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Fixing Low Water Pressure Ft. Worth

Fixing Low Water Pressure Ft. Worth

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Low Water Pressure

When your home experiences low water pressure it quickly becomes a nuisance. Washing the dishes, doing the laundry and taking a shower can try your patience with low water pressure. The former two are aggravating, but the latter- when trying to remove shampoo from your hair with a low water pressure, can be absolutely maddening. You don’t have to suffer it, check the following and if you are unable to resolve the problem our plumbers in Arlington, TX or Fort Worth, will be happy to help you.

low water pressure repair

When you experience low water pressure where it formerly was not a problem, the first thing to check is the presence of a leak which can reduce pressure. You may hear the sound of running water when you know none is being used. Check for a leak by recording the reading on the water meter. Use no water and an hour or so later recheck it. If the numbers have changed you have a leak. If the numbers have not changed, recheck in another hour as it may be a slow leak.

Other potential signs of a leak are the pooling of water on the lawn where water lines and faucets are located. Water may be leaking under your house, or from the main water supply line between the meter and your home.

If there is no evidence of a leak, and the water meter reading has not changed the cause is likely something other than a leak. Check the shut off lever on the water meter; it may have been turned partially off. If you are not certain which direction is “on” push it all the way down and see if you still have water. If you do not, the “on” position is in the other direction. If this doesn’t restore water pressure it may be due to a failed water pressure regulator or corroded pipes restricting the flow.

Pipe corrosion is typically only with galvanized or steel pipes. Over the years rust and mineral corrosion can narrow the interior of water supply lines, restricting the flow. A failed regulator or corroded pipes will require the services of a licensed plumber to repair.

If low water pressure is a problem at only one location, and there is no visible leak, a shut off valve may have been turned partially off or have malfunctioned. If you have normal water pressure elsewhere the problem is going to be in the supply line, the shut off valve itself, or the fixture where water pressure is low. You can turn the shut off valve off and on to “exercise” the valve and see if pressure is restored. If not it will require a plumbers services to correct the problem.

Low water pressure affecting your entire home may be related to the municipal water supply. Your water supplier may be working on a main line or even have water shut off while making repairs.

Alternately, there may be a leak in the municipal water lines leading to your home. This is especially a strong possibility if you have been seeing water in the street when it has not rained. Contact your water supplier and ask if they are conducting repairs or maintenance that may be affecting your water pressure. If there is evidence of a water leak in the municipal water lines notify them. Unaddressed leaks can leak to sink holes as well as wasting the resource of water.
If you are unable to locate and correct the problem the professional plumbers of Benjamin Franklin Plumbing Fort Worth can identify and correct the cause of your low water pressure. Give us a call for correction of annoying low water pressure, or for any plumbing in Fort Worth services you need. Our licensed plumbers provide full plumbing services, expert plumbing repair and 100% satisfaction guaranteed.