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Fixing a Slow Toilet – Plumbers Arlington, TX

Fixing a Slow Toilet – Plumbers Arlington, TX

Slow Draining Toilet | Plumbers Arlington, TX

Does your toilet flush slowly? Do you find yourself holding your breath while the water level continues to creep ever higher in the bowl before going down? There are a number of reasons why your toilet may not flush properly. In the following, troubleshooting tips are provided to assist you in determining the problem behind a slow draining toilet, and to resolve this plumbing issue on your own, before calling Benjamin Franklin’s plumbers in Arlington, TX.plumbers arlington slow flushing toilet

First, check the reservoir tank to ensure it is filling up completely each time that you flush. Over time, minerals from hard water will build up in the tank and can cause the float to close before the tank fills. Removing the mineral buildup or replacing the affected components should take care of this toilet problem.

Next, try plunging the bowl, drain clogs can slow a flush. Ensure a secure seal to obtain maximum suction. Correct plunging with a toilet plunger should clear most clogs fairly quickly. Before you call the plumbers in Arlington, TX try the next step.

The main water jet located in the bottom of the bowl may be restricted. In areas with hard water, (realistically that is the majority of the U. S.), calcium and mineral buildup can occur in the jets at the rim of the bowl and in the main jet. When this occurs the delivery of water to the bowl will be inhibited. The main jet initiates the vortex action, creating a syphoning effect. The jets beneath the rim allow for the bowl to wash out as well as to supply the bowl with water.

Cleaning the jets can be accomplished by using a calcium and lime removal solution or vinegar. There are a number of methods for this cleaning process. One of the safest a homeowner can provide, that is least likely to result in a foreign object being flushed and lodged in the toilet drain is to use vinegar as follows:

  • Empty the water from the toilet bowl with a plunger, and dip out the remainder.
  • Pour as much vinegar into the bowl as it will hold without draining away. If the main water jet isn’t submerged, use vinegar saturated tissue paper and place it over the jets. Every hour or so, pour more vinegar over the tissue paper to ensure it remains wet. Use tissue paper heavily saturated with vinegar and pack under the rim around the jets. Next, use a funnel to pour vinegar into the overflow tube from inside the toilet tank. The vinegar will soften calcium or mineral buildup at the rim jets from inside the rim. Allow the jets to soak for a few hours or overnight if possible.
  • Alternately, the toilet drain can be plugged with a large enough sponge that won’t flush. Fill the toilet to the rim with room temperature vinegar. Never use hot vinegar as it can crack the porcelain bowl. After a few hours you can pull the plug and allow the vinegar to drain from the toilet.
  • Use a blunt object and an inspection mirror to dislodge the softened mineral buildup at the rim jets and the main jet. Use caution and do so gently to avoid cracking the porcelain bowl. A dental pick works well. You will need to use a mirror to see the jets.
  • Flush the toilet a few times.
  • Unsightly mineral build-up that remains in the bowl can be removed by gently using a pumice stone.
  • Over time, the porcelain finish of a toilet bowl will become scratched, consequently the toilet will be increasingly difficult to clean and requiring more frequent cleaning. When this occurs, replacement should be considered. Benjamin Franklin’s plumbers in Arlington, TX can provide the professional toilet installation that you require.

A thorough clean by homeowner’s can take some time, Benjamin Franklin’s plumbers in Arlington, TX can provide a professional cleaning of your slow draining toilet.

An additional cause for a slow flushing toilet may be an obstruction in the toilet. Provide vigorous plunging, and if that doesn’t restore a full flush, contact the plumbers in Arlington, TX for service.

The final potential cause of a slow draining toilet may be a stopped up plumbing vent. A sewer vent allows air to enter the sewer system. If a vent becomes clogged a poor toilet flush can occur.

Benjamin Franklin Plumbing provides professional, licensed plumbers for the resolution of a slow draining toilet. Benjamin Franklin’s plumbers in Arlington, TX will provide the professional toilet repair or otherplumbing services that you require. We provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all of our plumbing repairs. When you require a plumber ensure that you use a qualified and licensed plumber. Benjamin Franklin’s plumbers in Arlington, TX are qualified, licensed plumbers with the experience and expertise that you desire for reliable services. We serve Fort Worth, Arlington and the surrounding areas. We are a member of the BBB with an A+ rating.