeowners approach plumbing maintenance reactive. Taking a proactive approach to all maintenance aspects of your home will create an environment of cleanliness and efficiency. A well-maintained plumbing system will not break down as much and you can avoid costly plumbing emergencies such as a water line break by hiring Benjamin Franklin Plumbers to perform preventive maintenance.

Cost of Reactive maintenance

Reactive maintenance is not on the same level as proactive maintenance savings. It’s nowhere near it. Preventive maintenance can take place as little as once or twice a year. With no maintenance whatsoever, you are bound to run into some serious plumbing issues. Your plumbing systems are used every day, sometimes all day. The constant use of these systems is bound to make a screw loose or cause wear and tear. This is why proactive maintenance is necessary. Benjamin Franklin Plumbing in Benbrook, TX, can inspect your entire plumbing system checking for any issues. When being proactive in your search for possible malfunctions and nipping them in the bud you prevent a disaster from growing by addressing the issues before they get out of hand.

Emergency plumbing issues must be addressed immediately. Addressing issues in a timely manner and applying preventive maintenance techniques will help you save money and decrease the amount of damage done to your home. By hiring a preventive maintenance plumber, you will greatly decrease the chances of having to pay a hefty emergency bill as well. Be a proactive homeowner and hire Benjamin Franklin in Benbrook, TX to inspect and repair your plumbing system in your home.