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Five Ways to Break Down Your Sump Pump| Plumbers in Arlington, TX

Five Ways to Break Down Your Sump Pump| Plumbers in Arlington, TX

Have you ever seen a fire extinguisher and how it works as a security system? A sump pump also functions as a type of security for your home during extreme weather conditions.

Even though sump pump is not the equipment you would need often, but when you are hit with extreme weather conditions like storms or heavy rain, it is a necessity. If you live in Arlington, TX then you must have gone through the season of heavy rainfall. During such weather condition, a sump pump works like a first aid kit as the plumbers in Arlington, TX suggest.

It helps in mitigating the possible loss of property and belongings and prevents the extreme situation by instantly draining all the accumulated water from the basement of your house. To make this possible, a sump pump uses a strong external discharge pipe. The pipe is made of a material that can survive through this calamity.

That is why, just like any other appliance in your home, it is also very important to keep your sump pump well maintained at all times. This means that your sump pump should be free of any kind of mechanical problem that may arise at the last moment and quite unexpectedly.

To mention the worst, if a sump pump stops working at the time of need, this may result inthe worst of all the possible disasters. The flood water, rain as well as drain will not only enter in your house’s basement area but in other areas of your house as well. As per the local plumbers in Arlington, TX, in this situation, water moves freely in all directions and may pit in your house’s basement. This is exactly when you face in-house flooding.

Thus, keeping your sump pump well maintained is an inevitable measure. But you cannot ensure the proper maintenance of your sump pump unless you know the reasons for its failure. The local plumbers in Arlington, TX suggest that knowing the main reasons for sump pump failure help you take timely preventive measures. It also helps you avoid the unexpected failure of your equipment.

To help you with that, let us discuss some of these causes of sump pump failure in detail.

Reason #1 – Major Power Failure

As per the local plumbers in Arlington, TX, when you face a bad weather condition it definitely messes around the electricity. This means a major power failure – a deadly combination! While surviving a major power failure during heavy rain is already very hard, this also results in in-house flooding and a flooded basement.

This happens because the heavy storms immobilize your major equipment’s capability to drain out the water. Thus, this problem must always be avoided by taking all the right measures and by installing a proper and efficient backup generator. When you have a backup generator, you can easily use it in the time of need by starting it manually while saving the basement and house from flooding.

Reason #2 – Heavy Influx of Rain Water

When a sump pump faces a heavy influx of rainwater, it is common that it may stop working. From the years of experience of local plumbers in Arlington, TX, this usually occurs due to strong reasons. First, your installed sump pump is oversized and secondly, it is undersized.

Regardless which is the main reason; this issue can significantly reduce the useful life of your sump pump due to overload. This issue makes your sump pump to struggle and it breaks down eventually. Thus it is highly important to install the sump pump after determining its correct size by taking the assistance of a professional plumber in Arlington, TX.

Reason #3 – A Blocked Discharge Pipe

One of the most fundamental reason; why basement of your house may get filled up with heavy rainwaterwhile the sump pump is working is when the discharge pipe of your equipment is blocked or even frozen. A discharge pipe usually gets blocked due to accumulated debris. In this case, the water will run back to the main pipe and drain out in your house’s basement.

It is not easy to prevent a frozen pipe but considering the increasing trend of hiring plumber in Arlington, TX, you must always look out for it before the problem arises or aggravates. You can also contact a plumber in Arlington, TX to install a discharge line that will allow the water drainage in case main discharge pipe is frozen.

Reason #4 – Improper Installations

The major reason why a sump pump performs poorly is when it is surviving the poor installation or workmanship. In case your sump pump is not installed properly, it will continue to become inefficient with the passage of time.

When we say improper installation, it includes negligence in the installation of the discharge line or check valve, no drilling of air relief space for the discharge line or installing the sump pump at an improper location like in gravel or even dirt.

This shows the importance of hiring a professional plumber in Arlington, TX to perform the installation of your sump pump. If your sump pump is installed correctly, you will face least problems later on.

Reason #5 – Faulty Products

The major reason why a sump pump fails to perform is when you install faulty products. That is why it is recommended to check the performance of your sump pump immediately after its installation. There is a chance that the product might be at fault right from the start. In some cases, this happens due to improper handling of the equipment or product during the shipment or delivery.

The bottom line

The regular maintenance of your sump pump is important but with that, it is also important to hire the professional expertise to perform the maintenance work. Therefore, if you are looking for plumbers in Arlington, TX then simply head over to Benjamin Franklin Plumbing as your ultimate solution.