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Fixing Clogged Drains from Bacon Grease – Top Ideas for Excellent Drain Cleaning In Mansfield, TX

Fixing Clogged Drains from Bacon Grease – Top Ideas for Excellent Drain Cleaning In Mansfield, TX

Photo By Joe Gough at Shutterstock

What do they tell you about discarding that aromatic, high viscosity bacon grease? Never, ever put it down the kitchen drain!

Getting rid of drain grease is a challenging task, especially if it is bacon grease. It instantly clogs the drain and continues to accumulate the fat as you use the sink. The blockage in the passage causes liquids to overflow and cause a mess. If you reach this point without being able to fix your clogged drain, things can get very smelly and messy in your kitchen. This is when you may require the service of drain cleaning in Mansfield, TX.

While you may eventually need an expert to help you with the clog, before you go on and seek professional assistance, try on some methods to deal with bacon grease in your drain and save your home from damage.

Prevention Is Better Than Cure

No one likes watching murky brown water emerging from the sink’s disposal with bits of food and grease. Cleaning isn’t a very adventurous activity either; therefore, it is best to prevent this from happening.

As much as you are going to enjoy that bacon with your eggs or sandwiches, pouring the grease into the kitchen sink should not be an option. And this isn’t only for bacon grease. Avoid flushing things like fats, lard, margarine, butter, and other greasy substances into your sink if you don’t want to go for professional drain cleaning in Mansfield, TX.

Either clean the dish or plates with paper towels or soak them in a grease dissolving cleaner first before washing them off in the sink. Also, make sure whatever grease dissolving cleaner you are using is environmentally healthy and contains biodegradable ingredients.

Use a Suitable Dish Washing Cleaner

Certain dish soaps or dishwashing cleaners ensure that you don’t have to call in for drain cleaning in Mansfield, TX, right away. These soaps or detergents have powerful ingredients that cut the fat so it could easily pass down the disposal.

The active ingredients also save your drainage from getting clogged up with grease. However, they will not help you dissolve the build-up of grease in your drain that’s already accumulated. But using them will ensure it does not keep building up as you continue using the sink.

Use Caustic Cleaners

To deal with the stubborn grease before you call in professionals for drain cleaning in Mansfield, TX, try using some caustic cleaners. These help with clearing off the blockage in the drain if used correctly. Start with pouring concentrated caustic cleaners directly into the sink and leave it on for an hour.

If you have stubborn bacon grease in the drain that does not even let the water pass through, leave the cleaner in overnight, the caustic cleaner will eat its way through the grease and unblock the drain. If it gets any better, use warm, soapy water and flush the sewer several times to unclog.

Additionally, you can even use an air compressor while flushing the drain. It will imply the force in water that’s needed to further clarify the drainage from grease. Continue flushing water until it starts to dispose of the drain more freely. In case this does not work, it is a sign that you need expert drain cleaning in Mansfield, TX.

Try DIY Grease Removers

One of the main reasons you don’t want to call in professional drain cleaning in Mansfield, TX, right away is a budget constraint. This means, buying expensive cleaners to unclog the drain can also be a problem. However, you always have the option to cut cost and try a DIY version of a homemade grease remover to start with.

To make an effective grease remover, boil cups of water and combine with an equal amount of vinegar. Pour this combination into the drain and let it work its way for a few minutes. While vinegar eats up the grease, hot water helps dissolve it at the same time. Start pouring in more boiling water into the drain. This will help flush the remaining stubborn grease from the drain pipe.

Another great tip to avoid spending money on expert drain cleaning in Mansfield, TX, is to use baking soda and vinegar trick. Pour one cup of baking soda inside and around the disposal in the sink. Use one large bottle of vinegar and pour it on top of the vinegar. Let it work its way through the pipe for a few minutes. When you see the bubbling stop, pour a large pot of boiling water carefully in the sink.

This is an effective way to get everything in the drain flowing again.

Don’t Forget the Smell

Drain cleaning in Mansfield, TX, requires that you get rid of the stench too. Clogged drains can lead to a horrible smell that is constant in your kitchen. Even if the drain has been unclogged, it is essential to neutralize the odor in the pipe.

To do this, mix one part of bleach with one part of hot water. Pour this mixture down in the sink followed by soapy water. It is best to use warm water for this instead of boiling water. This will further help flush everything down and also help you get rid of the awful smell as well.

Additional Tips To Deal With Clogged Drains Effectively

Here are some quick tips to help you with drain cleaning in Mansfield, TX.

  • If you have already made the mistake of draining bacon grease in your kitchen sink, be patient and let it cool – no matter what!
  • Use grease cutting products that are environment-friendly.
  • Do not insert sharp tools down the drain. There’s a scarce chance that it would help you with the grease, but it is undoubtedly going to cut the pipe and cause more trouble.
  • Seek professional assistance if you can’t deal with this on your own.

Even with all these tips and ideas, some people can’t deal with all that mess down the drain. Indeed, it is smelly and not a very pleasant sight to watch. If you are looking for a one-stop-shop for all your drain and plumbing problems, connect with us at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing Fort Worth and let professionals handle your drain cleaning in Mansfield, TX, without any problem.