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Five Common Plumbing Misconceptions and Myths Debunked in Fort Worth TX

Five Common Plumbing Misconceptions and Myths Debunked in Fort Worth TX

In the average lifespan of a normal human being, a plumbing service is called upon to rescue the day at least fifteen times in one year – granted that the quality of their pipes was never bettered. Every homeowner has had to deal with the turmoil of dealing with different plumbing problems frequently and on various occasions. Plumbing membranes are intricate systems and one single issue could induce a variety of different problems that result in staggering repair bills.

Each pipe in these membranes is interconnected and each component plays an integral role in the seamless operation of the entire system. Due to the high degree of complexity involved in plumbing systems, most homeowners share common misconceptions which can prove to be quite detrimental. Therefore, we have articulated a list of the top five common plumbing myths and misconceptions. Read on to find out what they are!

1.  A Leaky Faucet Is Harmless

This is one of the most common misconceptions that most homeowners believe in. Unfortunately, this is not true, due to the fact that a leaky faucet is a serious issue that must be repaired immediately.  A leaky faucet firstly ruins the aesthetic facet of your sink and creates a layer of residue that can even be seen from a distance. In addition to that, a leaky sink can result in staggering repair bills, so one should never underestimate the cost of all of those tiny drops.

What you must realize is that over a sustained period of time, a leaky sink wastes tons of water and will increase your utility bills by a huge margin. The average leak has the capacity of wasting over ten thousand gallons of water in a year – this figure is actually enough to supply over eleven million homes! If you are currently dealing with a leaky faucet, please call a professional plumber in Fort Worth TX as soon as possible. The longer you wait the more money you waste!

2. If You Can’t See the Leak, There Is No Leak

Another common misconception or myth that is the unfortunate root cause behind the bitter fact that so many homeowners pay substantial utility bills every year. Only in certain circumstances are leaks visible and normally, this depends on the location of the leak as well. Plumbing membranes have pipes underground and behind the dry wall as well, so if there is a leak then it will only be visible if the leak has caused considerable damage. Pipe leaks will gradually find its way to the dry wall and will chip away the paint ruining the interior.

Besides pipes, it can be very difficult to detect a leak in a plumbing fixture such as the kitchen sink. A kitchen sink can visibly leak from the faucet, but it can also leak from the water line and the base of the sink. If you have recently noticed an increase in water utility bills without any increase in your consumption levels, then there is a very high chance that you have a leak on your hands. Only a certified plumber can detect that leak and make the appropriate repairs to help you conserve water and keep your utility bills down to bare minimum.

3.  Most Plumbing Fixtures Do Not Require Constant Maintenance 

Most people have the common misconception that only certain plumbing fixtures require periodic professional maintenance. However, this is the furthest thing from the truth since every plumbing fixture requires a certain degree of maintenance to perform at its optimum level. This is also one of the core reasons why so many homeowners end up paying confounding repair bills when they fail to adhere to periodic maintenance.

Most plumbing fixtures will require professional plumbers, but there are still certain fixtures which every homeowner can take care of themselves like cleaning filters. However, for advanced fixtures such as pipes or downspouts, it is recommended that you leave this to the professionals. By investing in periodic maintenance, every homeowner can end up saving a significant amount of money in the long run. Besides this, periodic maintenance will help ensure that all of the plumbing fixtures present in your home are in working condition and up to mark at all times.

4. If you can’t see a clog, there is no clog

Similar to leaks, many people also believe that if they are unable to find a clog in their plumbing fixtures, then there is no clog. Again, this is the furthest thing from the truth because clogs are one of the most difficult issues to spot in a plumbing membrane. Most plumbers will first inspect the entire house and will then use a camera which is inserted into the main water line. They feed this camera through different pipes to locate the clog, and once they have found the clog, they use different equipment to get rid of the clogs.

Due to the dexterity involved in finding clogs, it is somewhat impossible for a homeowner to find a clog with the use of their own devices. If you currently have low water pressure, we would recommend that you contact a plumbing service operating in your area immediately. This clog can slowly keep building up and can actually result in the pipe bursting! Trust us; this is one sight you do not want to see. So stay on top of things and contact a plumber as soon as possible.

5.  Pipes cannot be repaired, they can only be replaced

One of the most prevalent misconceptions that deter most homeowners from seeking the assistance of a professional plumber is the belief that pipes cannot be repaired and they can only be replaced.  It is no secret that replacing pipes is an expensive ordeal, but the fact of the matter is that pipes actually can be repaired and do not always have to be replaced.

In today’s day and age, plumbers are equipped with equipment that is top of the line and allows them to repair any type of pipe damage or plumbing membrane. There are certain circumstances where the pipe cannot be restored to its former self, but these are rare cases and only happen when the pipe has deteriorated to a very high degree.

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